From Super Comp bracket racing to Pro Mod heads up racing. It has come full circle. For Dina and Andrew Parise, this is going to be a real knock down drag out, fight to the finish…as they say.

They are going back to where it all began. Maple Grove Super Chevy is where Dina first watched Andrew race his 1967 blown Camaro. It is where she got the ‘bug’. It is where Andrew first unveiled the 53 Corvette Pro Mod paint scheme. It is also where Dina first ran the same 1967 blown Camaro Andrew once ran.

It has now come full circle. No more bracket racing. Pure heads up, run what you brung racing! Now it is time for these two drivers to go head to head in an exhibition race. Let’s call it what it is, its double trouble.

It has been overheard in the pits that Crew Chief Dave Jordan has rented a getaway vehicle. He is not yet sure whom he will be running from, that remains to be seen.

So come and watch Parise Racing at the Super Chevy Show! Check the EVENTS tab for more information.

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