Dina Parise Racing~Did not Capitalize at Capitol

There was somethin’ strange in the neighborhood….Well, the Ghostbusters did not get a call, but the Dina Parise Racing team sure could have used ’em! Chasing ghosts and gremlins, you would have thought it was Halloween! The  Dina Parise Racing team attended the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Association event at the ‘New’ Capitol Raceway. Although it was not Halloween, this outing seemed to be more tricks than treats! “Between the sweltering heat and the fact that my 63 Corvette was just not willing to cooperate, it was a frustrating weekend.” , Stated Dina Parise. ” This car is fast, and we know that. So once she settles in… Look out!” Said with a smile.

Although the DPR team had a DNQ for this past weekend’s race, it was not a total loss. The team was inundated with fans back at the trailer after each pass. ” It really makes you feel good that you have fan support regardless of the outcome.” Stated Dina Parise. “Of course we want a stellar number on every pass, and we want to win. Some days that’s not in the cards, but it’s nice to know that the fans are ok with that. But I will not be making a habit of it, let me make that clear! ” She laughs.

As stated earlier, this NEOPMA event was held at the ‘New’ Capitol Raceway in Crofton , Maryland. This track does have a very rich history in Drag Racing . From Don Prudhomme to Joe Amato to Bunny Burkett this track has entertained many with the best of the best. Then for a period of time,  Capitol Raceway seemed to have fallen into a bit of disrepair. It seemed it’s reputation among racers and fans had become muddied and things looked bleak. Then in 2012 along came Raceway Promotions, a company formed by John Crane and B.J. Herrell to revitalize the facility. “Frankly, we were not sure what to expect when we arrived here on Friday.” Stated Andrew Parise. ” But I have to say, Jimmy (Bradshaw) and the crew really put the racers first and kept the track conditions under control given the unbearable heat, and especially since we were only running Dina’s car; Happy wife, Happy life!” He laughs.

Next stop for the DPR team is the NEOPMA race at Atco Raceway. The ghosts have been exorcised and all is well in the Parise camp, and the team is ready to resume racing.

DPR would like to Thank : Butch Branzelle, Nick Montana & Chris Montana (Pro Chassis Design), Jody Lupton and Dave Jordan for their assistance on and off the track .

People always ask how  DPR  can get out there to do what they do. The Advertising Partners are the key to DPR’s success! This team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all ! NGK, LAT Racing Oils, CRC Industries, Throttle Threads (the official team uniforms), Radical Corvettes, Island Propane, Neal Chance, Hoosier Racing Tire, Browell Bellhousing and Pro Chassis design. Visit here : http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-sponsors for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become an Advertising Partner!

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Photo By D&S Photography



Memorial Day… Remembering those who have served

It has been a staple of the Dina Parise Racing team to honor the Members of our Armed forces no matter what day of the year it is. From a standstill to over 240  MPH these two Chevy Corvette Pro Mods are a true dedication to our Nation’s Military and what it stands for. In one word; Freedom.

“I feel we would be remiss if we did not remind everyone to recognize the true meaning of Memorial Day. We can not forget the sacrifices made by so many.” States Dina Parise. “We painted these cars with our Armed forces members in mind. As a tribute to their service and sacrifice.  Not an event goes by without a Veteran or an active duty member striking up a conversation with us regarding the paint on our cars. Usually, they thank us! Actually, it’s our ‘Thank you’ to ALL of them! To us, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day is EVERY Day! “She says.

For the second year in a row, this DPR team will be participating in the Memorial Day (weekend May 25-26)) , ‘Salute To Heroes’ festivities at the Intrepid Sea , Air and Space Museum. There seems to be so much emphasis on the fact that ‘Fleet Week’ has been cancelled that everyone is again forgetting the meaning of the ‘day’. Surely the event will be altered from years past, but the core of the event and it’s meaning is still there!

So head on down to pier 86 (the Intrepid) in NYC! Did you know that all the activities on the pier are FREE! Visit  http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/MemorialDayWeekend2013.aspx for more information!

Please remember before you head to the Intrepid or to wherever you are headed,  be sure to do a few things. Fly your American Flag. Stop at a Military Cemetery or Monument and leave a small American Flag or Wreath in honor of the fallen. It is the least we as citizens can do before we head out to enjoy the day with our families.

Never Forget. Freedom is Not Free.

