This edition of Parise Racing news is not going to be about us, our cars or any new developments in the Parise Racing program. We felt the need to post a story relative to what we do, but with no relation to Drag Racing at all.

While away at our testing session, I received this e-mail from a very close friend’s son. His mom and have known each other since grade school. She is one of the most down to earth, funny and beautiful people I know. Let me also say, she has a wonderful family as well. She is battling MS.

As most of you may know, Parise Racing has been raising donations and awareness for MS for 5 years now. Within that time we have learned all too much how this awful disease hits so close to home.
Below is James’ letter. If you can help, please do.

Hi Everyone,
Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, you all know that my mom has MS. It’s something she struggles with every day, even though when you ask her how she is, she’ll always say she’s fine. That’s just how my mom is(she tries to seem macho). Sometimes people ask what they can do for her, she always says nothing she’s fine. But now you can help her and others with MS. That’s why me and my friends are walking in the MS Walk next Sunday. We want to help raise money that will find the cure, raise money that will make advances to help her live her life better, and other like her. They have already made progress with MS, like the shots she takes everyday, that wasn’t always around to help others, but research helped develop this drug that is keeping my mother healthier with less problems. With your help, with my walk, we can help find a cure, or at least ways to help her live better.

We’ve only got ONE week left; the MS Walk is next Sunday, May 3rd. So if you can, any little amount you can donate would be great (a lot is good too). Every little bit adds up, that’s how I’ve already made it 1/2 way to my goal, and my team is busy collecting from their friends and family too. So as a team we’re trying to get to our goal.

Please if you can, visit my website at
or if you want to send me a check… make it out to NMSLLI-Walk MS, and mail it to my house before next Saturday
oh— if you know of someone you think will want to check out my website, and/or donate.. Please fwd this to them too!

Thanks Everyone, I hope can count on your support!
James Anthony

Mar 29, 2009

Parise Racing in Full Throttle Autos!
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As a follow up to last year’s cover story, Full Throttle Autos has done another article on Dina Parise. Click on the link to check out the article :

It is going to be a busy and exciting season! Keep checking our news for updates!

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