In an effort to encourage everyone to drive safely, I was honored to be asked to be part of the MOR- TV Tampa Drive Like a Pro PSA.


‪Safety is first and foremost when it comes to racing and it is very important to me. Of course we know what we do is dangerous and we are constantly making changes to improve safety. But in the scheme of things I believe being racers and constantly facing inherent danger gives us better perspective regarding what can happen in day to day circumstance as well.


Let me give you an example. I myself have ‘wadded up’ (as we say) a race car. When you can crash at speeds exceeding 100-200MPH and get out of your vehicle and make lunch….. it’s a good day. The difference being our RACE cars are made to withstand that type of blunt force. A street car, not so much. Let us not forget that in a street car we all are not wearing a 5-7 point harness (the equivalent of an octopus wrapping his arms around you using those suction cups to keep you stuck in that seat) along with a fire suit, neck protection and gloves.


So many of these rules (mentioned in the PSA shown below) are common sense and apply to all of us. If you have teen drivers PLEASE talk to them . Not at them… to them. It’s important. Did you know that the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the ‘100 deadliest crash days’ for teens in autos? Yes. Talk to them. Educate them.


I will leave you with this :

  1. Put on your seatbelts- Yes, they may wrinkle your shirt a bit, but just think of the alternative if you crash not wearing one. Besides, blood stains and glass chards are tough to get out.
  2. Turn off you phone- An LOL, YEA or a SMH can mean the difference between LIVE or DEAD.
  3. Put down your sammich . Looking down at that drip of mustard on your tie or blouse can cost you.

Lastly…..Just pay attention to the road and your surroundings.

We want to see you at the next race!

Here is the PSA…. Please do not hesitate to share!


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