Woof at ya, my good peeps! It has been far too long since I have blogged! Mommy has been hogging the computer! Work, work, work…. Whew! Doesn’t she know I have better things to do, like play fetch? I mean really!

So here I am… waiting. While I wait for racing season to start, Mom and Dad took me to see Dr. Coren at West Hills Animal Hospital here on Long Island. Mom seems to think there is somethin’ not right with me. I don’t know what she’s talkin’ about! I’m as healthy as ever. I know I don’t do too much running around, but hey… I never did !

So me , Mom and Dad went to Dr.Coren’s office. I got to see Stacie! I like her, she is so nice to me! They put me on this cold table! Someone needs to tell them… Just because us dogs have fur, does not mean we do not feel that cold on our butts! BRRRRRRR, really!

Now, look any dog I love you to pet me! It’s my favorite thing besides getting to go to sleep and pushing Dad off the bed. But this was not petting.. This was kinda like a poking , pressing thing. I really didn’t like it so much. Maybe some of my furry pals think this is cool, but not me! Dr. Coren owes me a BIG steak dinner, just sayin’! Now, give me a bone and my bed any day!

Good thing is, I heard Mom and Dr.Coren talking on the phone and I am all good! But, really I could have told them that! I’m not sure what all the fuss was about, but no worries here! I will be at the track to welcome all our DPRfans like always!

Speaking of the track…. Have you all missed me? Well I have missed you! I mean Mom and Dad are great and all, but I miss my racing peeps! I can’t wait to get back out there in my Jr. Dragster Stroller and greet you all in the pits! I also love getting to be next to Mom and Dad’s Pro Mod Corvettes too! I’m not your average Pug, you know!

So be sure to stay tuned for lots of great info about the DPR season and of course what I am up to! Did you know I’m on twitter? Yep! @ProModBella  is where you can find me! I have lots to say and I post lots of pictures too!

I have a great life here with my Mom and Dad! Do you have a dog? Do you want one? If you do, you should rescue one! Go to one of those shelters, and pick a cute furry friend like me! It could be a cat too, but I think they are kinda funny lookin’ ! I feel bad for my furry friends like that because they are not as lucky as me!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I will woof at ya all soon!


Bella Booda


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