Parise Racing Ready to Move on After DNQ at POD

The Parise Racing team has come a long way in a fairly short time. The husband and wife duo has also seen its fair share of ups and downs and this week was no exception. Parise Racing attended the Pro Outlaw Doorslammers (POD) race at Maryland International Raceway (MIR).

“My 63’ Tim McAmis Corvette was less than cooperative this weekend.”, stated Dina Parise. “For first round qualifying, I left the line and she just shook, hard. We brought her back and our crew Chief Dave Jordan made some changes. We went back for round two and she shook again, but I peddled it. It just wasn’t enough to get in the show. It’s ok. We will go back and look over the data and correct the issues before our next time out. We are confident in Dave, and that is half the battle.”

Andrew Parise was presented with problems of his own. “Just as I left the line in the first round of qualifying, my 53’ Montana Bros. Corvette blew the tires away.”, stated Andrew. “We went back and made some changes before second round. The car still shook leaving the line, but I peddled it. Like Dina, it was not enough to get in the show. It was tough for both of us to be out. Our crew chief Dave Jordan and (crew) Brandon Page did a great job this weekend. It just was not in the cards for us, I guess.”

Being at MIR for the Quartermaster’s Challenge, featuring Pro Outlaw Doorslammers was more than just a racing weekend for Parise Racing. The team held Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes Benefit with the help of POD, MIR and Quartermasters Racing. The benefit was (and still is) to aid the Meekma family in managing current and ongoing medical costs due to Sydney’s recent Leukemia diagnosis. Sydney is 5 years of age, and this is her second battle with cancer in her young life. When the team put the word out about Sydney’s Benefit, POD and its members were there to help.

Parise Racing would like to thank POD for their involvement in the benefit as well as the Pink, personalized, remote controlled car they presented to the team on Sydney’s behalf. Maurice Bea, Candyce Marsh and Jessica Petrini went above and beyond for Sydney, as did the POD organization on a whole. The team would also like to thank Keller Motor Sports for the vinyl Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes Logo.

The team on behalf of the Meekma family greatly appreciates the generosity of everyone who donated!

On another note, anyone who knows anything about the Parise’s , knows how much they respect the veterans of this country . On Sunday the team had the pleasure to meet 11 veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They were hosted for the day by Quartermasters Racing. “The veterans spent some time in our pit,” Stated Andrew. “We enjoyed talking with them. They were cheering us on. It was an honor for us.”

For more information regarding the Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes Benefit, please visit:

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Parise Racing is heading to Maryland International Raceway to participate in the Pro Outlaw Doorslammers race, on September 6th .Dina ‘the Chef’ Parise in her ‘63 Tim McAmis Corvette and Andrew ‘Bam Bam’ Parise in his ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette. Dina and Andrew are ready to race, but they also have another agenda.

Parise Racing has been known for years for its work with Multiple Sclerosis and The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. None of that has changed.

What has changed is the health of a young girl; the Parise’s have come to learn about. Her name is Sydney Meekma. She is the niece of a friend, and she is in for the fight of her life. Sydney is 5 years old and in June was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Unfortunately, this is her second battle with cancer. Since her diagnosis in June, Sydney has undergone several rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and received a bone marrow transplant. The cost of these procedures is only partially covered by insurance.

Sydney’s family and friends have joined together organizing Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes Benefit (an actual benefit to be held in January, 2010).All proceeds will help manage current and ongoing medical costs. Parise Racing will be collecting donations at MIR on September 6th during the POD race. Please stop by the pit area to make a donation. If you will not be attending the race , donations may be sent directly to: P.O. Box 2456 Orland Park, IL 60462. All donations will be deposited directly into the Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes account of First United Bank. As we all know, these are tough economic times. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Download the Sydney’s Butterfly Wishes flyer HERE.

A special thanks to Pro Outlaw Doorslammers (POD), Maryland International Raceway (MIR), and Quartermasters Racing Team. All have been cooperative in helping the Parise’s organize this benefit.

See you at the races !

As always the Parise’s would like to thank NGK and Good Year for their support.

Parise Racing Headed to VMP

Parise Racing is gearing up for a double header (of sorts) at Virginia Motorsports Park this coming weekend.

Coming off of the disappointment of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Assoc. event, Dina ‘The Chef’ Parise‘s ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette is repaired, tuned and ready to go. If you recall, she broke in the first round of qualifying and that was it for her for the day.

