Parise Racing attended its first ADRL race in Virginia Motorsports Park May 21st-22nd.

“Kenny Knowling and and the ADRL staff never made us feel as if we were on the outside.” Stated Andrew Parise. “Our cars are NHRA legal and we knew it would be very difficult to compete with the magnitude of cars at the ADRL. Knowing this going in, we just prepared to compete as we always do.”

As the luck of the draw would have it for qualifying, wouldn’t you guess Dina and Andrew were picked to run each other first pair out. “I was extremely happy for this; it is time to show the wife (and the crowd) who is faster,” stated Andrew. “It is always fun running Dina. At times I think people listen to us and think we are putting on a show by the way we talk to each other when we have to race one another. Trust me, it is no show. Just ask our Crew chief Dave Jordan.”

“He got me. We were the first husband and wife team to compete in Pro Extreme, and he got me,” Stated Dina Parise. “Certainly not the way I wanted to come into this race, but my ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette was just a bit off. After the fact, we did find some issues with the car. We have got them fixed and I am ready to take him on again.”

Although Dina was not running at full capacity, Andrew was. And was he ever. In third round qualifying he ran a 3.933 @ 188.17 MPH, in his ’53 Montana Bros. Pro Chassis Design Corvette. “I am so pleased with that run, I cannot tell you!” Stated Andrew. “Coming in here with a ‘legal’ set-up and being one spot off of qualifying, was a good deal for me. My team did a great job and I am proud of what we accomplished here.”

On the way home, the team made a stop at the Fort Lee Army Base PX to show their military themed cars. “It’s part of who we are.” Stated Dina “ We created these paint schemes for our Military members past and present. It’s great to get to bring the cars to the base and get to talk to them for a bit. We appreciate what they do.”

The Parise are running a very full schedule this season. The next stop for them is the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at Maple Grove Raceway to earn GSA points. After that, they will be back at VMP for some exhibition runs in Pinks All Out. They will also be running their ‘Vettes for Vets’ program for the Pinks all Out show with the assistance of VMP and Pullen TV.

Lastly, this weekend is Memorial Day. Most people associate Memorial Day with department store sales, BBQ’s and outdoor fun. Before you head out for your Memorial Day plans, please take a moment to think and maybe even act on what the day is about.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Fly your flag

• Observe a moment of silence in remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

• Place flags and/or flowers at Veteran’s gravesites.

• Attend a Memorial Day service. Check with your local area for information.

• Thank a Veteran. Check with your local VFW, American Legion, etc. Just a Thank You will go a long way.

The Parise’s would like to thank their crew ; Crew Chief Dave Jordan, Charlie Saccoccio, James Montana (Montana Bros. Pro Chassis Design) and Jody Lupton.

Parise Racing would like to thank:




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