So as you may have noticed from my first post, I pay attention. It has been a bit since they have scooped me up and put me in the motor home to go racing. So this week, I noticed the signs. Mommy has been cooking…..a lot! Boy, does it smell good too! I see meatballs, sausage, and veggies some chicken……WOW! They eat really good food! I guess that’s why they call her ‘The Chef’! By the way, they don’t give me any of it! I eat some boring brown crunchy stuff.

Anyway, besides the food, I see crew shirts, gear, computers…..that kind of stuff. That means we are goin’ racin’! Since it has been a while, I am excited to go. I need to see my peeps, ya know!

So I hear we are not going too far. Englishtown, New Jersey. The Shakedown at E-Town. It is huge! Everyone is coming, friends, and family and even Mommy’s clients from work. She is a hairdresser, you know.

So it looks like we are all packed and ready to go. I see my bag of food and toys so I think we are getting in the truck…..then I hear it. Cancelled…..HHHMM …Cancelled, I think…I am not sure what that means. Then I see my food come out of my toy bag and it hit me. We are not going. It was so rainy and cold outside that the cars could not run. Everyone on the team is disappointed, including me. I like to go to the track and hang out and watch what goes on in the pits while I am in my custom junior dragster stroller.

So, I was out in the garage with Daddy, and I have to tell you the cars look good and are ready to go. I see them up in the air. So they are not on the ground, but I hear everyone talking and they are saying that it is a shame we are not racing. Daddy ran a 3.99 to the 1/8 at a testing session a couple of weeks ago at Maple Grove, so he really wants to go, go, go!

Now I hear them talking again. I guess we are still going racing. IHRA they say. We are headed to the IHRA World finals in Rockingham! We are going to the ‘Rock’! I guess that is exciting to them. I am just glad I get to be out of doors in my cool stroller! I like to watch them work on the cars. I like to meet the fans. It’s fun!

Bella PariseWe are on our way to North Carolina. Mommy and Daddy are making their IHRA debut and so am I! So if you like beautiful cars that are screamin’ fast, you should come! Go to the events calendar for more information!

Don’t forget, if you do come, to make a donation to one of Mommy or Daddy’s charities that they support! The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund or the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! If you make a donation, be assured that 100% of that donation is designated toward programs, services or research for that specific charity. Donations are greatly appreciated! And if you donate, you can meet me! You can even pet me too!

I will be back after IHRA to let you know how things went! Wish us luck!

See you at the races!

Bella Booda

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