Friday August 28, 2009 is ladies night. As are most Friday nights at VMP. On this Friday, Dina will be taking on Ken ‘the Kid ‘Walsh in a match race.”It should be quite a show.” stated Dina “Ken and I have known each other for a few years from Super Chevy. This will be our first time being paired up. I’m looking forward to it. He is a great competitor.” Ken is the 2008 Super Chevy Show Aeromotive Nitro Coupe Champion.

On Saturday the 29th, both Andrew ‘Bam Bam’ Parise (in his ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette) and Dina ‘The Chef’ Parise will be participating in Night of Thrills (at VMP as well)! Come to VMP and see racing, hear live music and much more!

Always remember that every ticket is a pit pass! Not only is a Night of Thrills, but it is a Military appreciation night! To honor our Military, anyone with a D.O.D. ID card gets in free! Be sure to stop by the Parise Racing pit area to see the Military tributes on both cars and meet the drivers. “Coming from a Military background myself, I have profound respect for our Military personnel.”, stated Andrew “ My wife and I always feel it is important to recognize our soldiers past and present.”

Hope to see you there!

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Andrew Parise and the Parise Racing team were noticed at the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association event at MIR this past weekend.

Andrew celebrated his 41st birthday on Friday, and the gifts kept coming, this one in the form of a win light.

“I was mainly trying to keep focused. I had to leave my problems from last week’s POD event behind. I did not want to let my team down again”, stated Andrew “We have been working hard all year, and we deserve a good result.”

Not all results were good for the Parise Racing team this weekend. Dina Parise went out in the first round of qualifying due to engine failure. “After completing my burnout, I could not get my ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette into reverse.”, stated Dina . “I shut the car down, and they pushed me back. We realized there was fluid on the track. So, we went back to the pits and assessed the damage. It was not good news. My day was over. But, we are a two car team and we support each other. Now my energy goes to concentrating on Andrew. ”

Andrew’s ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette qualified #2. That put him against Scott Cannon Jr. in the first round of eliminations. A 6.200 @ 227.04 MPH to a 6.288 @220.98 MPH.

Second round of eliminations, Andrew faced his friend and the owner of Performance Auto Crafters Barney Squires. The very person who sprayed the amazing paint schemes on both Parise Racing cars. Andrew blew Barney’s ‘door’ off (literally it flew off!). Still it was a great race. A 6.163 @227.11 MPH to a 6.394 @ 226.24 MPH .

The final round Andrew faced Tim O’Hare. It pitted ERD power against ERD power. The end result was a 6.158 @ 228.31 MPH to a 6.383 @ 224.21 MPH. Andrew takes the win!

“It was a great day! “, stated Andrew “This was a tough field today. I was up against some of the best drivers I know. Scott Jr., Barney and Tim, it was some great racing. It was great to get the win for myself and for the team; my wife Dina, Crew chief Dave Jordan, the crew Charlie Saccoccio and Bandon Page. Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association is a top notch organization that puts on a first rate show. There was unbelievable attendance until the wee hours of the morning! It was good to have Nick Montana (MBRC) on hand to help out and to see the first win. I also want to Thank NGK and GoodYear for their support. ”

Good Year
Parise Racing

Parise Racing exits early at POD

Parise Racing attended the POD race at Virginia Motorsports Park this past weekend.” It was a great day of racing”, stated Andrew Parise. “Maurice Bea of POD runs a great organization; every thing was on time and run in professional fashion. “

After struggling with her ’63 Tim McAmis Corvette at Maple Grove last month, Dina Parise qualified #3 with a 4.15 at 156.50 mph. She could not better her time in the second qualifying round and dropped to #7. “The car was working great this weekend. It felt good to finally get the out there, and not struggle with it. ”, stated Dina.

After non qualifying time in his first qualifying round due to tire shake, Andrew came back to qualify #2 with a 4.09 at 175.30 mph in his ’53 Montana Bros. Corvette.

In round one of eliminations, Andrew had his career worst red light and handed the win over.” I was having a red light weekend; it was just a bad weekend for me”, stated Andrew, “ Now it is just time to regroup and go on to the next race”

Dina ran a career 1/8 mile best of 4.104 at 177.46 mph, but she left the tree late, very late.” I had issues with the tree but I am happy with the ET”, stated Dina, “It was frustrating to go out first round, but I am over it and ready for next week. For one thing though, we really felt let our crew down”, stated Dina,” Our crew chief, Dave Jordan did his job and we did not do ours. “

“We would like to thank Dave Jordan for all he does for us. Dave has to travel back and forth to and from New York and leave his new wife, Bambi at home”, stated Andrew, “We want them to know, and we appreciate the sacrifice.”

Next, Parise Racing will be attending the North East Pro Mod Association August 15th at MIR.

