Parise Racing has been busy the last few weeks, so let’s get you all caught up……We will start with the most recent news….

“Just when you think you can relax and watch the scenery all things change,” stated Andrew Parise. “The fun started on our way to the NHRA Unleashed event at National Trail Raceway. We were traveling to the event with two vehicles. Dina, Dave Jordan and I were driving in the motor home while Nick and James Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) followed behind in our personal vehicle. Suddenly, I see Nick Montana swerving back and forth behind me. My first thought was he dropped a cookie on the floor and was trying to pick it up, then my phone rings and he said the trailer has a flat! So, the pit crew got out and changed the flat in record time and then it was back on the road. That was a first of many mishaps leading up to a great ending!”

On Friday, Andrew went out and qualified number one with his ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design Corvette.He ran a 6.161, 232.25 MPH and hurt the transmission. Crew members swapped out the reverser and Andrew was ready for the next round. He was all ready to go, but the car wasn’t. Andrew started the car, and it launched forward, toward crew member Brandon Page. Poor Brandon’s eyes popped out like Ralph Kramden .! “ I checked everything again but she was just bound up so we had to abort the run .” stated Andrew. “We came to find out, now the shifter was broken! Not only was the shifter broken, so was the brand new welder! But, thanks to Harold Martin, we had a welder to use to fix the issue.”

On Saturday morning, again the car was ready to go for the last qualifier. “I was doing my usually burnout but for some reason it was a bit longer than usual.” Stated Andrew . “ I thought , no big deal, then over the radio comes the words you don’t want to hear, SHUT IT DOWN, STOP!!! STOP!!! All I thought was now what ? Well, one parachute deployed when the car hooked up on the burn out. But how, and why just one? The loop that holds the cable snapped…….Luckily we had a replacement.” (He then fell to # 2 on the qualifying ladder.)

“Our l goal for me this weekend was to get me and my race car race worthy again,” stated Dina. “This was the first time back in the car since the crash. My stomach was going a bit, these cars are a handful and didn’t want any repeats of what happened a month ago. We took it easy on the first pass, but as soon as I launched I knew we had a whole new car. The car left straight as an arrow and felt great. It didn’t take me long to get after it again. I drove to #2 qualifier on Friday, and ultimately fell to #3 qualifier. I owe Nick Montana of MBRC Pro Chassis design a huge thank you for leaving the shop and attending the race with us. He and his team fixed my race car in record time. My ’63 Corvette is better than new. So good, that I was able to go to the semi-finals! Unfortunately, I was beat by none other than my arch rival…..Andrew Parise !” She Laughs.

“This was a fun race for me,” stated Andrew. “When we race there is a lot of pressure as we are both very competitive but we have fun doing it. I must admit, I did get treed in the Semi’s by my wife. Nick Montana did a great job on her car as she had a better 60ft then me, but there can only be one winner and luckily it was me. Oh, and for everyone asking no I didn’t sleep on the couch.”

Ultimately Andrew defeated Harold Martin in the finals. Andrew ran a 615.6 @ 230.82 MPH. Harold Martin got loose right after his launch and headed toward the center line.

Parise Racing would like to thank their crew; Crew chief Dave Jordan, James Montana, Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) and Brandon Page.

Previously Parise Racing attended the Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil county Dragway. The pair did not race, but were there for a few reasons. For one to show support for their fellow racers especially those in attendance from the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association. Also, to raise donations and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project as well as their own Vettes for Vets program.

With the help of Yellow Bullet’s Jimmy Biggs and Monty Mikho, Parise Racing ran a raffle with great prizes acquired by them. Parise Racing raised $1,200.00 to be donated directly to the Wounded Warrior Project! A list of those prizes can be found below.

It was at Yellow Bullet that Dina Parise first unveiled her ’63 Corvette since her August 7th crash. It was received with rave reviews! ‘The Shop’ in Maryland did a great job on the car, and were able to get it back just in time for this event! A big thank you to Chuck, Steve and the crew!

Next stop for Parise Racing is the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge Series at Z-Max Dragway September 17th -19th.

For more information about Parise Racing , or for sponsorship opportunities please visit :

Parise Racing would like to thank their sponsors:



MBRC Pro Chassis Design

On behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project, Parise Racing would like to thank the following companies for donating their products to raffle off:

Baileigh Industrial Inc. (Tube and Pipe Notcher)

Barry Grant ( 2 Mighty Demon Carburetors)

S & E Performance ( GPS Tracking devices)

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