Hey everyone! Bella the wonder Pug here! I am sure you are curious to know what I have been up to, so here goes!

As you know, I am the cutest member of the Parise Racing team. So, my looks have been hard at work helping to raise donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. I know I am a lucky dog because of our Nation’s soldiers. Without all they have sacrificed, I may not have the great life that I have!

We have been to my favorite place, Virginia Motorsports Park two times in recent weeks. I love it there! I get to see all my human friends, and Cappy, my furry friend!

First, we went to the Super Chevy Show. That was lots of fun! Only Daddy was racing that weekend. Mommy was still recovering from her surgery. Daddy seemed a bit annoyed that week. Guess the car did not work as well as he wanted.

Our next stop to VMP was for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod race. First I went with Mommy, Dave Jordan , and Nick and James Montana. Nick Montana is from Montana Bros. Pro Chassis design. He built Daddy’s car and came along to help with testing Mommy’s car. Daddy had to work.

There was a lot of work going on with Mommy’s car. Something about ‘rear gears’. But, they fixed it and Mommy went really fast! 6.09 @ 235 MPH just for an example. Daddy arrived late Thursday .I was very happy to see him.

They fixed a bunch of things on both cars. I don’t know, looks like too much work to me. I would rather take a nap in my stroller!

Friday night Mommy had a match race against Harold Martin. She fell asleep at the tree, that’s what they said. I don’t know what that means, but a nap sounds good to me! So, her 4.02 lost to his 4.24. It’s O.K. I’m still going to be there when she comes back to give her a kiss!

They said they were warming up for the weekend. Well, when Saturday came, trust me it was warm enough! WHEW! Too hot for my furry body, I stayed in the Motor home.

Saturday was time for the NEOPMA race. Daddy qualified #1 ! I knew he could do it! Mommy was #5. Again, there was a lot of work going on! The cars were apart and back together more times than I could count!

Daddy lost first round. Something broke. That’s what I heard them say. Mommy on the other hand was having a good day! When she came back, she had a big trophy! She won! Everyone was happy! I just needed to go outside to do my business. Sometimes I think they forget that.

Next stop is Maryland International Raceway, for the NEOPMA race. I have been watching them work, and everything looks good to me!

I will be back soon with more ‘Team Talk’, Pug style!

See you at the races!


Bella Booda

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