‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.’ John F. Kennedy.
Many tend to confuse change with unhappiness. That is not always necessarily the case. In many instances progression is what prompts change. The want to succeed and the need for progression are the catalyst for change. Therefore change is good.
Change for the Dina Parise Racing comes in the form of the addition of Quain Stott to the team. For those of you not familiar with Quain and his accomplishments, where have you been? Please come out from the rock you have been residing under and read on!
The term ‘run what ‘cha brung’ certainly was a motto for Quain in its purest sense. His dedication to this sport led him to be a: 13 time National Event winner, 14 consecutive IHRA Pro Modified Top 10 finishes (many in the top 5), and 2006 IHRA Pro Modified World Champion. He was voted #11 on Competition Plus’ Pro Mod All-Time Top 20 Drivers list. If you ask Quain what accomplishment he is most proud of, he will tell you it was being named Car Craft Magazine 2001 All-Star Driver of the year. Not his favorite because he was named driver of the year but his favorite due to the fact that this recognition came from the fans. They voted for him and that speaks volumes.
“I am honored to have Quain as a part of our team! “ Stated Dina Parise. “We work well together, and he believes in our program. Besides, it’s nice to have a buffer between Andrew and myself. He tends to try to drive the car for me.” She laughs.
With change comes letting go as well. Within this process the DPR team has parted ways with long time Crew Chief Dave Jordan. Again, do not confuse change with unhappiness. Dave has moved on to pursue new opportunities and expand on his own business. “Dave was an integral part of this DPR team for many years. We thank him and wish him nothing but the best!” Stated Andrew Parise. “We have a lot of history together. His part in this team will not be forgotten.”
Although it is late in the season, this change is coming at a pivotal time for DPR. Dina Parise is currently 6 points behind Ruben Tetsoshvili in the IHRA Nitro Jam Crower Pro Mod Series yet only 100 points separates the top 5 drivers. As it stands there are three full races left and Parise has yet to run her Semi-Final round against Chuck Mohn ; the continuation of the IHRA Maryland International Raceway Presidents Cup race that was rained out after round one of eliminations where Parise took out points leader Tetsoshvili. (https://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-leaves-ihra-presidents-cup-on-a-high-note  )
“Admittedly it has been a long bumpy, frustrating road.” Stated Dina Parise. “We have had a bit of ‘new Cadillac blues’ and have had some nutty issues. But we are fighters and we refuse to give up. We are a family team. We have worked hard to get where we are. Blood, sweat, tears and yes meatballs! Life gives you lemons…. Toss them aside and make Gravy and Ravioli! I cannot thank my husband Andrew enough for all he does. He’s a one man band. But he gets it done. It’s a labor of love on all accounts. Ya it’s sappy but true. If you tell him I said it, I will deny, deny, deny! ” She smiles
The DPR team continues to push the envelope in every way. From performance to detail this team acknowledges and does it all. Stella sparkles because of the products provided by USA Auto Supply and CRC Auto. She runs well and safely due to products such as DJ Safety, NGK, Speedwire Systems, Hoosier, Motorsports Unlimited and LAT Racing Oils. The DPR website looks great and runs efficiently thanks to the professionals at Crank It Media .A special thank you to ‘Uncle Mel’s Mystery Appitizers’. Please visit https://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners  . There you will find more information regarding the companies listed. The team encourages you to try the products and services these companies offer. The fact remains that they do use them all. That is the best recommendation! The DPR team would like to thank all of their Marketing Partners for their continued support!
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Story Courtesy: Dina Parise Racing
Photos Courtesy: Roger ‘Geezer’ Richards

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