The longest, most snowy winter on record in recent memory is finally about to be left behind! Parise Racing will finally be getting the cars out of the shop. First stop for this husband and wife Pro Mod team is the Northeast Rod and Custom Car show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks March 25th -27th.

Not the roar of racing you say? True. But, sometimes getting to take the time to look over these amazing race cars, in a new environment is a good thing. It can open up the world of Drag Racing to those who may never have thought about going to a race. Fans can equate this environment to watching a sleeping beast. The next time they see these cars, the beasts will have awakened and they will be loud and fast! It will make that next trip (or the first trip) to the track, that much more enjoyable!

The Parise’s 1953 and 1963 Military Themed Corvette Pro mods are two feature cars at the show. Others include Jerry Hunt with ‘Studezilla’, Ken Hall and the ‘Top Secret’ Jet Funny Car, Team Frantic Ford Funny Cars and Horace Reinford with ‘Moose too’ 1927 Ford Roadster. Along with the feature vehicles, there will be many other celebrity appearances as well. From models Krista Elyse and Jessica Barton, to former Philadelphia Flyers Dave ‘The Hammer’ Shultz ,Brian Propp, and Bernie Parent; Philadelphia Eagles Lesean ‘Shady’ McCoy and Ike Reese ; as well as Danny Bonaduce and Russ Newbury (from the ‘ Deadliest Catch’),there will be something for everyone! For more information visit . Be sure to view the ‘celebrities’ page for bios and photos of Dina and Andrew Parise and all others previously mentioned!

The time has finally come for the unveiling of Andrew’s new paint scheme! “The guys at ‘The Shop’ definitely recognized my vision.” Stated Dina Parise. “I spoke with Chuck, and told him what I wanted to see. Together, we came to the final product. Forget the fact that it is Andrew’s car, I’m not even sure he knew what it was going to look like!” She laughs. “I must admit, this is the best way to get the fans to see the car for the first time. There is so much detail to see, they can take it all in.”

In case you missed it, here is a video with a sneak peek of the new paint, check it out!

The Parise Racing Corvettes have gained popularity in part, because of the paint schemes on both cars. The P-40 Fighter plane theme on Andrew’s Corvette has been a crowd favorite .Essentially that has not changed. It has just been taken to the next level! “We are excited to have the opportunity to unveil the new paint in this forum.” Stated Andrew Parise. “Of course the track is our comfort zone, but it is nice once in a while to get to really talk to the fans. 2,400 horsepower in your ear, can make that a bit difficult at times!”

Parise Racing is planning on running a LIVE FEED on UStream from the show! Just as they do on race weekends! Andrew and Dina will try to bring some special guests by during the weekend! You can find UStream on the Parise Racing website homepage, or here: .

Giving back has always been a big part of Parise Racing. Even if the team is not racing, the fundraising continues. They have been advocates for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for many years now, by raising donations and awareness for this debilitating disease. The Parise’s will be collecting donations for MS at the Northeast Rod and Custom Car Show. If you are not going to the show and would like to make a donation, visit and just click on the ‘Donate Now’ button! It’s that easy and it’s safe! Remember, March 25th is World MS Day! Join the movement!

The team is moving forward with the 2011 racing season, but could still use sponsors to make things happen! Let our team make your name shine! Join us today!

For more information about Parise Racing of for Sponsorship Opportunities please visit:

Parise Racing can also be found at:

The team will be making updates to FaceBook and Twitter from the show! Don’t miss it!

In this economy, sponsorships can be elusive. Parise Racing is proud to represent the companies that support them. The team would like to welcome back NGK ( ) for another great year of racing. They have supported our team for over 5 years now and it is a strong relationship.

The team would also like to welcome:

LAT Racing Oils –

USA Auto Supply –

Custom Wire Sets –

JE Pistons –

Browell Bell Housing –

Bradco Engineering

Motorsports Unlimited

R&R Racing Products –

Parise Racing would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


Parise Racing…New Paint, New Attitude

As all of us say, we need more time in the day. Well, when you are Parise Racing, you have two cars and few helping hands, it is hard to complete everything in the amount of time you want or need to.