People always ask how  DPR  can get out there to do what they do. The advertising Partners are the key to DPR’s success! This team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all ! NGK, LAT Racing Oils, CRC Industries, Throttle Threads,  Neal Chance, Hoosier Racing Tire, Browell Bellhousing, Motorsports Unlimited and Pro Chassis design. Visit here : http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-sponsors Contact DPR to become an Advertising Partner!

A special thank you to: Radical Corvettes http://radicalcorvettes.com/ , Island Propane http://www.islandpropanecorp.com/ and Julie Chan CBMoves http://JulieChanRealtor.com for their assistance in helping DPR appear at the Intrepid!

Story and Photo By DPR






DPR at Super Chevy for Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod!

“Rain drops are fallin’ on my head!” It was the song of the weekend! Dina Parise and her Dina Parise Racing 63 Corvette Pro Mod were in attendance at Virginia Motorsports Park for the Super Chevy Show / Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod event.

It was a wild weekend due to the weather. ” Having lived through Sandy, and seeing this horrible rain that has effected so much of the racing season, it makes me wonder.” States Dina Parise. ” Did someone pee in Mother Nature’s cheerio’s or what? She is really not a happy camper as of late and I am just wondering what the deal is.”

The DPR 63 Corvette Qualified 9th in a 16 car field. The rains came on Saturday after the 1st qualifier. The rain did not stop, until early Sunday morning. With that the track officials decided to hold one more qualifying run and head straight into eliminations. Unfortunately for this DPR team, we had breakage in the rear an could not make the call!

The weekend was not a total bust, though! On hand was none other than DPR’s advertising Partner Radical Corvettes ( http://radicalcorvettes.com/ ) . Owner Ed Cassetta was the Show Class winner with his 1992 LT1 Chevrolet Corvette!

DPR was down one car due to Andrew’s dentation at Maryland International Raceway for Door Warz a few weeks back. But the team will be ready for the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Race at Capitol Raceway on June 1st !

People always ask how  DPR  can get out there to do what they do. The Advertising Partners are the key to DPR’s success! This team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all ! NGK, LAT Racing Oils, CRC Industries, Throttle Threads, Radical Corvettes, Island Propane, Neal Chance, Hoosier Racing Tire, Browell Bellhousing and Pro Chassis design. Visit here : http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-sponsors for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become an Advertising Partner!

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Photos Courtesy Rhonda Houge McCole Photography




Drag Racing on Long Island, can it be?


For Long Islanders it has been quite some time since Drag Racers and fans alike have had the pleasure of having the sights, sounds and smells of a Drag Strip in their own backyard. Drag Racers are a resourceful bunch as well as a giving community. Add those two things together and you have yourself a race , of sorts!

For the second time , the Central Islip Fire Department Training Facility ( http://www.centralislipfd.com ) hosted a Test and Tune as well as a Car show organized by Long Island Drag Racing (  http://www.lidragracing.com ) all to benefit The  Cooley’s Anemia Foundation ( http://www.thalassemia.org/ ).


Drag Racing, a beautiful day and a great cause. there are no better components to add together than that! It was a great day for Long Island racers to get out and Test their race cars for the up coming season! Long Island Drag Racing provided a ‘Port-a-Tree-‘ Christmas Tree, equipped with an actual Reaction and 60 foot time. The participants could stay into the throttle to 200 feet  until having to lift. The event was well organized , and everyone was impressed with the track conditions.

As part of this event Dina Parise Racing was there in association with Island Propane Corp. ( http://www.islandpropanecorp.com/ ). DPR was there appearing with the 1953 Corvette Pro Mod. Unfortunately, in the event prior to that the car suffered a catastrophic blow to the motor. With some quick thinking and ingenuity, Dina decided to display the culprits of said blown motor! So, on display, were some busted up pistons , rods and a pan with aluminum scrap. there was also a sign that read: ‘Do you know what 3,000 HP looks like when things go wrong? Well, here’s an example!’ What a conversation starter!

The turnout was enormous! Fans and Racers had a great day for a great cause. $13,000 was raised for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation. That is a win, win situation!

DPR would like to thank:  Julie Chan Coldwell Banker :http://www.JulieChanRealtor.com for participating in this event!

Thank you to: NGK,LAT Racing Oils, CRC Industries, Throttle Threads, Neal Chance, Pro Chassis Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, JE Pistons and Browell Bell Housing.

