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Women Crush Wednesday Nanny Stella

Welcome to another Women Crush Wednesday! Today is a very personal blog post for me. It’s a day I choose to celebrate and honor a woman very close to my heart. She’s someone many of you have inadvertently come to know over time. Her name is Stella. Known as Nanny...

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Women Crush Wednesday Bunny Burkett

Allow me to introduce you to my NEW project! Welcome to Women Crush Wednesday! Periodically on Wednesdays, I will feature a woman (or women) who have inspired me. Since March is Women's History Month, this is a great time to begin!      A Friend and Mentor...

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Dina Parise Racing is a professional athlete and years of experience of branding and marketing on and off the track.

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Looking for a keynote speaker or panelist for your next event? Dina Parise has the passion, attitude and experience to educate your audience while bringing humor and perspective.


Dina Parise has the knowledge and experience to help guide you on your journey.

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