Dina Parise finishes Runner-up at IHRA Nitro Jam

Rain drops kept falling on our heads. And falling and falling. The IHRA Nitro Jam Cordova Summer Nationals were postponed until Sunday due to inclement weather. Mother Nature must be going through a wicked case of Menopause. She has become that cranky old lady chasing the kids playing ‘stick ball’ down the block with a broom! Only the broom is a rainstorm and the kids are Drag Racers! We need to bring her some Chocolate and a nice bottle of Vino to calm her down.

The Crower Pro Mod Series was able to get one out of the two qualifiers in on Friday and Saturday was a washout. IHRA officials made the decision to hold the race on Sunday. Luckily for fans they could hold on to their tickets to attend the event on Sunday as well as bring a friend for free! There was quite a turnout too!

Dina Parise went to the # 1 qualifying spot on Friday night in her Cadillac Pro Mod Stella with a 6.91. This for sure was not a stellar number for Stella but it held up!

She held that spot through the two rounds of qualifying (the third round was never run due to the wrath of Mother Nature).

Parise did have a bye from the Semi-final round into the finals. “Rather than make a full run we chose to take the tree.” explained Andrew Parise, “You see, we ran this weekend with a crew of two; myself and Butch Branzelle. With the race being held over to Sunday unfortunately Butch had to fly home to get back to work. I was left to crew alone. Alone to wrench, strap Dina in the car, start the car as well as stage her (Dina). It left no room for error. From tuning to safety we really had no choice. Our preference would have been to put a show on for the fans as well as to get data but it was just not in the cards. As they say, ‘you gotta do what ya gotta do’!”

Parise would face Ruben Tetsoshvili in the final. It was not to be her day to stand in the winner’s circle. “I let off the clutch pedal and nothing.” Dina Parise Stated “Stella didn’t move! I could have had a friggin’ meatball sandwich and a nap before she decided to launch. Hence the .500 light! Finally the car leaves. By the numbers, I had him the whole way but of course lost it at the tree. Heartbreaking really.” She continues. “The (Bruno) pump went bad. And, that’s Drag Racing.”

The numbers put on the board were in no way stellar for the Parise team during IHRA Nitro Jam at Cordova International Raceway, yet the team held the #1 qualifier spot and ended the weekend in the runner-up spot. The DPR team continues to push the envelope in every way. From performance to detail this team acknowledges and does it all. Stella sparkles because of the products provided by USA Auto Supply and CRC. She runs well and safely due to products such as DJ Safety, NGK, Speedwire Systems, Hoosier, Motorsports Unlimited and LAT. Visit http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners . There you will find more information regarding the companies listed. The team encourages you to try the products and services of these companies. The fact remains that they do use them all. That is the best recommendation! The DPR team would like to thank all of their Marketing Partners for their continued support!

Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let DPR work for you!


Get Social: Be sure to join the DPR team on all their Social Media! Their Website will show you the way! So for all things DPR please visit http://dinapariseracing.com/ !

Photo Courtesy ~ Magic Photos (Mike Garland)

A Pug’s need for speed!

Woofin’ at ya my good peeps! It has been wayyyy tooo long since I ‘pawed’ my last blog! Mom and Dad have been hogging the computer. Well, mostly Mom!

I am woofingly happy to say that our Dina Parise Racing team has been on the road and attending the IHRA Nitro Jam series! Did you know that the Pro mod class in IHRA is sponsored by Crower Cams & Equipment ? Sure are! And since I AM the DPR PR Pug I am good at giving a plug, well that is as long as there is a treat involved!

Mom and Dad have been taking me to some really cool places! We went to Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) and I got to see all my friends! Well, I make friends wherever I go! I even learned how to stage my Jr. Dragster Stroller!

Bella staging3

We have been to South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) , Bradenton Motorsports Park and Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR)! I made friends in all those places!

Being the PR Pug I have an important job! Mom and Dad think THEY run the show…. Woof! Nope! It’s all me!

So, let me catch you up! Did you know that SGMP is now an IHRA track? Wooofff! That means I will get to go back next season!