The team is fortunate to have some help from some ‘new’ helping hands, and things are moving along very well. The Parise Racing team has two High School students working on a senior project. They come to the shop and help out. “It is a learning experience for them.” States Dina Parise. “They can do something they may have not otherwise ever done, and we are lucky enough to have Pizza and soda for labor costs!”

“We have learned a lot in the past two seasons, and we plan on using what we have learned.”, stated Andrew Parise. “So, we will be bringing our ‘A’ game. Last year was good for us, but it is a new year and a new slate and it could always be better. Our program is no secret. We ran Converters last season and this season will be no different. It seems it is the year of the Converter. People either love them or hate them. We have loved them for two seasons now, and we have done plenty of R&D to get to understand (and love) them.”

Dina Parise’s 1963 Corvette is looking as amazing as ever. “My car can run hard, but she also did give us a run for our money.” Stated Dina “We had some issues last season, but that is behind us now. I have a lot I want to accomplish. Now; I can really get to work.”

The biggest change in the Parise Racing camp is the unbelievable ‘new’ paint scheme on Andrew Parise’s 1953 Corvette. This completely redone paint scheme keeps in with the P-40 Warhawk fighter plane motif, but takes the graphics to another level! The work was done by The Shop in Maryland . You may be looking for photos, but you will not find any just yet! But, here is a video with some teaser photos of the paint; you may want to check out!

Parise Racing will be unveiling the paint scheme at the Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show; March 25th-27th,at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Parise Racing is and has been active in raising awareness as well as donations for Multiple Sclerosis. The team will be accepting donations at the show. Did you know that March 14th-March 20th is Multiple Sclerosis awareness week? For more information on the show; , and look for Dina and Andrew in the celebrity section. Not attending the show?

Visit to make a donation to help fight MS!

After this long winter, and a quick roll in and out of the trailer for a car show, the team is going to be ready to race! This season the team will be competing in the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association and will be adding other events to the 2011 calendar as well. Be on the lookout for the duo from New York! Check the events calendar here:

In this economy, sponsorships can be elusive. Parise Racing is proud to represent the companies that support them. The team would like to welcome back NGK for another great year of racing. They have supported our team for over 5 years now and it is a strong relationship. The team would also like to welcome; LAT Racing Oils , USA Auto Supply , Custom Wire Sets ,JE Pistons ,Browell Bell Housing , Bradco Engineering, Motorsports Unlimited, R&R Racing Products .

Parise Racing would like to thank everyone for their continued support.


It was a long, tough and exciting year for Parise Racing. “One word that can sum up the season would be ‘Numbness’ ” , stated Dina Parise. “You look back on the season and wonder where did the time go? Then you ask, what can we do to improve and why did certain things happen or not happen? Your brain just does not stop processing all of these items, until you feel that your head will literally explode. Thankfully, it did not….”

So, come on……. Get belted in…..The Parise Racing year in review is about to begin, and it’s going to be a wild ride! So let’s get to the high and not so high…lights!

This was the first full season of competition for both Dina ‘The Chef’ and Andrew ‘Bam Bam’ Parise . As a team (and a couple) they always feel the need to support one another .As individuals (and competitors), they more so feel the need to beat the other to the stripe. Once the helmets go on, the wedding bands come off….well figuratively anyway…..

A weekend of firsts…….The team began the first race of the season back in May with the North East Outlaw Pro Mod Association at Virginia Motorsports Park. For Dina it was her first time back in her NGK sponsored ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette since having had hand surgery in January. Unfortunately for Andrew Parise, he made an early exit that race. After a series of mechanical difficulties and regardless of the fact that she had just stepped back into the car, Dina managed to take the win! “It was the first race of the year.” Stated Dina. “It also was my first day back, the first of May, and I am the first female in the Association. It’s a good first win for me!”

Just dial 0…….“As you know, in Drag Racing you can go from hero to zero real fast” Stated Dina . “And I did!” She is referring to the following NEOPMA race at Maryland International Raceway. Andrew unfortunately met a similar fate. Moving on….

