Parise Racing attended its first Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove, with their 53’ and 63’ Pro Mods. “We love Super Chevy at the Grove!”, stated Dina Parise. “From Bracket Racing to Pro Mods it came full circle, right at this very track. It’s fantastic!”

As part of their ‘Vettes for Vets’ program, Parise Racing had the honor of having three Vietnam Veterans in their hospitality and pit area all day Saturday. A special ‘Thank you‘ to Super Chevy as well as announcer Jerry Daisy for his outstanding dedication, as all three gentlemen were introduced to a packed house. The background on these gentlemen is amazing. Parise Racing was proud to recognize their years of sacrifice, service and dedication.

The rivalry between Andrew and Dina was on going all weekend. “Even though it was only exhibition, I knew I had to be on my game”, stated Andrew Parise. “My wife is very competitive and takes this very seriously, and if I lost I would never have heard the end of it. And, from what I heard I wasn’t getting good odds”, stated Andrew.” When Jerry Daisy started to ask the crowd who they were rooting for, I could hear in the car that it wasn’t me”.

The 53’ Montana Brothers Corvette, with ERD Carl Spiering power ran a .986 , 60 foot with a 6.20 at 226 mph in the ¼. “The car felt great going down the track. It has taken some time with the Bruno setup but it is paying off”, stated Andrew. “Our Crew Chief, Dave Jordan has done a great job of tuning the car. I want to thank him for a job well done! I also want to welcome Brandon Page to our team. He did an outstanding job this weekend as well!”

“It was a tough weekend for me”, stated Dina. My 63’ Tim McAmis Corvette was not cooperating and kept driving to the left. Our Crew Chief, Dave Jordan did everything possible to fix the problem but we just couldn’t get it fixed in time,” stated Dina. “I gave it my best shot each time. I really wanted to win. The third race, I did catch Andrew at about the 330 or so but had to lift due to it going left again. Andrew had to pedal it as well as he got loose too. I later found out that he saw me coming up on him and got nervous. My best 60 ft. was a .994 using our ERD Carl Spiering power .The rivalry between us is growing. I plan on taking the win light from Andrew shortly.”

Parise Racing would like to Thank: NGK, Good Year, ERD and Tim McAmis.

Parise Racing would also like to mention: Super Chevy, Fiore Bros. Racing, Broken Arrow Racing, and F1 Hospitality.

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