It was super hot in Bradenton. Don’t these people know I am all furry? Whew! I did get to watch the team work on Mom’s Cadillac. Her name is Stella. Almost like my name! I was in the pit in my Jr. Dragster stroller and I saw lots of people there! Some wanted autographs, and some were helping the DPR team to work on Stella! Not sure what was happening, but they were very dirty when all was said and done! I would be in trouble if I got that dirty! I know ’cause once I played in a mud puddle! It was fun! Then Mom gave me a bath. I love taking a bath!


Next we went to PBIR. I saw a real live Alligator! I didn’t get close because I think he would have eaten me as a snack on a Ritz Cracker! I met a new fur friend too. His name is Boss! He told me that his Dad (Cale Aronson) had a crash in his car. I’m woofin’ and praying that he feels better soon! I know that Boss will cheer him and Tinzy (Boss’ Mom) up! That’s what us fur kids do! Now, I do not know how to mail stuff, but I bet you do! You can send Cale ‘Get Well’ cards to make him feel better! Keep reading for that address!

Mom did woofin’ good at PBIR! I could hear the fans cheering as I chewed my bone! And my new human friend Les (Mahew) made a cool video of Mom too! But, he forgot to ask me to appear in it. I thought I was the star!?!


From PBIR we came back to Pennsylvania. That’s where we live now! Mom takes me to work with her at Andi-Con Performance. I like it because Becky the Fed Ex lady gives me cookies! Then I take a nap….. Don’t you just love naps and cookies? I would help Mom and Dad work, but being this cute is tiring!

They tell me that soon we will go to Cordova International Raceway (CIR) with IHRA Nitro Jam! May 29th and 30th! I’m super excited to go there because I have never been! That means MORE new friends!

Have you ever been to a Drag Race? It’s cool because us fur kids can come along! I worry though when I see the fans bring their fur kids. I am lucky, I have a nice cool house on wheels to stay in. But their fur kids look very hot! I bet they would rather be home in the cool air! I know I would! And why do peeps leave us fur babies in the car when it’s hot out? Don’t they know we can’t work the cool air? I watch the news with Mom and she said some of my furry peeps died from being left in a hot car! If I ever see that, I will bite their ankles until they let their fur kid out of the car! Whew! I feel better that I woofed that out!

So, I hope I will be back soon to let you all in on the DPR stuff! I’m tired now. Time for another nap!

Don’t forget about my friend Boss’ Dad! Here is the address for you to send stuff! Let’s all cheer him up and wish him a woofin’ speedy recovery! I heard he love Minion’s (whatever they are) !

Send stuff to: Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital
                        2nd Floor Room 252 Cale Aronson
                            1611 NW 12th Avenue
                              Miami, FL 33136

Did you know you can also donate? YES! Help ‘Bridge the Gap’ for the Aronson family! Visit : http://godspeedministry.com/ws/?p=1287 For information!

I will see you all at top end!

Want to hear and see more of me? Don’t forget I’m on twitter! https://twitter.com/promodbella 

Woof and out!

