A Pug’s need for speed!

Woofin’ at ya my good peeps! It has been wayyyy tooo long since I ‘pawed’ my last blog! Mom and Dad have been hogging the computer. Well, mostly Mom!

I am woofingly happy to say that our Dina Parise Racing team has been on the road and attending the IHRA Nitro Jam series! Did you know that the Pro mod class in IHRA is sponsored by Crower Cams & Equipment ? Sure are! And since I AM the DPR PR Pug I am good at giving a plug, well that is as long as there is a treat involved!

Mom and Dad have been taking me to some really cool places! We went to Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) and I got to see all my friends! Well, I make friends wherever I go! I even learned how to stage my Jr. Dragster Stroller!

Bella staging3

We have been to South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) , Bradenton Motorsports Park and Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR)! I made friends in all those places!

Being the PR Pug I have an important job! Mom and Dad think THEY run the show…. Woof! Nope! It’s all me!

So, let me catch you up! Did you know that SGMP is now an IHRA track? Wooofff! That means I will get to go back next season!

It was super hot in Bradenton. Don’t these people know I am all furry? Whew! I did get to watch the team work on Mom’s Cadillac. Her name is Stella. Almost like my name! I was in the pit in my Jr. Dragster stroller and I saw lots of people there! Some wanted autographs, and some were helping the DPR team to work on Stella! Not sure what was happening, but they were very dirty when all was said and done! I would be in trouble if I got that dirty! I know ’cause once I played in a mud puddle! It was fun! Then Mom gave me a bath. I love taking a bath!


Next we went to PBIR. I saw a real live Alligator! I didn’t get close because I think he would have eaten me as a snack on a Ritz Cracker! I met a new fur friend too. His name is Boss! He told me that his Dad (Cale Aronson) had a crash in his car. I’m woofin’ and praying that he feels better soon! I know that Boss will cheer him and Tinzy (Boss’ Mom) up! That’s what us fur kids do! Now, I do not know how to mail stuff, but I bet you do! You can send Cale ‘Get Well’ cards to make him feel better! Keep reading for that address!

Mom did woofin’ good at PBIR! I could hear the fans cheering as I chewed my bone! And my new human friend Les (Mahew) made a cool video of Mom too! But, he forgot to ask me to appear in it. I thought I was the star!?!


From PBIR we came back to Pennsylvania. That’s where we live now! Mom takes me to work with her at Andi-Con Performance. I like it because Becky the Fed Ex lady gives me cookies! Then I take a nap….. Don’t you just love naps and cookies? I would help Mom and Dad work, but being this cute is tiring!

They tell me that soon we will go to Cordova International Raceway (CIR) with IHRA Nitro Jam! May 29th and 30th! I’m super excited to go there because I have never been! That means MORE new friends!

Have you ever been to a Drag Race? It’s cool because us fur kids can come along! I worry though when I see the fans bring their fur kids. I am lucky, I have a nice cool house on wheels to stay in. But their fur kids look very hot! I bet they would rather be home in the cool air! I know I would! And why do peeps leave us fur babies in the car when it’s hot out? Don’t they know we can’t work the cool air? I watch the news with Mom and she said some of my furry peeps died from being left in a hot car! If I ever see that, I will bite their ankles until they let their fur kid out of the car! Whew! I feel better that I woofed that out!

So, I hope I will be back soon to let you all in on the DPR stuff! I’m tired now. Time for another nap!

Don’t forget about my friend Boss’ Dad! Here is the address for you to send stuff! Let’s all cheer him up and wish him a woofin’ speedy recovery! I heard he love Minion’s (whatever they are) !

Send stuff to: Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital
                        2nd Floor Room 252 Cale Aronson
                            1611 NW 12th Avenue
                              Miami, FL 33136

Did you know you can also donate? YES! Help ‘Bridge the Gap’ for the Aronson family! Visit : http://godspeedministry.com/ws/?p=1287 For information!

I will see you all at top end!

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Woof and out!

Bella Booda Parise




I can’t take the heat, get me out of the car!

Woofin’ at ya my good people! It has been a dogs age since Mom has let me at the Lap Top! Good thing the Dina Parise Racing Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod is almost ready to debut….. she’s making me and Daddy crazy! I like my ‘dog’ space, and she’s in it wayyyy to much! They say dogs get under your feet? I don’t know, I think humans are just looking for a way to trip themselves.

Recently, my Mom and Dad took me on a very long trip. I don’t care, I love to travel! Then I got to stay in some really nice hotels! I love hotels! When I walk in the lobby, they treat me like the Super Star that I am! Lots of petting and chatting…. Well, they chat, I just enjoy the attention!

I did get to sit in mom’s new Cadillac CTSV. It’s nice and comfy! But, I’m not sure where Mom’s gonna sit! You know, sometimes I do need a break from my NHRA Jr.Dragster stroller! I like a bit more….horse power!

I know you may have read about me going to see Dr.Coren at West Hills Animal Hospital & 24hr Emergency Veterinary Center. Well, really, sometimes I like to make Mom take me there because they treat me so nice! I have lots of friends there. But this time I was not feeling so great. So, the Doc took a blood test (I do not like those…Woof!) and Mom waited by the phone for the results. Thing is, you can’t keep this old girl down! That’s just what the Doc said too! He told my Mom that I’m lookin’ good for 84 1/2 years old! Mom gives me treats twice a day. I let her think I don’t know there are meds inside them. She thinks she’s smarter than me, but really I rule the whole house! I have them wrapped around my furry little paw….just where I want them.

I am ready to hit the Drag Strip to see my peeps! It’s time! I have been tweeting and working my paws to the bone! Being the DPR, PR Pug is a hard job …. Being this cute is tough. But, hey someone’s gotta do it right?

Let me be real Woofin’ serious for a moment. I know you humans love spending time with us fur babies (and real kids too!). We are too cute to resist. But baby, it’s HOT outside! Would you wear a winter coat in this weather (like I do)? Would you wear a winter coat and sit in a car with no air-conditioning or stay out in the yard for hours on end ? No,  I didn’t think so. So, if the thought of that makes you break out into a sweat and hyperventilate, think what it does to us furry ones! The car is NO PLACE for us to be fur kids locked into especially on a hot summer day. We know you think you are doing the right thing by taking us along, but really we would rather be in the air-conditioned house. We wanna play with our toys and drink water when we feel like it. And the best part….. is when we greet you at the door when you come home! Don’t you love that ? It’s what we do best ( well, I snore really good… but that’s another story!). So say NO to leaving fur babies in the car! This message is brought to you by Bella the DPR, PR Pug! Feel free to pass this message along! My work is done here, now I will hit the pool !

Don’t forget you can find me on Twitter ! https://twitter.com/ProModBella

Can’t wait to see you all soon! Woof at ya later!

Bella Booda

The DPR PR Pug