It’s all legal…….The Parise’s then became the first husband and wife team to run Pro Extreme in ADRL in the Speedtech U.S Drags at VMP. Dina’s car was not running at full power all weekend. But Andrew’s NGK sponsored ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design Corvette made a good showing that weekend. He ran a 3.933 @ 188.17. “Being that I am running an NHRA legal car with a converter, I am very pleased with what this car has been running.”

Ladies first…….Being a two car team can pose many problems. One issue that came up during this season was that there was an opportunity to go to the NHRA Supernationals at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ to run the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge. But, there was only one spot open. With one spot, who goes? Well, ladies first! Dina took the spot. She unfortunately did not qualify. “We did have issues with my car. She has the nickname of ‘the Beast’, and that is for good reason”, Stated Dina. “I was glad to be running at this level. It’s what I have been working for; I just wish the outcome was better. ”

Earn it………..In order to run the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge the Parise’s needed to earn points. To earn points, the team headed to NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series (Division 1)and competed in Competition Eliminator in AA/PM . “With the points system in place, we needed to work hard to earn our way into the GSA races. The way to do that was to run Divisional races. Something we began doing at the onset of the season.” Stated Dina. “We had a great time doing too!”

It’s in the books………It was at an NHRA Division 1 race in Lebanon Valley that Andrew set a National Record in AA/PM , with a 6.030 @ 234.53 MPH. “I never expected to set a record.” Stated Andrew. “We had a great time that weekend, and I set a record! My ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design really came through! What a blast!”

Left at the light……..Now again the team was at a NEOPMA race .This time with the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway. Remember that hero to zero thing we mentioned earlier? Now, it was Andrew’s turn. First he sets a record, now he fails to qualify. In actuality, he was dealing with a medical issue that kept him out of the seat. Dina on the other hand was the # 1 qualifier, and stayed that way for all three rounds of qualifying. She made it to the finals, but lost to Jim Barker. Jim won with a 6.461 @ 216.41 to Dina’s 6.471 @ 220.26. “I had a major problem at the tree.” Stated Dina. “ I should have had him. That one still hurts.”

Scotty Cannon, enough said……….Soon after Parise Racing established a working relationship with 6 time IHRA World Champion Scotty Cannon (Cannonball Racing) and 2007 IHRA Word Champion Scott Cannon Jr. For the remainder of the season, Scotty consulted with the team. “We were very pleased with having Scotty and Scott work with the team.” Stated Andrew. “ Having Scotty work with us gave us better perspective from another driver. I think we needed that.”

Are Pro Mods supposed to fly?…….The NEOPMA makes another trip to MIR. This was an important race. Andrew needed to move up in the points, and Dina stood in the # 2 spot. With Andrew qualified in the # 2 spot with a 6.126 @ 234.45, Dina was set to make her first qualifying run of the day. It was a solo shot. At about 150 feet out in the left lane, her car gets out on her. First right, then hard left into the jersey wall and up! About 5 feet worth of up! She was able to safely bring her in for a landing, and without sustaining any injury. “Well, thankfully, no injuries, well except for the car and my point position.” Stated Dina “ I got checked out, changed my clothes and made lunch. It was still a race day. Andrew was still going rounds, and we needed to focus on that.” Yes, it was still a race day! Andrew went on to the Semi-Finals that day, but broke during the run. Dina missed the next few races.

Unleash the Beasts…….We fast forward you to NHRA Unleashed at National Trail Raceway. The NEOPMA ran within this event. Andrew qualified #2 and Dina qualified #3. Of course this was all not without incident! Andrew broke the shifter (and the brand new welder to fix it) on one run and had a parachute deploy on another. With all that behind them, they got down to some racing. For Dina, it was her first time back in the car since her crash. “The car feels better than ever. Nick Montana did a great job. She runs so straight, like she is on a string!” Stated Dina. “A big thank you also goes out to Hairy Glass , Spin Werkes, Strange and The Shop. They were instrumental in getting the car fixed quickly and affordably.” The husband and wife duo met in the Semi-Finals. “She treed me!” Stated Andrew. “I busted on her , and she treed me! She got loose at about half track and I drove around her. Serves her right for leaving on me!” He laughs. To see a preview of the Parise’s on NHRA Unleashed : Andrew went on to win the event by edging out Harold Martin.