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DPR Back,Burning Rubber and Makin’ Noise!

IMG_8258 (2)

After a season lacking the smell of burning rubber,the huff of Methanol oozing from the header pipes ,greasy fingers and exhausting travel days; Dina Parise Racing and the team’s two beautiful Pro Mod Corvettes have hit the track once again.
“For sure we are having to play catch-up” Stated Dina Parise. “It’s been a long year. We are shaking off the cob-webs and getting back into the groove. No pun intended of course!”
Being that this DPR team has hit two racing events, this seems long overdue, no? Well, here goes. In a nutshell:
April 6th DPR attended the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Race at Virginia MotorSports Park. This was really a dust off for the team. Both the ’53 and ’63 Pro Mod Corvettes were out and ready to go. As anyone in Drag Racing knows, you are never ready, ’til you are finished. The ’63 began to give the crew trouble. Big trouble. Two cars slowly dwindled to one. Why you may ask? Well, because Andrew’s ’53 Corvette had become the parts car. ” You name it, she took it.” Stated Andrew Parise. “It looked like I had a Pro Mod Fire Sale! I think she’s taking this President of DPR thing a bit too far.” He laughs. Undoubtedly, the team had it’s fair share of woes that weekend. But this team has seen adversity, and stared it in the face. More than once.
Next stop, Maryland International Raceway for Door Warz and the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Association. This weekend the team decided to concentrate on Andrew’s car only. Being quite shorthanded for that trip it seemed a smarter option. The weekend began with an electrical gremlin that was not egar to be identified. With the assistance of Jon Salemi, owner of Resolution Racing Services Andrew Qualified in the #5 spot in a 16 car field. Securing his #5 position he ran a respectable 6.14 and held it with 6.10 in the next round. He did take the first round win over Larry Plummer with a 6.05 @ 230 MPH, but hurt the motor and could not make it out for the next round.” Jon was a great addition to this DPR team. We look forward to working together in the future. I know we will.” Stated Andrew. MIR Jon and US

Let’s not forget about the rockin’ DPR crew! They worked hard on both outings, as they always do! Thank you Butch Branzelle, Jody Lupton, James Montana, Nick Montana and Nick Lacerenza for your hard work and dedication to DPR. Lastly, we can not forget, Bella the PR Pug. (Be sure to check her out on twitter @ProModBella).
Being back to racing is work! But, taking the 2012 season off from racing did in no way mean that Dina (or Andrew ) were sitting back eating Bon Bon’s(well, if you ask Andrew, Dina eats too much chocolate, but that’s another story) “This DPR team has some great Marketing Partners. Even when not racing, we attended Charity events and shows to stay visible and continuously promote our partners.”
DPR would like to thank NGK Spark Plugs, LAT Racing Oils, Pro Chassis Design and Hoosier Racing Tire for their continued support. DPR would also like to welcome Throttle Threads (The official outfitter of DPR), CRC Industries, Radical Corvettes and Kelly Jean Design. It is with the support of these amazing companies as well as utilizing their products and services that allow DPR to continue on the path to success! Please head to http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-sponsors  to learn about all our great Partners. Then support our partners by purchasing some of their product or utilizing their services!
So, DPR has begun the 2013 season with a bang! Be sure to keep up with the team on their Social Media for latest happenings!

Nicknamed ‘Chef’ but now you can call her BOSS!

Change : to become altered , modified or  transformed.

 Transformation: an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another.

The world is constantly changing. Everything from weather patterns to new technologies, change is evident everywhere you turn. Change happens for various reasons. The best change is change for the better.  When creating change, you achieve transformation. Transformation equals progress and improvement. Everyone wants improvement, no matter what don’t they?

We welcome you to Dina Parise Racing (DPR). ( Formerly  Parise Racing). “This is a very exciting time for me as well as the team.” Stated Dina Parise. “Solely owning my own team has been what I have wanted to do for quite some time. Yes, we will still be a two car team, but Andrew will now ‘really’ have to answer to me, racing under DPR!” She laughs.

“It’s a positive change for the team.” Stated Andrew Parise. “With Dina as President, it takes the pressure off me to do other things within the team. I will admit, taking direction rather than giving it will be somewhat difficult. I will say that I am ready for it, but then again, have you met my wife?” He laughs.

