As we gather around our tables for our Thanksgiving meals, surrounded by family and friends, it is for certain we will share with each other what we are all thankful for. Usually, being thankful for being together is a starter for any Thanksgiving meal. On this Thanksgiving, please remember our nation’s military personnel, for they are not fortunate enough to spend this holiday with their families. So, Thanksgiving is not only about giving thanks, but remembering as well.

Whether we agree with war or not, we all need to appreciate what we have, and to give thanks to our service members for the sacrifice they make every day. We should be thankful for our veterans who have served, some who never made it home at all.

Thank you, for leaving your families behind and going to a foreign land, whether you wanted to leave or not. Thank you for risking your life, for our freedom, our rights and our safety. Because of all of the service men and woman (past and present) we are able to celebrate Thanksgiving without fear.

Thanksgiving is also about REMEMBERING. Remembering all we have, Remembering our loved ones, Remembering what each of these individuals have provided us with and Remembering what our service men and woman do for us each day, and have done for us in the past..

We at Parise Racing wish EVERYONE a “Happy Thanksgiving”.

And to our Nations Military where ever you may be as you read this:
Though it is not the same as being with the ones you love or eating a home cooked meal, please know that you are NOT Forgotten!! We salute each and every one of you for serving our nation, and we THANK YOU! Stay safe……….

Dina and Andrew Parise

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