“For 2009, the plan was R&D until we felt that we (as drivers), the cars and the team were able to perform in competition.”, stated Dina Parise. “We stayed with this plan throughout the year, and our effort paid off. Although there is always more work to do, all in all it was a great year for us. There were issues with my Blown 63’ Tim McAmis Corvette powered by ERD, Carl Spiering, but we finally got them ironed out. I am really looking forward to the 2010 season.”

At his second NorthEast Outlaw Pro Mod Association race at MIR, Andrew Parise won the event with his 53’ Blown Montana Bros. Corvette powered by ERD, Carl Spiering. “We worked very hard all year on our setups. It proved that our plan we put together worked, and the team works together as well.” , stated Andrew Parise. “Just like any new team, we struggled in the beginning but then realized what works and what doesn’t. “

“Overall, we are extremely satisfied with our progress in 2009. We had a lot of goals to achieve and we have done what we set out to do.”, stated Andrew. “To watch Dina go down the track at 6.19, then a 6.14 is just wild. A year ago she was bracket racing (at 9.00) and now she is driving a Pro Mod, it is just awesome!” stated Andrew.

Both cars are having the paint schemes updated by Barney Squires at Performance Auto Crafters. Once the cars are back from paint, it is all hands on deck to get them back together and ready for some early testing in 2010. We are working on some changes for 2010 that are going to work out extremely well. So, keep watching for the updates.

The Parise Racing team has satisfied their expectations for 2009. With two new cars and two new drivers, they had more challenges than the average team. They stayed focused, they worked hard and it paid off.

With 2009 now a distant memory, it is time to focus attention to 2010. Looking toward the 2010 season the Parise Racing team is eager to get going. “We finished the 2009 season on a high note and we are ready to get back out there”, stated Andrew. “2010 will be a good season.”

Parise Racing would like to say a special Thanks to:

Thank you for a great 2009 season, we look forward to 2010!

For more information about Parise Racing please visit www.pariseracing.com .

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