“Although we joke about who bosses whom, I have actually been running many aspects of the team for quite some time.” Stated Dina. “The time has come for me to officially take the helm. We are still a team, and we still take pride in supporting the Military and our Veterans. The dynamics have just changed a bit, and for the better we believe.”

“I’ve known the Parise’s since their Super Comp days.” Stated Crew member Butch Branzelle. “ They were professional then and are even more so today. What a great team to work with and what great friends we have become. We work hard but we ‘run’ harder. I know this will be a positive change for this team. Now let’s go racing!”

Not only the logo ( by Kelly Jean Design) is new, the Dina Parise Racing Website and social media fan pages will be launched shortly. What has not changed are Dina, Andrew AND of course Bella’s Blogs! Did you all know that Bella the wonder Pug has a Twitter account as well (@ProModBella)?On this team, even the dog has a lot to say!

As 2013 approaches, DPR takes a positive step into the future. With companies such as NGK, LAT Racing Oils, Browell Bell Housing and JE Pistons support the future is looking bright and fast! DPR thanks all of them for their continued support! Please be sure to check their links on our site!

Dina Parise Racing ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief ,Where are we now?


Long Island and much of the Tri-State area is still in quite a bit of disrepair even as we ring in the New Year of 2013. ‘Super Storm’ Sandy left behind a path of destruction not seen in this area for nearly 100 years.

The Dina Parise Racing ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief Campaign began as an effort to assist residents in local Long Island communities. “We are from Long Island.” Stated Dina Parise. “This is our home too. We were lucky to have not suffered any damage from either Irene or Sandy, but my parents have been living with us since Sandy due to their home being flooded out. We all suffer the effects as a community, not to mention having to live together with your parents again!” She Laughs “I kid when I say that, but at least they are here and safe.”

The collection process for ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief was not monetary, but all useful items. Items were collected and distributed by DPR personally to ensure the items made it to their destinations.

Items collected and Donation destination:

*Non-Perishable foods and Personal Items: Camp Bull Dog (Lindenhurst, NY)

*Clothing: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island and Suffolk County United Veterans

*Pet Supplies: Rescue Ink  ( Island Park, NY)

Lastly…. The reason ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief began. The children of Island Park ,NY. Not only did they lose their homes, but they lost their Elementary School as well ; The Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School. The kids had no school supplies and the holidays were approaching as well.

*Back Packs, School Supplies, Toys : Children of Island Park


This DPR ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief Campaign was made possible with the assistance a few key players that certainly need mention. Island Propane for not only supplying the warmth (at the car show) , but for supporting the team for not only that but many personal appearances. The UPS Store #5127 ( 173 Main St. Sayville, NY 11782) for supplying all flyers and posters. Western Beef for supplying a Gift Card to the Island Park School District to use toward items needed for the Holiday party in December.  Grill 454 for lending the property for a great cause! If you are not familiar with the origin of ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief, check our news from November, 2012!

As we roll into 2013 we hope for brighter days. DPR will continue to work toward helping the Island Park community. The team is aware the Elementary School has lost all books and Musical Instruments. The next ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief effort will be to assist the kids in obtaining new instruments and books! Want to help? Contact us!

The racing season is fast approaching. Dina Parise Racing looks forward to seeing you all out there! Are you interested in becoming a Marketing Partner with one of the most unique teams on the racing circuit today? Where else can you find a female owner/driver with a husband as a team mate? Contact us at info@Dinapariseracing.com for more information!

*Look for the *NEW* improved www.DinaPariseRacing.com  to be launched shortly!*

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Thank you to our Partners:

NGK : http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/index.asp

LAT Racing Oils : http://www.latracingoils.com/

Island Propane :  http://www.islandpropanecorp.com/


Thank you to the following for their assistance with ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief:     

Grill 454 : http://www.grill454.com/

Western Beef : http://www.westernbeef.com/

The UPS Store #5127 ( 173 Main St. Sayville, NY 11782)

