December 7th, 1941. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. That attack brought the U.S. into WWII. September 11 , 2001 there were a series of attacks on U.S. soil .Those attacks then brought us to war in Afghanistan and beyond. It is said that September 11th is this generations Pearl Harbor.
It seems that unless we are ‘directly affected’ by a situation, we forget about it. It seems that if we are in the midst of a situation we are willing to do something, yet that feeling seems to fade with time. It’s a flaw this country has. It is the unfortunate result of our being forgetful. We forget how lucky we are. We forget how invaluable our freedom really is. Therefore we forget how priceless the Men and Women of the Armed Forces are. Honor, service, sacrifice; those are words they live and die by to protect our Freedom. The Freedom we tend to take for granted.
Many have fought; come back injured physically, mentally, or not come back at all. It’s quite a price to pay to preserve to the Freedoms and rights we all enjoy every day. Somehow it makes complaining about the ‘small stuff’ seem senseless doesn’t it?
Well, rather than complaining, how about doing! Our Men and Women of the Armed Services need OUR support! Now during Holiday time, and all throughout the year as well! So, here is a challenge for ALL of you!
Parise Racing in association with Ret. Master Chief Lee McKinney need you all to get involved with the ‘Support For Troops’ Program and then, ‘Pay it Forward’ by sharing it with a friend, posting it on your Social Media, get your race team involved ; however you want to share it! Here’s what you do!
Just visit and click the ‘Support for Troops’ Box for all the information! You can send a care package to Afghanistan to support the Troops. It’s an APO, so no worries, shipping is a breeze (USPS only)! There are many items to send, and please do not forget the Women too! Then ‘Pay it Forward’!! That’s it! Now get going !
Please do not forget… ~FREEDOM is NOT FREE~
Story by Dina Parise/Parise Racing

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