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Athlete’s Voices: Dina Parise, Episode 2: It’s all about the Journey

Positive Action: The hunt for additional Marketing Partners is the equivalent of Movie actors working as waiters while searching for that big break! You work and work with your nose to the grindstone (or motor LOL!) taking nothing for granted, especially not those who stand behind you on a daily basis, while waiting for that break you need. You know it will come, but when? Well, when it does…you will be ready!

You know then the irony of it all is that when you hit the ‘Pinnacle’, everyone will just throw everything at you…. Funny how that happens! It will happen. We are worthy. We are THAT team that makes a difference! That needs to count and it should. We need to know that what we do and how we conduct ourselves has a positive influence on the people around us and the companies we represent. We take it seriously. We keep it positive, always…that is who we are! For now it is “May I take your order please?” But tomorrow….. who knows? Dina Parise Racing -DPR are fierce competitors in our amazing Corvette Pro Mods, and great representatives. We enjoy knowing we can make a difference… one fan at a time! It’s not just about getting to the stripe first , but the journey you take to get there….. Speaking of the journey…..

I’m a chick. I guess you got that. I have a tendency to pay attention, even when people think I am not. My husband Andrew calls me ‘Hawkears and Hawkeyes’. I don’t miss a beat. I like to take everything in, especially when we are at the track. Being female and being a Racecar driver in the public eye also makes me feel as if I am a role model. Uh, oh! Hang on to your hats…… I think I may be headed for a bit of Dina discourse!!!

Ok, here’s the thing…. We are in the Public Eye… If it is me, a Basketball player, Hockey Football etc…. Male or Female. In my eyes we have a responsibility …( Yep, I said responsibility) to be role models for a younger generation and I guess all generations. Like it or not, as Athletes we are looked up to. Therefore that puts us in a position to act accordingly. Now don’t forget, I was a professional figure skater as well. So, I have seen many sides to this argument. I have been in the presence of professional athletes, some of whom were amazing to their adoring public. I have also been in the presence of professional athletes that treated the public as if they were not worthy to breathe the same air as them. Really?  Case in Point; Years ago I met (I will not name names) a professional baseball player. He was so rude to my friend, I could not believe it. I being from NY and growing up with three brothers , had learned to stand up for myself (and others). I put a stop to his rudeness. I will not elaborate. LOL! Let’s just say, he got the point.  I have also met people such as baseball great Lee Mazzilli and he’s as down to earth as they come and a great guy. My point is we as athletes can (and probably will) meet someone once and only once. It can be for a moment. Regardless of whether I am having a great day or a crappy day, all that fan will remember is how I treated them in that moment. I take that seriously. I never want a fan to walk away having had a poor experience.It’s like that saying ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’  My hope is that in any encounter I can empower not only women but everyone to do whatever they dream to do in their lives.  That my friends, is a big part of the journey.

So, I’m off to our next ‘gig’. We have some fun stuff in store for the fans ! I am heading to Maple Grove Raceway July 19th-21st for the Super Chevy Show. Because we have to fit my beautiful ’63 Corvette with a new nose so it is not yet painted with the amazing flag drape the car is known for. So, I thought why not have a little fun? I created the ‘Stop Write Here’ Project to benefit the Honor Flight Network (the project will continue until it is painted!)! Fans will have the opportunity to sign their name (and take a photo of it) on the unpainted nose of the ’63 Corvette and help support an amazing organization all at the same time! As fans arrive in the pit to sign the car and take a photo, DPR will only ask that they make a donation to the Honor Flight Network. Honor Flight Network ( ) is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices. We transport our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. . Top priority is given to the senior veterans – World War II survivors, along with those other veterans who may be terminally ill. Honor Flight has many regional hubs to accommodate Veterans.

Now, since I am a chick…. my wish is for the funds  be allocated to  female Veterans. As a driver (and a person), these ladies inspire me. I think this is a great way to give back to them for their service. It’s my way and our DPR team’s way of saying Thank you and you are not forgotten. It’s what makes my journey complete!

I will catch you all in Episode 3! HHHMMM, what will I have in store? Wait and see!

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