Bella Booda Parise




Dina Parise debuts Stella at IHRA Nitro Jam

‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm!’~ Winston Churchill. One thing the Dina Parise Team is certainly not lacking is enthusiasm. For that matter the team continues to make strides with their new Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Stella. No outing is ever considered a failure, it is considered a learning experience.
“We are making steady progress with Stella”, Stated Andrew Parise. “She (Stella) has lived up to her stubborn Italian namesake (Dina’s grandmother). So, that stubbornness is not foreign to me, but I do know how to get a handle on it! I’m positive her stubbornness will be advantageous in the end! ” He laughs.
The DPR team is running the IHRA Nitro Jam, Crower Racing Racing Products Pro Mod series. The first two stops were Bradenton Motorsports Park and Palm Beach International Raceway.
Palm Beach 4
The racing report for Stella the Cadillac at IHRA Nitro Jam Crower Pro Mod at Bradenton Motorsports Park was for sure less than stellar. Stella was plagued with mechanical issues all weekend long. The DPR crew worked continuously throughout the event to rectify the issue, but to no avail.
“Just when you think you are making progress, BAM… something comes up and bites you”, Stated Dina Parise. “My crew is the absolute best! They worked their tails off! But I do need to thank Crower Racing Products (Don, Louis and the gang), Pluchino Racing, Dave Tomasino, Hank Williams and everyone else who pitched in to help. It was a valiant effort to get Stella down the track.”
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! The Dina Parise Racing team did just that. Next it was on to IHRA Nitro Jam Crower Pro Mod at Palm Beach International Raceway. Dina qualified 5th with a 6.442 sec. /213.30MPH. Not a stellar number by any means but the bugs had left the Cadillac! It was ultimately a first round loss for DPR, but in the scheme of things progress was made.
“Stella left great and I was with Jimmy (Keen) until about ½ track. At that point Stella headed for the wall and I had to get out of it.” Said Dina. “I just had to watch him blow by me. I really wanted that win light for my crew. Andrew (Parise), Butch (Branzelle) and Dave (Jordan). They worked so hard. We will get them in Cordova!”
Next stop on the IHRA Nitro Jam tour is Cordova International Raceway May 29-30 for the Summer Nationals! The DPR team is looking forward to more head to head Crower Pro mod action! Head out to the track to take in the action! Not near there? Well, you can watch the Live feed ! Just head to IHRA.com and click on the ‘Live webcast’ for Nitro Jam!

People always ask how the DPR team can get out there to do what they do. Of course their Marketing Partners are the key to DPR’s success! The DPR team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all! Thank you to NGK, LAT Racing Oils, USA Auto Supply, DJ Safety, Stainless Works, Speedwire Systems, Hoosier Racing Tire and CRC Industries for their support throughout the season and beyond! Visit here: http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let DPR work for you!

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** The team would like to wish Cale Aronson a speedy recovery! **
Photo Courtesy: Holloway Sanders/ Hang em High Photos

Video Courtesy : Les Mahew (Competition Plus TV)

Keyboard Crew Chiefs …No wrench necessary

It has been said that opinions are like butt holes. Everyone has one but you may not necessarily want to see (or hear) them. Again, I find myself expressing my love/hate relationship with social media, especially the ‘anonymity’ and ‘beer muscle’ mentality of it.

RIGHT on TARGET: The climate of the world today seems to be; build them up just to tear them down. From ‘hero to zero’ in an instant. Those driving (or playing) from the preverbal ‘couch’ no longer see the human on the racetrack (or playing field). What they now seem to see, is a target. A target for their hateful words and play by play descriptions of how ‘they’ would have been better equipped to play out whatever (unfortunate) scenario just unfolded before them.

Recently I observed the ‘ Keyboard Crew Chief ‘ mentality in all its splendor. It seems racing (Drag Racing in particular) is a sport that can be performed from behind the keyboard as well as from behind the wheel. Yes, you read that correctly. Of course…. I will explain.

INSULT WITH or WITHOUT INJURY: As we all know racing is a dangerous and at times unpredictable sport. In the blink of an eye, a car can be wadded up like an old newspaper. Thankfully recent events although horrific were a testament to the safety of these race cars because drivers were able to walk away unharmed, well physically anyway. I say that because they may walk away without a scratch but they better not dare to go on Social Media one second after their said incident because that is where the injury ensues. It’s not bad enough that a driver has just seen his or her life flash before their eyes, they are now being schooled as to what caused their situation as well as what they should and shouldn’t have done. Couple that with being called horrible names as if they are in the schoolyard at recess facing the class bully. I’m guessing that is all in a day’s work for  ‘ Keyboard Crew Chiefs ‘? Perfection must be exhausting.

RESPECT: Now look. I am not saying that while watching a game, I never said, “Oh, why did he do that” or gave my ‘version’ of what I thought the play should have been. Yes, I have been a coach in the spur of the moment in my living room, not going to lie. I’m sure we all do it! What I believe needs to stop is publicly berating and humiliating those whose performance is deemed less than satisfactory. That determination is being made by the likes of those with little or no experience in the very subject matter they are critiquing. If you are not driving that car or making the play, it is very difficult to begin to understand what transpired at that very moment. We need to begin to respect one another for who they are and what they do. If we do not treat one another with respect as adults, what is that teaching the younger generation?

