Though Veterans Day falls on November 11 every year, it seems to have lost meaning along the way. Veterans Day is to honor Veterans. Have we as Americans become so desensitized to everything that we have forgotten those who have endured the horrors of war to fight for our freedom? It seems we have.

Please do not think of Veterans Day as just another ‘day off’. Take this day to remember the fallen as well as those who are still serving this country. They deserve our time and respect, considering what they have given to us.

Consider these activities on Veterans Day:

Take your children to a Veterans facility in your area. Let them speak to a Veteran in person. What better history lesson, then from someone who was there.

Observe a moment of silence in their honor.

Be sure to fly your flag. If you do not have one, get one.

We as a country can in no way repay our Veterans, but as citizens it is OUR duty to recognize their bravery and sacrifice that has made this country what it is today. We are all free to do as we wish due to our Veterans and currently serving Military’s service and sacrifice.

So please always remember: ~FREEDOM IS NOT FREE~

On November 11th (and everyday) ~ THANK A VETERAN~

Dina and Andrew Parise
Parise Racing

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