Parise Racing has had quite a season so far. With Dina Parise so far having a win and a runner up under her belt, and Andrew setting a National Record in Comp Eliminator, things are looking good. But, in drag racing, as you know, things can change in an instant!

The team has also recently established a working relationship with 6 time IHRA Champion Scotty Cannon (Cannonball Racing) and 2007 IHRA Champion Scott Cannon Jr.

At this point, Scotty is consulting with the team on a race by race basis. Parise Racing is very happy with this relationship so far, and would like to have the opportunity for the working relationship as well as the racing relationship to go to the next level . Parise Racing is hoping to obtain the sponsorship dollars to work with the Cannons full time.

This past weekend, the Parise’s were at Maryland International Raceway for the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Assoc. Race.

Andrew qualified at #2 at a 6.126 @ 234.45. Tommy Gray was the #1 qualifier with a 6.053 @ 240.38.

It was Andrew defeated FiFi Montrond in 1st round. Andrew ran a 6.067 @228.54 . Andrew Parise lost to Steve King in the the Semi-finals .He broke during the run. Congratulations to Steve King for winning it all! Great job!

“My ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design Corvette was really feeling good.” Stated Andrew Parise “ It was running really well. After we ran the .06, we really felt good. The track was there. It was a tough break. We will be back in Maple Grove.”

Andrew’s breakage was not the only bad break for the Parise’s that day. During the 1st round of qualifying, Dina Parise took a hard hit to the driver’s side of her beautiful Military tribute themed ’63 Corvette.

“I am not really sure what happened.” Stated Dina Parise “ I was in the left lane. The car went out about 100 feet and went right on two wheels. I let off the throttle. When she came down, I was ok then bam she shot hard left. To avoid hitting the wall head on, I turned the wheels to the right. I hit the wall, next thing I know, I’m taking flight. As she came back down I could feel her wanting to roll, so I just made the wall my friend. I drove it into the wall a bit, that seemed to do the trick. I’m a fan of keeping the shiny side up, and I was able to. The safety equipment did its job. I’m a bit sore, but none the worse for wear. “

The Parise team would like to thank Royce and Jason Miller and the Emergency crew for their quick response, in a bad situation.

Upon returning to New York, the crew dismantled the ’63 Corvette. The car is on its way to MBRC Pro Chassis Design in Port Jefferson, New York .Nick Montana already in the process of taking a look at it. “We owe a big thanks to Nick Montana at MBRC Pro Chassis Design.” Stated Andrew. “He has put things on hold for us to get Dina’s car in the shop. Now we are just hoping the damage is not too bad.”

The Parise Racing crew had a tough weekend. The strain on the crew when their driver crashes is enormous, now compound that with the fact that they have to still run another car. In the mix is a husband a wife and a brother (Dina’s brother). This team will, no matter what, keep focused. Dina and Andrew would like to thank their team: Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and crew ; Charlie Saccoccio , James Montana, Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design), Scotty Cannon and Scott Cannon. Without their hard work and dedication, this team would not be as successful as it is.

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Photo Courtesy of Van Abernethy

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