There is much to be said for a fresh start. It’s a new season for the International Hot Rod Association beginning with a with a new facility new management and a new IHRA, president Mike Dunn. A new season is just that. New and a clean slate. For every team out there it is a time to start over. New beginnings if you will.

The Dina Parise Racing team heads to the first race of the 2016 season with a fresh perspective as well. “The 2015 season was a wild ride” Said Dina Parise. “Coming out with the (IHRA) Championship just makes me want to work harder. I’m looking forward to this season; the direction my team is going as well as the direction IHRA is going.”

DPR does not seem to find themselves having an ‘off’ season. This husband and wife duo works continuously to keep the team and the dream of racing alive. “Our hard work and persistence is paying off.” Said Parise “We gained some amazing new partners such as Lucas Oil, Eastwood and Hussey Performance over the winter and are solidly still partnered with companies such as NGK and CRC. We owe so much to the companies that stand behind us and cannot thank them enough.”

With the beginning of the season comes more exciting news for DPR. Sunday March 6th (Spike TV 9 AM est) Parise (and her Cadillac Pro mod Stella) will appear on Power Nation TV with host Katie Osborne. “I was honored to be asked to appear and do an interview on Power Nation TV. It’s an exciting time for me and the team.” If you miss the episode this Sunday, it will re-air March 11th on NBC Sports Network at 10PM est and March 12th on CBS Sports Network at 10AM est.

The DPR team continues to push the envelope in every way. From performance to detail this team acknowledges and does it all. Stella sparkles and looks great because of the products provided by Eastwood and CRC Auto. She runs well and safely with products from as NGK, Lucas Oil, Speedwire Systems, Hussey Performance, Motorsports Unlimited and DJ Safety. The DPR website looks great and runs efficiently thanks to the professionals at Crank It Media. Please visit . There you will find more information regarding the companies listed as well as some *special offers*! The team encourages you to try the products and services these companies offer. The fact remains that they do use them all. That is the best recommendation! The DPR team would like to thank all of their Marketing Partners for their continued support!

Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let DPR work for you!

Get Social: Be sure to join the DPR team on all their Social Media! Their Website will show you the way! So for all things DPR please visit

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Power Nation 4 USE

DPR to appear on Power Nation TV! Are you in?

Branding, logos, advertising and sales. All words that seem synonymous yet the marriage of them all may seem elusive at times. Or is it?

As many of you may know, I am the 2015 IHRA Pro Mod World Champion. In my former years I was a professional skater (performer) for the Ice Capades. In an odd twist of fate I gave up my sequins for a fire suit. The ‘game’ is oddly the same just at a bit of a faster pace! Why am I telling you this? Because my former life as a performer has honed my skills as not only an entertainer but a spokesperson. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Let me entertain you! As I am entertaining, shall I assist in promoting your product or service as well? Let my opportunity be your opportunity!

We will be shooting an episode of Power Nation TV on December 17th (to air at a later date). Appearing at the studio will be myself, Andrew, Bella (the PR Pug) and of course Stella the beautiful 3,000HP Pro Mod Cadillac. We will be interviewing with host Katie Osborne and have the opportunity to acknowledge our marketing partners throughout the show.


Power Nation TV is the #1 Automotive How-To program in the nation! Here are some numbers for you to look at. Let them sink in for a moment…. I’ll wait….


Power Nation TV airs on 3 Networks:

  • Spike – 97 million U.S. homes
  • NBC Sports Network – 86 million U.S. homes
  • CBS Sports Network – 60 million U.S. Homes
  • Also: Available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox, Apple TV


Not to mention:

  • 1.5 million social followers
  • 800 thousand email recipients

To add to this do not forget that Dina Parise Racing has the 2015 IHRA Pro Mod World Championship. Along with and incredibly loyal fan base and very active social media following. We understand the meaning of ROI and how to create it. We do not let our marketing become stagnant. If a company puts their faith in me and my DPR team, we work hard and get results. We are not about just slapping a sticker on the car and calling it a day.

Let’s begin a beautiful relationship starting with the Power Nation TV appearance and working through the 2016 season and beyond! Together we will create marketing campaigns to attract the consumer! Many of the marketing professionals these days remind me of the old ‘Jack in the Box’. You wind them up, they pop up but never leave the box. It’s time to think ‘out of the box’!

For more information please contact DPR at .Will you be attending the PRI Show? We will be! Let’s take time out to speak face to face at the show. There is nothing better than actual conversation!


‘Beauty attracts the eye, personality attracts the consumer ‘~Dina Parise