Dina and Andrew Parise


The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. ~  Robert Kiyosaki

After a month off, Parise Racing headed to the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Race with high hopes and higher expectations. Being a two car team, there can be a run of emotions and a challenge for a limited crew.

“We knew the heat was going to be a factor for running good numbers. Regardless, we were determined to do what we do.” Stated Dina Parise “But, the Beast (as my car is known) was being the Beast!” Said Dina. “My 63 Vette was not being a cooperative girl this weekend. No matter what we did she just said NO!! It was disappointing to not qualify. So many people worked very hard in getting her back in time for this race and to DNQ was not a good feeling, to say the least.”

With one Parise not qualified, all eyes were on Andrew. “Oh the pressure!”, Stated Andrew Parise. “I don’t know what was harder; to deal with the actual race or Dina driving me nuts!  A crewmember she is not! If she DNQ’s again, I am stepping out of the car and letting her finish the race for me!I will just give her a phone book to sit on!” said Andrew. “Our first round win felt great. The car was running well and I was doing my job to a point, although I did get treed! My  .024 to his .008, but luckily was able to take the win.”

In the Semi’s Andrew had to face his rival Tim (‘Monkey’ as the Parise’s affectionately call him) O’Hare. “ I have a lot of fun racing ‘Monkey’. His crew are a great bunch of guys and sometimes even ‘ Monkey’ isn’t that bad either.” said Andrew with a laugh. With Tim out of the gate first, Andrew had to chase him down. “ I wanted to throw a rope out and pull him back. Then, I saw Tim lift and I passed him at top end but it was too late .I ran out of real estate.” Following Andrew’s semi-final run, he had a Chute malfunction, as well as a fluid leak. He had a hard time getting the car to stop and used most of the racetrack to do so.  The safety crew at Maple Grove Raceway was right there as Andrew came to a stop. A big thank you to them for their quick response!

Dina and Andrew also need to thank the crew. Without them, they would not be able to do what they do. “We have such a hard working crew.” Said Dina “With two cars, and my type ‘A’ personality, they REALLY have their work cut out for them! ”She laughs! A big thank you to; Crew chief Dave Jordan, Butch Branzelle, Corey Branzelle, Charlie Saccoccio and Billy Coburn for all their hard work this weekend!

As a team, we at Parise Racing would like to say how glad we are that Steve King is o.k. after his crash last weekend. We hope to see Steve, Jeff and the crew back at it soon!

Parise Racing met so many great people over the weekend!  Many of them being Twitter and Facebook followers! Thank you for following! The team would especially like to mention meeting ‘Uncle Pete’. Meeting him was an honor .The fact is ‘Uncle Pete’ is a WWII Veteran! We would like to thank him (as well as all veterans) for their service to our country!

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their continued support:  NGK, LAT Racing Oils , USA Auto Supply Inc. ,Hoosier, Braille Battery, Pro Torque, JE Pistons, Browell  BellHousing, Motorsports Unlimited. For more information regarding these companies please visit : http://pariseracing.com/sponsors/

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*Story and Photo by Parise Racing

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