Do you Get Screened?…….The team headed to Z-Max Dragway to participate in the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge. This is where the ‘low’ comes in…… Unfortunately, both drivers failed to qualify. “Needles to say, we were not happy with that outcome.” Stated Andrew. “We plan to be back next season in GSA and we plan to be more competitive. ”

All shook up……..The Parise’s were thrilled to be a part of the Shakedown at E-Town! Andrew was on the outside looking in at #17, but came in as an alternate. Dina qualified at # 8 with a 6.11 @ 232.07MPH.Andrew took out Chris Russo in first round, but shook second round and lost power to end the day. Dina had massive engine failure during her run during first round ending her day, and her season.

Are you Converted?…… Andrew decided he wanted to take one more test run with his car. He ran a 6.004 @ 237.17 MPH. Although not an event, this is (from what we are being told) the fastest run for a ‘legal trim’ converter car to date.

Thank you, thank you very much……The Parise’s would like to than their crew for all for their hard work all season. Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and Crew members James Montana, Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design), Charlie Saccoccio , Brandon Page, Jody Lupton, Ralphie Pupa , Rocco Micciolo and so many others who helped when needed.

They also would like to thank Scotty Cannon and Scott Cannon Jr. for their assistance this season, as well as the assistance of Bill Barrett; via the ‘Bat Phone’!

You have to be in it to win it…..The Parise team has been successful on a limited budget. They are actively looking for sponsors for the 2011 season. For more information on the Parise Racing team, or the individual drivers please visit : . Be part of the excitement!

Parise Racing would like to thank NGK for their continued support.

Parise Racing would like to acknowledge the following:

MBRC Pro Chassis Design

The Shop

Speed Scene Live!

Hairy Glass

Spin Werkes

Strange Engineering


Northast Outlaw Pro Mod Association

NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge

PARISE RACING: Thursday November 11th is not just a day off.

This week holds quite a bit of excitement in the Drag Racing world. This weekend is the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Full Throttle Finals! Champions will be crowned! You can feel the excitement!

As many of you may know, Parise Racing is Proud Supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project and has created their own program called Vettes for Vets. Be it racing season or not, the Parise’s choose to create awareness for our Nations Military past as well as present.

As you are preparing to either view, or attend the finals, please remember that Thursday, November 11th is not just a day off work, it’s Veterans Day. What a better way to kick off a great race weekend than to honor our Nations heroes. Here are a few suggestions of things to do:

1) Send an E-Card –

2) Help a Veteran or service member get a job,15929,PRarticle110507,00.html

3) Visit a VA hospital or lay wreaths at a Military cemetery.


We would like Veterans Day to be the ‘Kick Start’ to the ‘HOLIDAY SUPPORT for the TROOPS’ program! Parise Racing, in association with Masterchief Lee McKinney are spreading the word about spreading some holiday cheer for our Nations heroes! When Lee was in Iraq in 2007-2008 he spearheaded this program by asking race teams to send t-shirts, hats, etc. Well, Lee is now with the 101st Airborne in Bagram Afghanistan, and is working from there to make this holiday season a little brighter for our soldiers, although he himself is away from his own family.

There are many things our Troops need and would like to have. All types of snacks are a favorite, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, gum, magazines, movies, Phone Cards to call home and of course team t-shirts and hats.

The address to send items to is:

Lee McKinney
Force Protection Programs
APO AE 09354

Feel free to print this out! Take it to work or school. Get your friends involved! While it is fresh in everyone’s minds, let’s get going! You will be glad you did!

In the meantime, Parise Racing is preparing their 2010 season wrap –up Press Release. So be on the lookout for that in the near future! You won’t want to miss it!

