This past weekend Parise Racing and team attended the North East Pro Mod Race at Maple Grove Raceway. “With Dina’s car still at MBRC Pro Chassis Design being finished all eyes were focused on my car,” stated Andrew Parise. “It has been a good season for us, but we still have work to do. A lot of little things keep biting us, but we are making great progress with our program.”

Andrew qualified in the number 2 spot with a 6.19 @ 231.48 MPH, with his ’53 Montana Bros Corvette. Unfortunately, Andrew was unable to get around Derrick Townes in round one.

Playing the role of videographer apparently does not fulfill the ‘excitement’ quota for Dina Parise, according to Andrew.“The crew did an amazing job this weekend,” Stated Andrew “ Dave Jordan, James Montana, Scotty Canon yes, even Dina Parise. It was hard on Dina as well (as the rest of us) not to see Dina compete this weekend. I for one can’t wait till she gets back in the car .Some people are meant to crew, some are meant to drive and some are meant to watch. She needs to drive.”

“My ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette is on the mend,” Stated Dina Parise. “She has just left Nick Montana’s shop and is ready for paint. I am ready to get back out there. I really did very well with the video, it’s just not a job I want to keep.”

There is still plenty of racing on the schedule for the team. Parise Racing will be attending the Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County Dragway September 3rd,4th and 5th. Next they will be headed to NHRA Unleashed September 10-11 at National Trail Raceway.

The Parise’s would like to thank Hairy Glass Inc. for their assistance with the ’63 Corvette .

The Parise’s would like to thank the following for their support:




Hairy Glass

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