Well, we are on to a New Year  and more racing news is going to be written, new facebook peeps are going to be added and life is just going to continue.. Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start .

With a New Year most everyone have big hopes and dreams to change themselves or the world while others sit back and are happy the way life is going. For Parise and Parise, it is the end of the chapter of our book with a new book and new chapters to be written. 2011 was a year much different then we wanted, it had it ups and downs but for the most part it was just a bit tough.

A lot of American people fought to keep their homes, jobs, food on the table for their family and just trying to keep their heads above water.  We were (and are still) in a war loosing soldiers everyday.  So when to have a tough year of drag racing it really isn’t that bad after all.

For Parise Racing, Dina Parise had a crash at Maryland International Raceway this year. It seems MIR does not like 63’ Corvettes , especially Dina’s! Dina and Fifi both felt the wrath of MIR as well as Barney Squires loosing a door in Fifi’s car racing Andrew Parise.Of course none of that is a comment on the track. Royce runs a Top Notch facility!

The year was not just tough on Parise Racing but just racing in general. The North East Pro Mod had more rainouts than racing this year. Steve King crashed at Maple Grove raceway and Bruce Mullins had an accident in his newly redone ’63 Corvette. It was a tough year for a lot teams but more important we are here to give each other hell about it.  For others, they gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be missed. Of course Burt Jackson comes to mind.

At the same time, we had a lot of new happenings. Pro Mod Turbo. I know. But you have to give credit to  Brad Personett for starting us on the turbo road. New technology is always great, I am all for change. ProLine Engines, then goes out and starts making it look easy. Running 5. 8’s like a bracket car. Blower cars are turned down to 14.5, with a weight break for converter cars, oh this is after we sold all our automatic parts. So we go out and buy it all over again, then the Mike Janis rule comes out. No weight break for converter cars. More NHRA rules, carbon fiber brakes all around and automatic shut off system. Our heads were spinning as fast as the wheels!

The last big happening in 2011, Matt Hagan is the 2011 Champion in Funny car and has the 3.99 record. Remember that Funny Car Champion Matt Hagan, was once……..a Pro Mod driver!

So lets get the gossip out of the way for Parise Racing, as most of you have seen Andrew’s ’53 is for sale. Running two cars is not as easy as everybody thinks on a shoestring budget with limited crewmembers.  If we obtain the marketing partner we need then we might have two cars in 2012. As for what series well, this is still to be determined.

With the NHRA rules for 2012, we have a lot of work to do to be competitive.  The competition is very tough Danny Rowe, Mike Knowles, Jeg Coughlin, Mike Janis and our good friend Pete Farber. These teams as well as many others are just flat out fast.  But as people know we are a very competitive team that does not like to watch from the bleachers.  So time will tell where and what we will be doing.

So for Parise Racing we will start a new book with its blank pages . The Book is named Opportunity and the first Chapter is called New Year’s Day 2012. Stayed tuned for 2012 and what it brings. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year from our family to yours!

What can be said in New Year rhymes,
That’s not been said a thousand times?
The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.
We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.
We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.
We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our prides, we sheet our dead.
We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that’s the burden of a year.

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