Head shots 004Welcome to my first Blog for Dina Parise Racing-DPR ! I have so much to say ( if you know me, you know that’s normal!). Usually, my Blogs have a specific subject… but today, not so much! So, here goes!
Between taking the 2012 season off, Super Storm Sandy and whatever else has gone on here at Dina Parise Racing, all I can say is ‘Go ahead, bring it on… You ain’t  got nothin’ we can’t handle!”
As we creep into 2013, I am confident in the fact that this will be a banner year! I’m a Meatball flingin’ Italian from New York… are you gonna say no to me? HHHHMM…. I didn’t think so!
Our team is in a new phase as you can see! For those of you that are new to DPR WELCOME and enjoy the ride!
It’s time for me to get my ‘track legs ’back . AAAHHHH,  3,000HP never sounded soooo good to me!
Now, I’m not sure if you all realize; taking time off equals more time for trash talking in the Parise house! I have work to do, vendetta’s to settle and Parise butt to kick. My car is faster than his and he knows it…. I will do my talking on the track. It’s not a Chick VS. Guy thing either…. It’s Driver VS. Driver…. OK and I just HAPPEN to be the wife! Guess that just amps up the interest factor, huh?
Interest is good. We never want to be boring! We always like to be fun and interesting in our NY, Italian, Meatball flingin’ kinda way!
So, welcome! Sit back….and enjoy the ride!

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