Since this is my first blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Bella Booda. You may have seen me on the team page or at the track. I am the Parise’s Pug. You can find me hanging out in the pits in my junior dragster stroller. They call me the team mascot. I am not quite sure what that means, but if it means cute, then I guess I am a mascot.

Last weekend they dragged me to another hot track (Maryland International Raceway ) for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod event. I got to stay in my stroller for some of the day until it became too hot. I know when the race is going to start because they make me go inside.

So, the first time I went inside, I knew it was time to race…Daddy carried me inside. I gave him a good luck and a Happy Birthday kiss! Off he went…… and then I heard them come back.

Mommy was not very happy. Then I saw her car was up in the air and all the parts were lying on the ground. Now, I am just a dog, but I don’t think that is a good thing. Then I hear them saying stuff like “kickin’ a rod” whatever that means. Mommy’s car never left the pit area again.

Daddy, on the other hand was in and out of the pit area quite a bit. I remember it being light out, and then it became dark out. Very dark. I remember hearing everyone yelling , “Woo Hoo “ and “Good Job, Bam Bam! How’s that for a Birthday present!?” Stuff like that. They said he won the race! Guess my kiss was lucky after all! I was happy because that just meant I got to finally go for a walk. I think they forgot that I can’t use that big round thing like they can!

I heard someone say, “Wow, it’s 1 am!” I guess that’s late. I don’t care; I am just sitting in my stroller, chewing my bone. All I see is everyone working. They are putting things away. Cars, tools, boxes……. All gone! Can we go to sleep now?

Ugh! Now they are eating dinner? I am very confused. Shouldn’t we be sleeping or something? This whole thing is just confusing. Now they are just sitting and talking about the day’s events. I really need to get some sleep. Finally! Turning in…. it’s 4am!

I am nice and warm under the blanket and here they are again, waking me up. Time to go. Now, we are going home! Back to NY. I know I am not going to get used to being home once we get there, because they will just pack me up again to go sooner or later! I don’t mind though. I have made lots of friends and my cute face raises lots of donations for the charities they support! At least that’s what they tell me. Do you think that is why they keep me around? Nah, I’m too cute to let go!

I heard them saying that the next stop is Virginia Motorsports Park ! I love that place. I get to see my friend Cappy! He is furry too!

Woof at you soon!

Bella Booda

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