ACCENTUATE the POSITIVE: Respect and sportsmanship go hand in hand. If children read and are influenced by the awful posts that are so readily available to them, it is just the beginning of a lifetime of thinking that behavior is acceptable. If you think they are not reading it, you are wrong. Not to say we can be an ‘Ozzy and Harriet’ society, but we can surely be more respectful. Social Media while a great place to make friends and build fan bases can be a very dark place full of negativity. Somehow this is me in my futile effort to ‘accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative’. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

STEP 1. ADMITTING the PROBLEM: If while reading this piece you have taken the first step and recognize the signs of yourself as being a ‘Keyboard Crew Chief’, you can get help. It is a treatable disorder. The treatment is to the point, and will get you on the road to recovery quickly! No meetings needed here. You can accomplish this in the privacy of your own home. All you will need is to go out and purchase a Bug Zapper. To begin your recovery, while watching the next Drag Race be sure to have the zapper plugged in. If an unfortunate incident occurs you may have the urge to post an idiotic comment on Social Media. Here’s where the Bug Zapper comes in. When the idiotic comment urge arises, just lean into the Bug Zapper and stick your tongue out. ZAP it! After a couple of rounds with the Zapper, problem solved! The world is now a happier place!

Disclaimer: Do NOT try this at home. This is merely my attempt at humor and NOT a diagnosis or treatment regimen.

Life is for Living and Racing

The 2015 Dina Parise Racing season is under way. Teams are getting their last minute items completed and before we know it racing will be in full swing. Things are flying by lately, the days are nights and the nights are days, you know when you have to ask what day is it, you are shot.


The new business (Andi-Con Performance) is coming together, all the pieces are coming together nicely. Just taking a little more time then I had planned. We are OPEN for business as of February 9th with a grand opening planned for in April. It is going to be a huge opening with a car show, great food and of course show off the new business. I worked in Corporate America for over 20 years, wore many hats during that period. Someone told me a long time ago, you won’t get rich working for someone else and it is very true. But isn’t all about the money, I want to be excited about what I do, provide a reason for waking up and going to work. With this new adventure I look forward to making a difference.


I cannot wait to go testing with the Dina Parise Racing Cadillac CTSV. We have to finish some new things and make our final changes. It has been way too long and can’t take looking at everything sitting still. Living in PA has the same weather as NY but it has some serious winds which makes it extremely cold. I hate the cold, did I tell you…. I hate the cold. Well the cold is close to Mushrooms which gross me out. Anyway, running one car is going to be a lot of fun this year and different. We run a converter so our maintenance is bit easier than the guys with the clutches. But who knows what the future brings. I was always the guinea pig, well now the boss can be. Plus, not driving is going to give me a lot of time be a thorn in the side to the boss.


2015 seemed like it was going okay, until I got a call that my father had a major stroke, he was found by my middle brother sitting in the car in a supermarket parking lot. He was there for 6 hours in 20 degree weather. My family has a bad health history with my mother dying at the age of 53 to Cancer, my grandmother had a stroke and now this. As many know my father and I have different outlooks in life and had major differences. He has helped many people in his life. He was a Lt. Col in the Air Force and an Art teacher. He was recovering well for a bit but then took a turn for the worse and passed on. I was an Altar boy (in the Catholic Church) at one time. Yes Me an Altar Boy. This was fun as we found out the red stuff was really good wine. All I can say is don’t drink the wine before a funeral mass. When you ring the bells, it doesn’t mean let’s dance. Just saying.. Anyway, I don’t go to church as often as I should, but I do believe my mother is kicking his ass right now about a lot of stuff.


So, this brings to me to something near and dear to me. You have to remember where you came from and live your life. When my mother died I swore I would live my life to its fullest. I have some things I still want to accomplish but I have done a lot of things. To have to live within your means is well,  a bit overrated. I am not saying go out and max your credit card. All  I am saying go and buy something new now and then. You never know, by the time you read the end of this blog it could be your last breath. It’s a scary thought but it’s true. Maybe that’s why I drive a Pro Mod, but that may change too. You can’t live saying ‘what if’ and ‘shoulda , coulda, woulda’ all your life, I have lived like that and it is boring. You might as well wrap yourself in bubble wrap before you leave the house. Go out and live. Do something different each day. Don’t wait for something to happen so you can say I should have did things differently. Go make your statement.


