Parise Racing attended the POD race at Virginia Motorsports Park this past weekend.” It was a great day of racing”, stated Andrew Parise. “Maurice Bea of POD runs a great organization; every thing was on time and run in professional fashion. “

After struggling with her ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette at Maple Grove last month, Dina Parise qualified #3 with a 4.15 at 156.50 mph. She could not better her time in the second qualifying round and dropped to #7. “The car was working great this weekend. It felt good to finally get the out there, and not struggle with it. ”, stated Dina.

After non qualifying time in his first qualifying round due to tire shake, Andrew came back to qualify #2 with a 4.09 at 175.30 mph in his ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette.

In round one of eliminations, Andrew had his career worst red light and handed the win over.” I was having a red light weekend; it was just a bad weekend for me”, stated Andrew, “ Now it is just time to regroup and go on to the next race”

Dina ran a career 1/8 mile best of 4.104 at 177.46 mph, but she left the tree late, very late.” I had issues with the tree but I am happy with the ET”, stated Dina, “It was frustrating to go out first round, but I am over it and ready for next week. For one thing though, we really felt let our crew down”, stated Dina,” Our crew chief, Dave Jordan did his job and we did not do ours. “

“We would like to thank Dave Jordan for all he does for us. Dave has to travel back and forth to and from New York and leave his new wife, Bambi at home”, stated Andrew, “We want them to know, and we appreciate the sacrifice.”

Next, Parise Racing will be attending the North East Pro Mod Association August 15th at MIR.

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