For more information about Parise Racing , or to become a sponsor please visit :

Thank you to :


Parise Racing Shakedown at E-Town Recap

It was one of the most exciting, and competitive races of the season! The Shakedown at E-Town! Parise Racing had their two beautiful Pro Mods , tuned to get in the field.

Dina Parise qualified in the # 8 spot running a 6.113 @ 232.07 MPH. Andrew Parise was on the outside looking in . He was in the # 17 spot with a 6.39 @ (oddly enough) 232.07 MPH. Andrew was entered into first round as an alternate.

Dina ran Eric Latino in the first round if eliminations. Her ’63 Corvette had been running well all weekend. “We were side by side.” Stated Dina. “Then my car got a bit loose, I brought it back. I had to pedal it a bit, to try to get the job done. Everything sounded and felt fine. Next thing I knew, Bam! The Supercharger lifted off the motor and I shut her down! A disappointing way to end the day.”

Andrew ran Chris Russo first round due to Frank Patille not being able to make the call. Andrew’s MBRC Pro Chassis Design ‘53 Corvette had a bit of trouble in qualifying, but ran very well in first round. “ My car ran very well.”Stated Andrew “From not qualifying to running a 6.03 @ 237.50 MPH. I’m happy with that! But, you know this sport, you can go from hero to zero in 6 seconds!”

Second round would not be so good to Andrew and the team. Andrew ran chip king in the second round. The track proved to be no match for either driver. “I launched the car, got about 200 feet out, and she shook,” Stated Andrew “She shook hard. The car took a left turn to the center line, and I brought it back. I could hear and see Chip was having issues too! So, as I got it back, I hit the throttle, and nothing! UGH! No Power. It shook so hard, the power shut right off. Just my luck too, because Chip pedaled it all the way to the finish line! Congrats to Chip and the team on their win in that round and of the event.”

Regardless of the outcome, the Parise’s are happy with how things turned out. They would like to thank their Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and the crew; James Montana and Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design),Nick Lacerenza and Kevin Maddox.

Of course a special thank you to Scotty Cannon and Scott Cannon who have been assisting the team on a race to race basis. The Parise’s hope to acquire sponsors for the 2011 season to make their relationship with the Cannons (Cannonball Racing) a more permanent one.

For Parise Racing, It was not just about the racing this weekend. They also ran their Vettes for Vets program as proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project. The team was able to invite Wounded Warriors, as well as Veterans to the Shakedown at E-Town free of charge to spend the day in a suite to view the race as well as have lunch and receive some great gifts! We could not have run this program without the following: Dave Hance and Raceway Park( for providing tickets as well as the suite!) , Ciccone’s Italian Deli (for helping us *AT THE LAST MINUTE* to provide a great lunch! If you are in Old Bridge, NJ please patronize Ciccone’s and tell them Parise Racing sent you!), Stanley and Weiss Racing (for the great gifts you gave to our guests! )

Parise Racing would like to wish Benny Alfonso of Modzilla/Amato/Cannonball Racing a speedy recovery. Hang in there Benny!

If you live in the Long Island, NY area ,please join us on Saturday October 9th at the Bellmore Fire Department, West End Co. 3 ‘Buff’ Show. It is from 10am to 5pm at the Bellmore NY, Long Island RR Station Parking Lot (on Sunrise Hwy. between Bellmore Ave. and Bedford Ave.).Of course, we will be showing our beautiful cars, and raising donations for the Wounded Warrior Project! Hope to see you there! For more information visit :

For more information about Parise Racing, or to become a sponsor, please visit :

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their support:


MBRC Pro Chassis Design

Mannino’s Restaurant

The Shakedown at E-Town

Raceway Park

Ciccone’s Italian Deli


The 2010 season has been an exciting on for the Parise Racing Team. A season of tough losses, crashes, but best of all wins for both drivers. Most recently, Andrew’s win at NHRA Unleashed, where he took home the coveted Wally! Now, the Parise’s are on their way to one of the most exciting races of the year; the Shakedown at E-Town at Raceway Park in Englishtown New Jersey!