New York Auto Fest : http://www.nyautofest.com/


*Story and Photo by Dina Parise Racing

Dina Parise Racing: ‘Rev Up’ and ‘Bounce Back’ after Sandy

Sandy Relief 043*November 27,2012*

New Yorkers have to be as resilient as they come. No one in New York says that be superior to anywhere else, they just seem to ‘bounce back’ like no other. New Yorkers are a community that seem so far removed from one another, yet they tend to be on top of one another quite often. Commuter’s charging to the train, and Subway…. So many people crammed into one seemingly tiny tube. Headed to whatever destination they need to be. Just as so many drivers are on the road jockeying for position to get to where they need to be. All until something so magnificently ugly happens, and the world seems to stop, even if just for a moment, but it stops. In the last decade (or so), New York has had to deal with an amazing amount of the ‘magnificently ugly’. From dealing with 9/11 and now Hurricane Sandy and even Hurricane Irene in between, New York has had its share. As a community ‘on a whole’ New Yorkers, as distant as they seem…. Pick up, stand together and help each other move on.

So…. Case in Point:

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, as many of you may or may not know Dina Parise Racing began  ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief. It is just as it sounds. Getting people motivated to pitch in and help others. “‘Rev Up’ began with a phone call to my childhood friend Lucretia. She lives in Island Park, NY.” Stated Dina Parise. “We began discussing how the kids needed school supplies and people needing new items for their homes. Pet food was mentioned as well. It developed into Well, let’s do a toy drive for the holidays too!” And there it began.  A wish list was created. Collection began by going through Social Media, Radio Spots Etc. Parise Racing then teamed up with New York AutoFest for an outdoor show at Grill 454 in Commack NY. The AutotFest took care of the monetary donations.100% of the donations went directly to Hurricane Sandy Long Island Disaster Relief, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation a Newsday charity. The Dina Parise Racing ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief Campaign collected donated items and NO funds. And the items just kept coming!

“Normally in New York in November, most of us do not tend to want to be outdoors at a car show.” Stated Andrew Parise “I must admit, I do not feel the cold that easily, but it was definitely a chilly day. But it did not seem to matter. Everyone was in a giving mood, no matter the weather.”

The show began at 9:00 AM. By 9:30 the boxes on either side of the table at the Parise trailer were already almost full. You name it, it was coming in. School supplies, Toys, food, personal items and more.  And it just kept coming. By 2PM it was apparent that the response was beyond anyone’s expectations.

The success of ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief at the AutoFest show is due in part to Island Propane (http://www.islandpropanecorp.com/ ) and

The UPS Store (#5127  ) 173 N. Main St. Sayville NY (Phone 631.218.5800 ).

A  special thank you to Dan and Carol Neri, Guy Lucchese and Fran and Augie Saccoccio (None other than Dina’s Mom and Dad!) for their hard work all day! To everyone who donated….. Thank you ! Your fellow Long Islanders Thank you!

With items now in hand, Dina and Andrew will personally distribute to those in need.  “We have a particular town that the toys and school supplies will be headed to. The food and clothing seem to be needed elsewhere.” Stated  Dina. “Andrew and I feel better knowing that we have a personal handle on where the items are headed. That is twofold. We want to ensure that the residents actually receive the items and also that the people who donated can really know in their hearts that they did help.”

Dina Parise Racing is looking forward to brighter days. Looking forward to the 2013 season . Looking forward to getting back to the business of: ‘When the Helmets go on, the Wedding Bands come off….. Because as you all know…THIS rivalry begins at home!

Thank you to:



DPR’s ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Releif Campaign !

*From November 12, 2012*

As many of you know recently the NY ( NJ and beyond) areas were hard hit by ‘Superstorm’  Sandy. We at Dina Parise Racing were fortunate to not to have incurred any damage personally, but many friends, family and other residents were not as lucky. Lives were lost and property was severely damaged. In some cases, entire communities have been deemed condemned. It will be a long road to recovery.

To assist in the recovery, we have begun our ‘Rev Up’ Sandy Relief campaign! Here’s a bit about it.

Due to ‘Superstorm’  Sandy residents are in need of supplies! Dina Parise Racing ‘REVS UP’ this campaign by getting the Kids going with School Supplies! But, keep reading! Much more is needed! You can help! Let’s help get everyone’s lives back to normal! We would appreciate any help you can offer. We are accepting items only, NO cash please!

Dina Parise Racing will personally be accepting as well as distributing items to ensure the items reach those in need!

And as a thought… we would like to get a jump start on the Holidays as well, collecting toys for the kids.

This recovery is going to be long and hard. Please pass this along to your friends and family .Keep spreading the word! Working together we all can make a difference .If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@pariseracing.com  . Let’s get going to get everyone’s lives back to normal! Please read on for all the important info!

