With Christmas coming Andrew Parise thought of a great present for Dina Parise. So he purchased a new 526 ERD Hemi from ERD, Carl Spiering. With the help from Carl Spiering, Terry and Rob at ERD Dina is going to a new engine program for her 63 Tim McAmis Corvette in 2009. ERD has a proven record of knowledge and power. Tony Pontieri ran 5.90’s at the NHRA Jegs Pro Mod event at Virginia Motorsports Park. “It is not everyday a woman gets a Hemi for Christmas, (and is excited about it)” stated Dina.” and I am very excited about it.”

With this latest edition to the engine program, Parise Racing now runs a 526 ERD Hemi in both the 53 Montana Bros. Corvette and 63 Tim McAmis Corvette Pro Mods. “We feel that ERD and Carl Spiering have a winning combination for us. Both Dina and I are very comfortable with our set ups. It should be a great season,” stated Andrew.

Next, was to create a memorable paint scheme for the car. It is not your typical paint scheme and we could only trust one person, Barney Squires at Performance Auto Crafters, in Virginia. This paint scheme will not only look phenomenal, but it will send a message and make the fans think. Racing to win as well as with a purpose, that is what Parise Racing is about as a team.

So, stay tuned to www.pariseracing.com for the latest details! Check back to see the completed paint scheme and for more information.

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