“This is our first time at the Shakedown.” Stated Andrew Parise . “We are looking forward to it. We have been here as spectators every year, so it’s nice to finally be in the mix with my ’53 MBRS Pro Chassis Design Corvette.”

“My ’63 Corvette has been running very well since I got it back.” Stated Dina Parise “MBRC Pro Chassis Design did a great job on the car after the crash, and she is driving really well. I’m ready for his weekend.”

Assisting the Parise’s, along with Crew Chief Dave Jordan and Crew member James Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) will be none other than 6 time IHRA World Champion Scotty Cannon and 2007 IHRA World Champion Scott Cannon Jr. (Cannonball Racing).The Cannons have been consulting with the team on a race to race basis. The team is working hard to obtain the sponsorship dollars to further their work with Scotty and bring the team to the next level.

As you may know, the Parise’s are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project. Please stop by their pit area to make a donation, or to get in on the raffle benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project! With the raffle, you can win 1 of 6 U.S. Mint American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar coins. Not going to be at the race? Donate safely and securely on line by visiting ; and clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button.

For more information about the team or for sponsorship opportunities please visit:

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their support:



Mannino’s Restaurant


Parise Racing has been busy the last few weeks, so let’s get you all caught up……We will start with the most recent news….

“Just when you think you can relax and watch the scenery all things change,” stated Andrew Parise. “The fun started on our way to the NHRA Unleashed event at National Trail Raceway. We were traveling to the event with two vehicles. Dina, Dave Jordan and I were driving in the motor home while Nick and James Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) followed behind in our personal vehicle. Suddenly, I see Nick Montana swerving back and forth behind me. My first thought was he dropped a cookie on the floor and was trying to pick it up, then my phone rings and he said the trailer has a flat! So, the pit crew got out and changed the flat in record time and then it was back on the road. That was a first of many mishaps leading up to a great ending!”

On Friday, Andrew went out and qualified number one with his ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design Corvette.He ran a 6.161, 232.25 MPH and hurt the transmission. Crew members swapped out the reverser and Andrew was ready for the next round. He was all ready to go, but the car wasn’t. Andrew started the car, and it launched forward, toward crew member Brandon Page. Poor Brandon’s eyes popped out like Ralph Kramden .! “ I checked everything again but she was just bound up so we had to abort the run .” stated Andrew. “We came to find out, now the shifter was broken! Not only was the shifter broken, so was the brand new welder! But, thanks to Harold Martin, we had a welder to use to fix the issue.”

On Saturday morning, again the car was ready to go for the last qualifier. “I was doing my usually burnout but for some reason it was a bit longer than usual.” Stated Andrew . “ I thought , no big deal, then over the radio comes the words you don’t want to hear, SHUT IT DOWN, STOP!!! STOP!!! All I thought was now what ? Well, one parachute deployed when the car hooked up on the burn out. But how, and why just one? The loop that holds the cable snapped…….Luckily we had a replacement.” (He then fell to # 2 on the qualifying ladder.)

“Our l goal for me this weekend was to get me and my race car race worthy again,” stated Dina. “This was the first time back in the car since the crash. My stomach was going a bit, these cars are a handful and didn’t want any repeats of what happened a month ago. We took it easy on the first pass, but as soon as I launched I knew we had a whole new car. The car left straight as an arrow and felt great. It didn’t take me long to get after it again. I drove to #2 qualifier on Friday, and ultimately fell to #3 qualifier. I owe Nick Montana of MBRC Pro Chassis design a huge thank you for leaving the shop and attending the race with us. He and his team fixed my race car in record time. My ’63 Corvette is better than new. So good, that I was able to go to the semi-finals! Unfortunately, I was beat by none other than my arch rival…..Andrew Parise !” She Laughs.

“This was a fun race for me,” stated Andrew. “When we race there is a lot of pressure as we are both very competitive but we have fun doing it. I must admit, I did get treed in the Semi’s by my wife. Nick Montana did a great job on her car as she had a better 60ft then me, but there can only be one winner and luckily it was me. Oh, and for everyone asking no I didn’t sleep on the couch.”