**School Supplies**

*SUPPLIES NEEDED: Marble/Spiral Notebooks • Pens/Pencils/Crayons • Loose Leaf Paper • Binders • Construction Paper • Cheap Calculators • BACKPACKS

**Personal Items**

*ITEMS ALSO NEEDED: Non-perishable food items, baby items (Diapers and wipes especially!), Toiletries, Warm Clothing  and Pet food (Dog and cat)***

**Toy Drive**

*Lastly: This will be a tough holiday season for many. Let’s get started now with also collecting NEW, unwrapped toys for the kids! (Please don’t forget the 10-13 year olds!)


That’s it  Peeps! Let’s get them some help! We know our Dina Parise Racing friends, fans and fellow racers Rock… so let’s go!…. Let’s collect plenty so we can help these communities! Dina Parise Racing will personally collect and distribute donated items!

Parise Racing all ‘Dressed Up’ to benefit Angela’s House at Oheka Castle!

Angelas House Benefit 036  

*October 5, 2012* “How are Mother and child?” Isn’t that the first question we all ask when a child is born? Unfortunately the answer is not always yes.Bob and Angie Policastro are parents that understand the unfortunate side to that question. Their struggle gave them the determination to help other parents avoid the struggles they encountered……

Bob and Angie Policastro’s daughter Angela was born (in 1989) with severe brain damage. Not only were they faced with the daunting task of the possibility of permanent homecare, they also were forced to deal with significant voids in the healthcare system. Ultimately they were forced to have Angela reside in a facility two hours from their home. The facility although a loving home environment that provided her the care she needed, was just so far from the Policastro’s home.

In 1992, the non for profit Angela’s House, was created to offer families and professionals an agency to call to help medically frail children and their families. Angela’s House has helped to simplify home care options for families by coordinating the extensive array of services needed to support medically frail children at home. The doors of the first home ‘Angela’s House’ located in East Moriches, NY opened in the fall of 2000 in a culmination of a ten-year effort by Bob Policastro. This special home for children is the first of its kind. Named after his daughter, this beautiful home offers a loving environment with 24-hour nursing care.

Angelas House Benefit 073Now that you know the WHO; let’s get to WHAT went on!

On September 27th   Parise Racing was honored to be a part of ‘Brielle’s Fairytale Fashion Show’ Benefit for Angela’s house. Designs by Brielle along with Geraci Condello created beautiful fashions to be reproduced and sold also to benefit Angela’s house! So if you like what you see, you can purchase it and the proceeds will go directly to Angela’s House!  And if you look closely, you may notice a certain Pro Mod driver wearing a beautiful blue dress! Nope, it’s not Andrew…. They told him he should have shaved his legs!

Would you like to donate to Angela’s House? Or would you like more information? Please visit here: http://www.angelashouse.org/

As a team Parise Racing had an amazing evening! The ’63 and ’53 Corvette Pro Mods  were lit up beautifully by the Echo Agency of NY. You could not ask for a better location than Oheka Castle ! It is stunning!

As many of you know, Parise Racing has had a bit of a tough year, but don’t let that fool you! Although the team may have not been seen on the racing circuit, they have been seen everywhere else! The team attends many charity (and other various) events. For one, Parise Racing is always aware that no matter what, this team is fortunate. Things can get you down, but there is always someone else who has a heartbreaking story, and maybe, just maybe….. Parise Racing, these beautiful Pro Mods and of course Bella the Wonder Pug can brighten someone’s day. “Those thoughts are always kept in the back of our heads.” Stated Dina .“ We WILL see you all in 2013. We will see you on the track with even more competitiveness, in-house-rivalry and passion for giving back than you have ever seen before!”

Be sure to stay tuned! There is so much more to come from Parise Racing! You will want to see what they have been up to!Angelas House Benefit

“When the Helmets Go on the Wedding Bands Come Off! Rivalry Begins at Home!”  

Want to learn more about Parise Racing? Would you like to become a Marketing Partner? Visit our Social Media sites for info!


Please visit our sponsors:
NGK http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/default.asp
LAT  http://www.latracingoils.com/
Island Propane http://www.islandpropanecorp.com/

Thank you to:
Oheka Castle http://www.oheka.com/
The Echo Agency of NY http://www.theechoagencyofny.com/