“It was a busy week and a week of firsts, for me in particular.” Stated Dina Parise. “I tested at Virginia Motorsports Park for two days .I started on Wednesday, just getting reacquainted with the car, and getting comfortable. Since this was the first time back in the car since my hand surgery, I was just a bit apprehensive because we still had a few issues to iron out. To boot, I stepped into the car sooner than the doctor advised. I just could not wait any longer.”

Nick and James Montana of Montana Bros Pro Chassis were on hand with Dina for the two day test to make sure the ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette went straight down the race track. “After a few changes it was straight as an arrow.” Stated Dina.

Thursday, Dina made the progress she was hoping for, and ran numbers that she, Andrew and her Crew Chief Dave Jordan felt happy with. She ran a 6.10, 6.12 and a 6.09 @ 235 MPH to end the day. “It felt great to be back in the seat and make the progress we did in two days. It all came together well.” Stated Dina.

On Friday night the weekend was kicked off with a match race featuring Harold Martin and Dina Parise. Dina was chosen as Harold’s opponent via on line votes on the Virginia Motorsports Park website. “ I have quite a bit of respect for Harold. This was a fun race for the crowd. I had trouble at the light, but still went a 4.02 181mph to his 4.24 171mph with Harold taking the win.”

“During this few days of testing we broke a lot of parts. We used enough inventory for a year!” Stated Dave Jordan “ It was a busy couple days but we had a plan , and accomplished what we set out to do.”

Although Andrew Parise had a hurt set of gears and a converter issue in his ’53 Montana Bros Corvette , he managed to qualify #1 with a 6.17. Dina qualified number five with a 6.24, and missed the second qualifying round with some mechanical issues of her own. “They certainly were not the numbers we were looking for, but we made the field.” Stated Andrew Parise.” We knew we had mechanical issues with both cars and was just hoping to be lucky enough for nothing to break to the point that we could not repair it.”

Andrew’s luck ran out in first round when the rear gears broke apart and Derrick Townes took the win. I know we had a great race car and wanted to win this race, but it just wasn’t my day.” Stated Andrew.

Dina was fighting issues as well, but with the Wounded Warriors on site for the ‘Vettes for Vets’ program, it seemed that good karma was what was keeping the parts hanging on. In the semi’s Dina defeated Derrick Townes with a 6.24 over his 6.61. Steve King, had a great run in the semi’s with a 6.14. It was to be Steve King and Dina in the finals. Unfortunately, Steve had major engine failure on his last run that kept him from making to the finals.

Parise Racing owes a big thank you to Steve and Jeff , because the only reason Andrew was able to race as long as he did, was due to them taking the time out to fix the gears in his car. The team would also like to thank FiFi Montrond for the gears for Dina’s car.

“I have to say, I am so thrilled to get my first win, and especially at VMP! This facility and the people that run it mean so much to us. Not to discount any others, but we have been told we are their Yankee family. It was a great way to get my first win.” Stated Dina. “This win is not mine alone. My husband Andrew, Dave Jordan, Nick Montana, James Montana, Charlie Saccoccio , Bill Barrett and all the guys who helped in the pit area. I cannot thank you all enough for your efforts this past weekend. It was grueling, and worth it.”

After all of the parts, and the sweat, Dina went on to win her first Pro Mod race; which brings us to the First’s. May first, First Race of the Year, First in Points, First race after surgery, and the best of all First woman member and winner in Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association. At home, Dina was also honored on May 3rd as one of Long Island’s most influential women.

This was the inaugural weekend of Parise Racing’s ‘Vettes for Vets ‘program. The Wounded Warrior’s and their guests that attended the race were treated to VIP status for the day, and lunch was provided by Brother’s Pizza of Petersburg, Va. Parise Racing looks forward to hosting Veterans at upcoming races.


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