Ultimately Andrew defeated Harold Martin in the finals. Andrew ran a 615.6 @ 230.82 MPH. Harold Martin got loose right after his launch and headed toward the center line.

Parise Racing would like to thank their crew; Crew chief Dave Jordan, James Montana, Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design) and Brandon Page.

Previously Parise Racing attended the Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil county Dragway. The pair did not race, but were there for a few reasons. For one to show support for their fellow racers especially those in attendance from the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association. Also, to raise donations and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project as well as their own Vettes for Vets program.

With the help of Yellow Bullet’s Jimmy Biggs and Monty Mikho, Parise Racing ran a raffle with great prizes acquired by them. Parise Racing raised $1,200.00 to be donated directly to the Wounded Warrior Project! A list of those prizes can be found below.

It was at Yellow Bullet that Dina Parise first unveiled her ’63 Corvette since her August 7th crash. It was received with rave reviews! ‘The Shop’ in Maryland did a great job on the car, and were able to get it back just in time for this event! A big thank you to Chuck, Steve and the crew!

Next stop for Parise Racing is the Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge Series at Z-Max Dragway September 17th -19th.

For more information about Parise Racing , or for sponsorship opportunities please visit :

Parise Racing would like to thank their sponsors:



MBRC Pro Chassis Design

On behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project, Parise Racing would like to thank the following companies for donating their products to raffle off:

Baileigh Industrial Inc. (Tube and Pipe Notcher)

Barry Grant ( 2 Mighty Demon Carburetors)

S & E Performance ( GPS Tracking devices)

Andrew Parise Makes an Early Exit at Maple Grove

This past weekend Parise Racing and team attended the North East Pro Mod Race at Maple Grove Raceway. “With Dina’s car still at MBRC Pro Chassis Design being finished all eyes were focused on my car,” stated Andrew Parise. “It has been a good season for us, but we still have work to do. A lot of little things keep biting us, but we are making great progress with our program.”

Andrew qualified in the number 2 spot with a 6.19 @ 231.48 MPH, with his ’53 Montana Bros Corvette. Unfortunately, Andrew was unable to get around Derrick Townes in round one.

Playing the role of videographer apparently does not fulfill the ‘excitement’ quota for Dina Parise, according to Andrew.“The crew did an amazing job this weekend,” Stated Andrew “ Dave Jordan, James Montana, Scotty Canon yes, even Dina Parise. It was hard on Dina as well (as the rest of us) not to see Dina compete this weekend. I for one can’t wait till she gets back in the car .Some people are meant to crew, some are meant to drive and some are meant to watch. She needs to drive.”

“My ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette is on the mend,” Stated Dina Parise. “She has just left Nick Montana’s shop and is ready for paint. I am ready to get back out there. I really did very well with the video, it’s just not a job I want to keep.”

There is still plenty of racing on the schedule for the team. Parise Racing will be attending the Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County Dragway September 3rd,4th and 5th. Next they will be headed to NHRA Unleashed September 10-11 at National Trail Raceway.

The Parise’s would like to thank Hairy Glass Inc. for their assistance with the ’63 Corvette .

The Parise’s would like to thank the following for their support:




Hairy Glass

Dina Parise Becomes a Casualty of War !!

Parise Racing has had quite a season so far. With Dina Parise so far having a win and a runner up under her belt, and Andrew setting a National Record in Comp Eliminator, things are looking good. But, in drag racing, as you know, things can change in an instant!

The team has also recently established a working relationship with 6 time IHRA Champion Scotty Cannon (Cannonball Racing) and 2007 IHRA Champion Scott Cannon Jr.

At this point, Scotty is consulting with the team on a race by race basis. Parise Racing is very happy with this relationship so far, and would like to have the opportunity for the working relationship as well as the racing relationship to go to the next level . Parise Racing is hoping to obtain the sponsorship dollars to work with the Cannons full time.

This past weekend, the Parise’s were at Maryland International Raceway for the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Assoc. Race.