Now, back to reality or somewhat reality; DRAG RACING!!!! We have many choices to race, NHRA,IHRA,PDRA and other venues. I hear all the chatter about how one organization should control rules or why there isn’t a standard set of rules for all classes. Why is the speed limit different in every state, why are the taxes different in every state, why are NY property tax so high. An even playing field is great if everyone can play on the same field at the same time. But not everyone can play on that field at the same time nor can some afford to. The Pro Mod group has a “buy in” then you have to pay NHRA their fee for each race. Maybe this is the future, I don’t know. IHRA and PDRA have no buy in, just a cost to enter the race. My point to this is each series has different rules to accommodate different racers. Is one right or one wrong? I don’t know. Choose what works for ‘you’.


It is going to be a great year of racing in every series, from Nitro to Sportsman. I miss my racing family and can’t wait to get back on the track as a C… Cr….. Crew member. WOW, that was hard to say.

Stay warm and see everyone soon.

See Ya 2014-Dina Parise Racing

Well, 2014 is over. It has been one tough and long year for us (Dina Parise Racing) and many others. It was a year that we lost many friends, a family member and racers. It was one of those years that just seems like you are driving through thick fog. But like they say, you have to take the bad with the good. This year was one giant road trip for me, from North Carolina to New York to Pennsylvania to somewhere else. I have a new respect for long haul truckers. We can finally call a state home. The state of  Pennsylvania.

I grew up old school ; I  say thank you, I open doors for a lady, I will give up my seat. Those days are long gone in many areas but the people here in Pa still live by old school values. The first time someone said good morning to me, I was like, ‘What do you want? You talking to me?’ It took me a couple days but I realized that I am home. It was a nice change. I do miss the food in NY but we are close enough to Maryland which has good restaurants, but the boss said we have to go on a diet after Christmas. She said she wants a fit backup boy. Hmmmm… I guess that was a dig on my current look.

IHRA, announced the come back of Pro Mod for 8 races at the PRI Show. We attended the meeting in the media room at PRI and it was a packed house. The management team did a great job of bringing back Pro Mod to its grass roots with a full time sponsor, Crower. I think this is going to be a great program with a large turnout. I know everybody will be watching as well as commenting. We are sure it will be run well,but just like any other series perfection takes time. They have a series sponsor (Crower) that has been in business for over 40 years, and a management team that is going above and beyond and have booked some of the best tracks around. I shouldn’t have taken this year off, I might have to move the Bosses pedals in her car (OK, don’t tell her that). With IHRA,NHRA and PDRA it is going to be a great year of Pro Mod racing. We will be focusing on IHRA and PDRA, we don’t have the points to enter NHRA nor will we spend a year obtaining them running divisional races.

So, we have been busy working on the new shop (Andi-Con Performance), well I have been busy not sure what Dina has been doing. Andi-Con is coming together well and will open this month. It is going to be a great new adventure for us. I will be working side by side with Dina, racing together, traveling together. What the hell did I get myself into?  The shop is coming together nicely, the boss has her office, smart TV, new computer, personal heater and I have white hair. I need a dye job, my hair is white not gray anymore. It is a lot of work opening a new business. You burn thru money quickly. What seems off is our first gas bill. For heating the shop (at a toasty 50 degrees) our first bill was $1200.00. Really? I have to work in an eskimo suit with heated socks. But in the end it will work out. I am really excited about the new shop and all of the vendors coming on board.

While I won’t be driving next year, I will be driving everyone nuts on and off the track. When your a driver it is hard to watch, but this is the year of DPR. I predict that Dina will be in the winner circle this season. We aren’t going to the race track to watch. We are going to win. I want our family, Marketing Partners, friends and fans  all in the winner circle with us. In 2015 you will see a new team, new look, new attitude and we are bringing our ‘A’ game. We have a lot of new things coming about in 2015 and it is going to be awesome. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’ or as Dina says ‘Drives like a Cadillac , stings like a V!’

