Andrew and Dina Parise , the husband and wife Pro Modified team drivers, hit the IHRA world Finals at the Rock this past weekend. Though this season has not been a lengthy one as far as competition for the team, the Parise’s feel they have made quite a bit of progress in that time, regardless of the outcome.

It seemed for everyone the weather was the fiercest competitor this weekend. Friday allowed for only one qualifying shot. Dina Parise ran a 6.466/ 225.45 mph to qualify in the 5th spot. Andrew Parise ran a 6.387/ 226.20 mph to qualify in the 4th spot. The rain and the cold prevailed from that point on.

IHRA officials made the decision on Sunday to run 1/8 mile rather than 1/4 mile due to track conditions. The weather had taken its toll on the track, and safety had become an issue. So, the team hit the staging lanes ready for battle. Unfortunately, both drivers went out first round.

“I was up before Andrew”, stated Dina. “I could feel my ERD powered, ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette move a bit in the burnout. I staged, and once I left she spun and chattered the tires. I let off and hit it again. I was not going to give up that easy. When I hit it again she went right and by then, I saw Benny go by me. Then, I gave up. Game over. “

Andrew was the next car up. “Once I made sure Dina was o.k., I could concentrate on my job “, stated Andrew. “ As I let off the trans-brake on my ERD powered, ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette, she just shook. The tire shake was severe. There was no saving it. “

This was the first National event for the team. Although the outcome was not what they would have liked, the Parise’s could not have been happier with how IHRA handled the event.

“From start to finish we were treated well by the IHRA staff and crew.” stated Dina. “We really had a good experience from the time we pulled in. The biggest thing for us is that we felt our safety was first and foremost taken into account. We appreciate that as drivers.”

The Parise’s would like to extend a special thank you to Nick and Chris Montana of Montana Bros. Their efforts to help the Parise Racing team do not go un-noticed.

The Parise’s would like to thank Randy Haywood , Andy Peeterson and Brandon Page for their assistance this weekend.

As the season winds down Dina and Andrew Parise would like to extend their appreciation to Crew Chief Dave Jordan. Dave‘s tireless efforts and dedication to the team are truly remarkable. The Parise’s know racing is a dangerous business, but they feel confident knowing Dave is at the helm. “We know we would not have made this much progress in so short a time without Dave”, stated Andrew. “Dina and I appreciate everything he does and we thank him very much!”

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