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Parise Racing


Parise Racing left Super Chevy at Maple Grove with mixed emotions. But as they say, “that’s Drag Racing”. So now it is on to Virginia Motorsports Park and POD. It is a new week and a new race. This will be the first POD race for Parise Racing.

“I have put the troubles of Maple Grove behind me”, stated Dina. “If you let it get to you, you’re sunk. We will get this ’63 Tim McAmis , ERD powered Corvette down the track , and we will put a good number on the board.”

Andrew Parise’s ’53 Montana Bros Corvette performed well at Maple Grove.”We still feel we are not quite where we want to be “, stated Andrew “but we have come a long way. Our crew Chief Dave Jordan is the best there is. He always does a great job. ”

With Parise Racing, competition goes to a whole different level! This husband vs. wife rivalry not only makes them unique, but it also pushes both of them to be the very best competitors they can be. That alone is worth the price of admission! Who are you rooting for?

To cheer on your favorite Parise Racing driver, you can find them at POD on Saturday, August, 8th at Virginia Motorsports Park. Gates open at 9:00 am. Come by the pit area and see both Corvettes up close! See you at the races!

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Good Year


Parise Racing attended its first Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove, with their 53’ and 63’ Pro Mods. “We love Super Chevy at the Grove!”, stated Dina Parise. “From Bracket Racing to Pro Mods it came full circle, right at this very track. It’s fantastic!”

As part of their ‘Vettes for Vets’ program, Parise Racing had the honor of having three Vietnam Veterans in their hospitality and pit area all day Saturday. A special ‘Thank you‘ to Super Chevy as well as announcer Jerry Daisy for his outstanding dedication, as all three gentlemen were introduced to a packed house. The background on these gentlemen is amazing. Parise Racing was proud to recognize their years of sacrifice, service and dedication.

The rivalry between Andrew and Dina was on going all weekend. “Even though it was only exhibition, I knew I had to be on my game”, stated Andrew Parise. “My wife is very competitive and takes this very seriously, and if I lost I would never have heard the end of it. And, from what I heard I wasn’t getting good odds”, stated Andrew.” When Jerry Daisy started to ask the crowd who they were rooting for, I could hear in the car that it wasn’t me”.

The 53’ Montana Brothers Corvette, with ERD Carl Spiering power ran a .986 , 60 foot with a 6.20 at 226 mph in the ¼. “The car felt great going down the track. It has taken some time with the Bruno setup but it is paying off”, stated Andrew. “Our Crew Chief, Dave Jordan has done a great job of tuning the car. I want to thank him for a job well done! I also want to welcome Brandon Page to our team. He did an outstanding job this weekend as well!”

“It was a tough weekend for me”, stated Dina. My 63’ Tim McAmis Corvette was not cooperating and kept driving to the left. Our Crew Chief, Dave Jordan did everything possible to fix the problem but we just couldn’t get it fixed in time,” stated Dina. “I gave it my best shot each time. I really wanted to win. The third race, I did catch Andrew at about the 330 or so but had to lift due to it going left again. Andrew had to pedal it as well as he got loose too. I later found out that he saw me coming up on him and got nervous. My best 60 ft. was a .994 using our ERD Carl Spiering power .The rivalry between us is growing. I plan on taking the win light from Andrew shortly.”

Parise Racing would like to Thank: NGK, Good Year, ERD and Tim McAmis.

Parise Racing would also like to mention: Super Chevy, Fiore Bros. Racing, Broken Arrow Racing, and F1 Hospitality.


From Super Comp bracket racing to Pro Mod heads up racing. It has come full circle. For Dina and Andrew Parise, this is going to be a real knock down drag out, fight to the finish…as they say.

They are going back to where it all began. Maple Grove Super Chevy is where Dina first watched Andrew race his 1967 blown Camaro. It is where she got the ‘bug’. It is where Andrew first unveiled the 53 Corvette Pro Mod paint scheme. It is also where Dina first ran the same 1967 blown Camaro Andrew once ran.

It has now come full circle. No more bracket racing. Pure heads up, run what you brung racing! Now it is time for these two drivers to go head to head in an exhibition race. Let’s call it what it is, its double trouble.

It has been overheard in the pits that Crew Chief Dave Jordan has rented a getaway vehicle. He is not yet sure whom he will be running from, that remains to be seen.

So come and watch Parise Racing at the Super Chevy Show! Check the EVENTS tab for more information.


Whether you are involved in the sport of Drag Racing or not, you can definitely see the correlation between high powered race cars and all types of aircraft.