2015 is going to be a great year. Look for the grand opening of Andi-Con Performance shortly. You are all more then welcome to join the fun at the open house we plan on having. We are testing  the boss’s Cadillac starts shortly and so does the strict diet and gym. 2015 is going to be a great year. Be on the lookout!

See you at the Races,

Andrew ‘Bam Bam’ Parise

Dina Parise Racing welcomes USA Auto Supply

         Dina Parise Racing welcomes USA Auto Supply




Andrew Parise has other nicknames besides ‘Bam Bam’, one of them is ‘Shiney’. Yes you read that correctly, ‘Shiney’. Andrew has an obsession with keeping all the Parise’s vehicles clean enough to eat a good Italian meal off of. Race cars can be a challenge to keep clean, but in the Dina Parise Racing camp cleanliness is next to … well, you know!

To look your best, you need superior products. USA Auto Supply carries those products. USA Auto Supply has been a supporter of Dina Parise Racing for many years. For the 2015 season, owner Ivan Mejias has decided to increase his support of the team to becoming a Marketing Partner. http://www.usaautosupply.com/

“Having USA Auto Supply on board as a Marketing Partner is very exciting for our team,” states Dina Parise. “They sell a myriad of amazing cleaning products as well as paint. All cleaning products are produced and tested by Ivan himself.” Said Dina

“USA Auto Supply is very happy to be stepping up our support of DPR.” Stated Ivan Mejias. “They (DPR) are true Marketing ‘Partners’. This team knows how to bring the consumers to the product. In the end, that is the main objective.” Said Ivan.

“I don’t like dirty vehicles, “stated Andrew Parise. “ I am bit OCD about keeping things clean. I have to admit, USA Auto Supplies’ products make my job easy, certainly easier than dealing with the boss!” He laughs.

One particular product, for the racers out there is USA Auto Supply’s ‘Tar Remover’ product that is second to none! This product removes (tire) rubber from the wheelie bars as well as the car itself without blemishing the paint. In addition, the Spray Waxes, Chrome Polishes, Tire Shine and Leather Cleaners (to name a few) work well for all car enthusiasts. From inside to out, these products will keep your vehicle looking show worthy! Not only do the products work well, they are priced well. You will not have to break the bank to look your best!

“Our DPR team has been utilizing USA Auto Supply products for years.” Stated Dina “We are proud to also announce that we will be carrying their products at Andi-Con Performance as well. Providing cutting edge products to our customers, fans and fellow racers is what we are all about.”

People always ask how the DPR team can get out there to do what they do. Of course their Marketing Partners are the key to DPR’s success! The DPR team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all! Thank you to NGK, LAT Racing Oils, USA Auto Supply, Bell Helmets, DJ Safety, Stainless Works, Speedwire Systems, , Matheis Race Cars Inc., Hoosier Racing Tire, CRC Industries and Coast 2 Coast Cuisine TV for their support throughout the season and beyond! Visit here: http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let DPR work for you!

Get Social: Be sure to join the DPR team on all their Social Media! Their Website will show you the way! So please visit http://dinapariseracing.com/ to learn more about the DPR team! Then join the team on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to check out Andi-Con Performance at https://www.facebook.com/AndiConPerformance and https://twitter.com/andiconperform .







Andrew and Dina’s Excellent Adventure!

Well,  another year gone and the travel for us is almost over. We finally found a new building for the race team and Andi-Con Performance.Time to start a new adventure in our lives. I worked in Corporate America for 20 years and it has taught me a lot. I have learned how to treat (and not treat) people to what Corporate America is really about. Being in Senior Management opens your eyes to so much. One thing for sure is you will not become rich. Most importantly Corporate America does not allow you to be in charge of your own destiny.

So after months of looking for a new building we finally landed one in New Freedom,PA. The community has welcomed us with open arms.  This area is certainly a ‘motorhead’ mecca . They have car shows often, many local racers and real great people. With this new adventure Dina has decided to open Andi-Con Performance (From Street Rods to Pro Mods , as well as show cars! Bolt on Performance to Safety equipment.. Let Andi-Con be your go to Performance shop!)For my part… it was either go back to be being a Corporate chair, which was hard to do or open a business and work for ourselves. I figured I already have gray hair, why not push the envelope and make a difference.

