” We tested both race cars last month at Virginia Motorsports and the outcome was great”, stated Andrew Parise, They say patience is a virtue. This was a long process. I’m glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel .”

Andrew is driving the Montana Bros. built 1953 Corvette , powered by a 526 Hemi from ERD , Carl Speiring.” It was a great site to see”, stated Dina Parise. “It was wonderful to see the car on the track, and to see Andrew behind the wheel again was even better. We have worked on this program for a long time and it finally paid off ”

Dina is driving her Tim McAmis 1963 Corvette. ” We had the nerves going. It is a big step going from a bracket car running low 9’s to a Pro Mod, but I know my wife. As a former professional figure skater she has determination and the mind set to succeed ,” stated Andrew. ” Dina had a lot to learn , and she was like a sponge . From the start up to burnouts she did a awesome job. With the couple days of testing she proved to everyone she is going to be a great driver .”

The Parise Racing program is constantly changing for the better and it could not be accomplished without ERD, Carl Speiring, Terry and Rob. ” I know we made the right choice on working with ERD “, stated Andrew. ” Carl is consulting for the team as well as having built the 526 Hemi in the ’53. He and his team will continue to work closely with Parise Racing . ”

Parise Racing has had many positive changes to the team. Another positive change is the addition of Dave Jordan as Crew Chief.” Dave was on hand during our testing and was right at home with the Pro Mods as well as the team “, stated Dina. ” It was great to have Dave at the test session . Getting him acclimated to the cars and the team was very important for all of us “, stated Andrew. ” We wanted someone with experience and a good attitude running our cars . Dave fit what we were looking for and we couldn’t be happier .”

Parise Racing has made many positive changes and is anticipating the 2009 season.

Dina and Andrew would like to thank :

Carl, Terry and Rob from ERD for awesome engine program and more than anything , keeping us safe.

Dave Jordan for coming on as Crew Chief and getting to work as fast as he did

Charlie Saccoccio, AKA Uncle Mel, who was on his game all three days of testing.

The crew in VMP for giving us a great race track that provided some good racing .

NGK ,Tim McAmis ,Montana Bros.

For Video and Photos visit : www.pariseracing.com (Click on the media tab)Andrew and Dina Parise

Parise Racing

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