So, it has been entirely too long since my last blog post. I will not let that happen again! Things have been a little nutty in the Parise camp lately! HHHMMM…… Where do I start? O.K. Here we go.

First of all, Mommy tells me I should say I hope that everyone’s New Year is starting off well. I’m a dog; so really, it’s all the same to me.

Mommy and Daddy traveled to Orlando to the PRI show in December, along with Crew Chief Dave and his wife Bambi. They left me home this trip! I don’t know why, I always go with them! They got to see and purchase some great products for the cars! They met up with lots of fellow racers and good friends. Here are just a few names… Bruce Mullins, Candyce Marsh, Maurice Bea from Pro Outlaw Dorrslammers, Big Dog Carl Spiering (I think I will stay away from him) ,Diana and Frank Patille, Vito and John from NorthEast Outlaw Pro Mod Association, Roger Richards, Lisa Richards ,John Stanley (Steering Wheel Tech. extraordinaire!), Camp Stanley ( Drag Racing’s Rock Star!) ,Rebecca (from Vicci) and Dave Hance .Whew, that’s allot of people, and I think I may have forgotten some! But, I can’t forget this one… They also met MY biggest fan! Her name is Ellen E.! See, I have fans too! Sometimes it’s all about being cute!

Poor Mommy, she started off the New Year with a much needed hand surgery. Daddy and I have been taking good care of her, so, don’t worry; she will be BETTER than new, just in time for race season!

Daddy has been out in the garage with Dave working on both cars, but not before…….. First the cars went down to Performance Auto Crafters for a bit of paint and body refreshing. The ’53 came back first. They started with the ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette. Now she is all refreshed and ready to rock! Next back was the ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette. She needed a bit more TLC. With the suspension issues Mommy had in her car last year, some adjustments needed to be made before the start of this season. After coming back from paint, the ’63 went to MBRC (Montana Bros.) for the adjustments. Then back to our garage for Daddy and Dave to do their thing! She’s just about ready ……..

I see them using a GIANT light up thing…..I hear them calling it ‘the tree’. They say they are practicing. I’m not so sure what it is, but I think you all know what I am talking about!

So, now I wait. I wait to see Mommy begin to pack the Motor Home, then I know it’s time to go racing!

Be sure to check our Events Calendar! It is filling up! Remember, you can see me,’ Bella Booda’ at all the Events! Look for me in my tricked out Jr. Dragster stroller! And, be sure to please make a donation to one of the great charities that Mommy and Daddy support! Keep checking the ‘our causes’ tab for information!

Don’t forget, we are always open to new sponsorship opportunities! Feel free to contact any of us with your inquiries! I can always use more treats!

See you at the races!


Bella Booda

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