Hi folks! Bella Booda here! It has been a busy month here at Parise Racing. Mommy and Daddy have been dragging me everywhere! But, I don’t mind, because I made lots of new friends.

I will pick up where we left off. We went to Maryland International Raceway for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Race. Mommy and Daddy both qualified, (I am getting quite good at the terms, even for a dog!) but no trophy this time. I think that was o.k. though. Here’s why….

Mommy and Daddy ran the ‘Vettes for Vets’ program at MIR. Boy, did we get to meet some great people! Some were Veterans, some Wounded Warriors and some were active duty Military! They taught me that, they are the reason why I am such a lucky dog! I gave them lots of kisses to thank them! If I had a voice, I would tell everyone to make a donation to the Wounded Warrior project. You can make a donation at the Parise Racing pit at any event or on line, by visiting here: http://www.pariseracing.com/causes.php . If you donate at the track, you can pet me too! That’s a great deal, right?

Next we went to Virginia Motorsports Park for ADRL. That was fun! I got my picture taken so many times! I was even on ADRL’s website! Here’s the link: http://www.adrl.us/index.php/main/race/59/ . If you scroll down, you will see Mommy and Daddy first, then me!

Daddy ran a 3.93 to the 1/8th. That’s really good! Mommy did not do as well. But, the race was fun and we saw our friends!

Before we went home, we stopped somewhere. It was a place called Fort Lee Army Base. Remember the great people I told you about? Well, there was a whole bunch of them there! Mommy and Daddy and the team parked the cars in front of the PX .So as the Military members came to do their shopping, they would stop, talk and see the cars. It was a great day for everyone!

TThen, back to New York for a few days and off to Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania for the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 1 race. Whew! This racing stuff is tiring!

Then again, we go back to VMP! Wow! It’s o.k., because we really like this place! This time it was to do a show called ‘Pinks All Out’. The show was cool, but the ‘Vettes for Vets’ program was cooler! More great people! Guess what? This time, you can see the program in action! Just visit: http://www.pariseracing.com/ to see a great video! Our good friend Wayne Covil of WTVR TV CBS 6 in Richmond, Virginia made the video. It’s a great video, well with one exception… I am not in it! Mommy also said the Pullin T.V.people were really nice too!

I watched them pack up, again. Now where are we going? “Back to NY “, I hear them say. Oh, good, we are going home! Nope not for long! Home for a few days, then off to New Jersey. This one confused me. Mommy’s car was out. And Daddy’s car was in the trailer. I didn’t get that. This was a big deal too. Let me see if I can get it right….. NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge. That’s it! Mommy had mechanical problems, so she did not run very well. But, she won best appearing car! She got a Wally! I don’t know who ‘Wally’ is, but they were all very excited to get him, so I guess I should be too!

Something sad happened at that race though. A racer named Neal Parker died on Friday during qualifying. We send our condolences to his family. /p>

We had time off this week. Mommy and Daddy worked outside to clean the yard. I just chew my bones and watch. If Mommy only knew how funny she looks picking up my poops. Sorry folks, I guess that’s too much information! What do I care, I ‘m a dog.

The next stop is Atco Raceway on June 26th , for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Assoc. Race! New Jersey here we come, again! Fast Pro Mods and the ‘Vettes for Vets’ program! What more could you want? Oh, you want to meet me, right? Stop by the Parise Racing pits and say hello!

See you at the races!


Bella Booda

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