Andrew qualified at #2 at a 6.126 @ 234.45. Tommy Gray was the #1 qualifier with a 6.053 @ 240.38.

It was Andrew defeated FiFi Montrond in 1st round. Andrew ran a 6.067 @228.54 . Andrew Parise lost to Steve King in the the Semi-finals .He broke during the run. Congratulations to Steve King for winning it all! Great job!

“My ’53 MBRC Pro Chassis Design Corvette was really feeling good.” Stated Andrew Parise “ It was running really well. After we ran the .06, we really felt good. The track was there. It was a tough break. We will be back in Maple Grove.”

Andrew’s breakage was not the only bad break for the Parise’s that day. During the 1st round of qualifying, Dina Parise took a hard hit to the driver’s side of her beautiful Military tribute themed ’63 Corvette.

“I am not really sure what happened.” Stated Dina Parise “ I was in the left lane. The car went out about 100 feet and went right on two wheels. I let off the throttle. When she came down, I was ok then bam she shot hard left. To avoid hitting the wall head on, I turned the wheels to the right. I hit the wall, next thing I know, I’m taking flight. As she came back down I could feel her wanting to roll, so I just made the wall my friend. I drove it into the wall a bit, that seemed to do the trick. I’m a fan of keeping the shiny side up, and I was able to. The safety equipment did its job. I’m a bit sore, but none the worse for wear. “

The Parise team would like to thank Royce and Jason Miller and the Emergency crew for their quick response, in a bad situation.

Upon returning to New York, the crew dismantled the ’63 Corvette. The car is on its way to MBRC Pro Chassis Design in Port Jefferson, New York .Nick Montana already in the process of taking a look at it. “We owe a big thanks to Nick Montana at MBRC Pro Chassis Design.” Stated Andrew. “He has put things on hold for us to get Dina’s car in the shop. Now we are just hoping the damage is not too bad.”

The Parise Racing crew had a tough weekend. The strain on the crew when their driver crashes is enormous, now compound that with the fact that they have to still run another car. In the mix is a husband a wife and a brother (Dina’s brother). This team will, no matter what, keep focused. Dina and Andrew would like to thank their team: Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and crew ; Charlie Saccoccio , James Montana, Nick Montana (MBRC Pro Chassis Design), Scotty Cannon and Scott Cannon. Without their hard work and dedication, this team would not be as successful as it is.

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Parise Racing Heads to MIR with A New Outlook …

Parise Racing has been very busy during this season. Again, the team is ready for battle and is heading to Maryland International Raceway, this Saturday August 7th for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod association Race.

“We have been doing well this season.” Stated Andrew Parise. “We have a good solid base. We have now decided to work on a few things to take our team to the next level. “

Parise Racing has established a working relationship with none other than 6 time IHRA World Champion Scotty Cannon (Cannonball Racing) and 2007 IHRA World Champion Scott Cannon Jr.

“Our relationship with Scotty is a simple one. “ Stated Dina Parise. “He is consulting with our team. He is working closely with our Crew Chief Dave Jordan, Andrew and I to help to bring our team to the next level. We are hoping to obtain the sponsorship dollars to work with the Cannons full time. At this point, Scotty is consulting with us on a race by race basis. We are very happy with this relationship so far, and would like to have the opportunity for that to go to the next level as well.“

The upcoming Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod assoc. Race is an important one for the team. Dina is currently in the number 2 spot, with 3 more races left after MIR. She has her eyes on the championship! “My ’63 Tim McAmis ,Consultedge Corvette is running well. .”Stated Dina. “I made it to the finals at Maple Grove, and I am ready. We are really getting down to the wire.”

Andrew is currently 11th, and he is ready to make some noise! “We struggled a bit with my ’53 Montana Bros. , Consultedge Corvette. Plus, I had a medical issue. We have that all figured out, and I will not let my wife leave with a win this week.”(He smiles).

The Parise Racing LIVE FEED of the pit area will begin Saturday morning at 9am and run throughout the day! To view visit : or to view with live chat go to: .

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