This Memorial Day weekend, Parise Racing took time out to slow down and recognize Memorial Day for what it is all about.

Parise Racing spent Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY. Rather than a garage, the Pro Mods were displayed in a hangar along with historic American Military aircraft.

While the two days could be emotional at times, it was quite rewarding for the team as well. In the midst of honoring the fallen heroes of the U.S. military, the team met a few service men and women currently serving. Their appreciation for the paint schemes on the Tim McAmis 63 Vette and the Montana Bros. 53 Vette was far out-weighed by our appreciation for what they have sacrificed for this country. The same goes for the many other veterans the team had the honor to speak to over the two days. We want to thank them ALL for their service and sacrifice.

The team got up close and personal with the A-10 East Demonstration team and the A-10 Thunderbolt ll . This aircraft makes exceptional aerial maneuvers. This Air Force Aircraft is designed for close air support of ground forces. The team was very accessible and gave a tour of the aircraft. In turn, their team was given a tour of the Pro Mods! There was talk of a race down the tarmac……….

Taking part in the festivities was one of the original ‘Rosie the Riveters’. She and others played a big role in building the A-10 right here on Long Island, NY. Although her given name is Josephine, she says you can call her Rosie. Listening to her recall stories of women being test pilots for the aircraft due to the men being overseas at war was amazing. Did you know that women were the ones who built the planes, but never received credit until recently? Or that they were too young to have a driver’s license, but they could fly a plane? They are the unsung heroes.

The ‘Freedoms Flying Memorial’ Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 was also on hand. They were gracious enough to let us take photos with the cars. This helicopter is a traveling museum itself. They rely completely on donations, and what they can afford on their own. It was found in a junkyard and brought back to life. Very impressive.

Lastly the team would like to acknowledge the Warbirds over Long Island and Chris Baranakas. Chris flies a p-51 Mustang and his Dad Bob flew a P-40 ‘Warhahawk’ ,the very aircraft that inspired the paint scheme for the 53 Vette.

Bob was killed in April when his plane crashed while performing maneuvers on Long Island.

Since recently losing his ‘wingman’, Chris has still persevered and continued the presentation of these World War ll aircraft. He is continuing his father’s passion to keep the public in touch with our heritage, the fighters that were flown and the men and women who flew them. Preserving our nation’s former weapons of war for future generations to see and learn from is an obligation the Warbirds take seriously and we are all the better for the work you do.

For photos of this and other events, visit and click on the media tab.

Always remember freedom is not free~ Thank a Veteran

Dina and Andrew Parise
Parise Racing


This edition of Parise Racing news is not going to be about us, our cars or any new developments in the Parise Racing program. We felt the need to post a story relative to what we do, but with no relation to Drag Racing at all.

While away at our testing session, I received this e-mail from a very close friend’s son. His mom and have known each other since grade school. She is one of the most down to earth, funny and beautiful people I know. Let me also say, she has a wonderful family as well. She is battling MS.

As most of you may know, Parise Racing has been raising donations and awareness for MS for 5 years now. Within that time we have learned all too much how this awful disease hits so close to home.
Below is James’ letter. If you can help, please do.

Hi Everyone,
Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, you all know that my mom has MS. It’s something she struggles with every day, even though when you ask her how she is, she’ll always say she’s fine. That’s just how my mom is(she tries to seem macho). Sometimes people ask what they can do for her, she always says nothing she’s fine. But now you can help her and others with MS. That’s why me and my friends are walking in the MS Walk next Sunday. We want to help raise money that will find the cure, raise money that will make advances to help her live her life better, and other like her. They have already made progress with MS, like the shots she takes everyday, that wasn’t always around to help others, but research helped develop this drug that is keeping my mother healthier with less problems. With your help, with my walk, we can help find a cure, or at least ways to help her live better.

We’ve only got ONE week left; the MS Walk is next Sunday, May 3rd. So if you can, any little amount you can donate would be great (a lot is good too). Every little bit adds up, that’s how I’ve already made it 1/2 way to my goal, and my team is busy collecting from their friends and family too. So as a team we’re trying to get to our goal.

Please if you can, visit my website at
or if you want to send me a check… make it out to NMSLLI-Walk MS, and mail it to my house before next Saturday
oh— if you know of someone you think will want to check out my website, and/or donate.. Please fwd this to them too!

Thanks Everyone, I hope can count on your support!
James Anthony

Mar 29, 2009

Parise Racing in Full Throttle Autos!
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As a follow up to last year’s cover story, Full Throttle Autos has done another article on Dina Parise. Click on the link to check out the article :

It is going to be a busy and exciting season! Keep checking our news for updates!