Work hard and you will achieve you goals. One of Parise Racing’s goals has been to compete in the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge from the time they began R&D back in 2009. They can check that one off the list, well one list.

Being a two car team sometimes leads to many tough decisions, and this was one of the toughest ones to date. With one spot open, who goes? “Ladies first?” ,Said Andrew Parise with a laugh. “Both cars are running really well, both drivers are ready for battle, so either way Parise Racing will make a good first impression. We have worked hard to get here, and it is finally paying off. I was hoping to get to run my ’53 Montana Bros. Pro Chassis Design Corvette as well, but one is better than none .We are excited to be going at all.”

Running a two car team with limited funding is a daunting task, and more work that imaginable, but the Parise’s would not have it any other way. “We are very thankful for the sponsors we currently have.” Stated Dina Parise. “Consultedge and NGK have been great to us. We are still struggling to make it, though. We are looking forward to going to the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge; it’s a great opportunity for us and our sponsors. I feel like Charlie from Willie Wonka, I just found the Golden ticket.”

As a former skater for the ‘Ice Capades’ , Dina says that traveling and racing can be compared to her former ‘showgirl’ days, if one can believe that. “When I toured with the ‘Ice Capades’ we did a show in a different city every week. Each week we played a new venue, each venue had its own ‘locals ‘that worked there, our cast and crew remained the same and we all traveled together. It’s the same thing here, only with tires in place of skates and fire suites in place of sequin covered costumes. I guess I can just think of my ’63 Corvette as a really fast Zamboni!” She laughs.

The Parise’s know they are up against a tough field. They have confidence in the crew; James Montana and Nick Montana of Montana Bros. Pro Chassis Design, Jody Lupton, Charlie Saccoccio and especially Crew Chief Dave Jordan. “Dave is an asset to our team,” Stated Andrew. “He tunes both cars and manages the numbers as well as everything else very well. Sometimes he even has to become a Dr. Phil of sorts, but I will save that for another day .He is a patient man .” He laughs.

The Parise team has been very busy leading up to now. In the past two weeks, they ran the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Maple Grove in the Competition Eliminator class to earn GSA points. Then it was off to Virginia Motorsports Park to run exhibition for Pinks All Out and host members of the Military for their ‘Vettes for Vets’ program.

When Dina Parise was concerned that the handicapped accessible suite at Virginia Motorsports Park was occupied by the TV executives, she made a call, never expecting what would follow. A quick call to Disruptive Studios (Pullin TV) drew quick action. After speaking to Stephen Pullin and Kristi Knight of Disruptive Studios and Pullin TV she was pleasantly surprised. “They (Disruptive Studios, Pullin TV and Speed TV) were more than happy to support our program.” Stated Dina “They bent over backwards to do it, too. They gave up the suite, so we would have wheelchair access for those who needed it .So between them and Virginia Motorsports Park, our guests were all set.”

“Our ‘Vettes for Vets ‘ program was a huge success!’ , Stated Dina. “We could not have done it alone. We want to extend a big thank you to Virginia Motorsports Park(Bryan Pierce and Marc Wesler), Stephen Pullin (Pullin TV), Kristi Knight (Pullin TV), Speed TV (Merchandising),Virginia Giant, Kalbones Racing , the Clarkesville Economic Development Association ,Clarksville Chamber of Commerce ,Mitch Saccoccio, Tom Loftus and Brother’s Pizza. Everyone we asked to help did. We are getting the word out about our program, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Our Veterans and Active Duty Military members deserve our respect and our thanks, and we are going to give it to them, and thanks to help of others, we can. The Military members had a great day and that is our goal, pure and simple, no strings attached.”

Want to see Parise Racing in action on and off the track? Visit to view the video posted on our homepage. If you like what you see, please go to the ‘ our causes’ tab and click on the ‘Donate Now’ button to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Parise Racing will again have a LIVE FEED from the pit area. To view visit our homepage, or visit to chat live!

Parise Racing would like to thank our sponsors:



Thank you to:

Brother’s Pizza Petersburg, Va 804-733-3355

Virginia Motorsports Park

Stephen Pullin /Kristi Knight- Disruptive Studios, Inc.

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