Now, we are working our butts off to get all the pieces and parts together, finish the 7,200 sq foot shop so we can have a grand opening. In the midst of that, we will have Dina’s Cadillac at the PRI Show in Stainless Works booth (#3957). I am so excited for this show as we will be showing off her car and meeting with vendors for the shop.

We took the Cadillac out to test at VMP. The track was on kill as always.The testing went well, but we had to cut it a bit short due to issues out of our control. Never the less, we are looking forward to 2015. There are changes on the horizon.

I will not be driving in 2015 , I will be taking the year off. The 1953 Corvette has been sold to a great couple in Texas who will be racing it. It is going to be in great hands. She will be extremely missed. We are building a new car for the following season, that is what the boss tells me.  Trust me, I want to race and more importantly want to race Dina and put her on the trailer (for me that’s double duty!). The rivalry is still alive and well. So, this coming year I am taking my BAMBAM attitude and applying it to Dina driving her Cadillac. It is the year of DPR and Take No Prisoners. I love the fans, the competition and most of the racers but when it’s race time, it’s ‘Rocky’ Time. In the words of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) “Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”

Moving seems pretty easy for me, I really have noting to do as Dina coordinates everything. I just have to get the movers, cancel a couple of items, change address (oh, Dina reminded me…She did that as well) and off I go. Well, this is the never ending trip. We were orginally moving to NC, but after months of research and not being able to find what we wanted we decided on PA. I am not excited about the cold weather or snow, but you have to take the good with the bad. Anyway, our last week in NY, I had to go for a quick root canal. So I thought. The day after root canal I woke up not feeling well at all. I had to run a couple errands and got sick.(this next bit is not for the faint at heart!) Thank god I had a coffee cup in the truck. I got home and handed it to Dina. Now I think about it, it is funny. She wasn’t too delighted about it. But, the saga continued…Well I had to go the doctor and I had a nose and ear infection that put me in bed for 5 days. Now On the way home from Dr. J. Rotolo’s I got sick again and in her new car. Glad she had a bag in the car. Initially, we were scheduled to move Thursday which had to be rescheduled to the following week. The final kick to our week was coming home after my last root canal visit and Bella felt left out and decided she was going to slip a disc in her back. It has been a fun week, seems NY did not want us to go!

So, look for ANDICON coming soon and if your headed to PRI stop by and see the hottest Pro Mod Cadillac! Oh ya and the driver, she is okay too. Can you believe I have the same boss at two different companies. I was told it’s a 7 day a week  job, so much for having weekends off. 2015 is going to be one hell of a year. You won’t want to miss it.

See you out there!

Bam Bam

Dina Parise ; Float Like a Cadillac, Sting like a ‘V’ !

Depending on your taste…. You may choose a luxury vehicle or maybe something sporty right? What if you could have both ? Sort of….

High Performance Luxury: High performance luxury can be defined as space, comfort and presence but yet, is ultimately defined by the ‘feel’ of the overall vehicle. Emotion begins to distinguish the difference between a ‘luxury’ and a ‘mainstream’ car. Ah, it just became emotional!

In the spirit of taking high performance luxury to the next level, the Dina Parise Racing team would like to present and welcome ‘Stella’, the NEW 3,000HP Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod built by none other than Matheis Race Cars Inc (Paint by Bruce Mullins).

It is said that perfection takes time. Building Stella had taken a bit longer than first anticipated. Seeing her in all her glory and as the stunner that she is made it well worth the wait! It seems the DPR fans also agree. The response has been overwhelmingly positive!

Debuting a car such a Stella is no small undertaking. Especially when the team doing it is a husband and wife, family run organization. This DPR team has some incredible Marketing Partners (http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners ) that have assisted in making Stella the ‘reality’ as opposed to just the ‘dream’. Unfortunately DPR does still lack the extensive backing this team needs to compete on a full time basis. We will continue to work as hard as we have been to make that happen!

We recently had the honor of again being part of the Nassau Count Cruise to the Show (on Long Island) for Stella’s debut! Getting to show Stella along with Movie and TV Car Design and build icon, Mr. George Barris ‘King of the Kustomizers’ is purely an honor for us! To top it off, we also won ‘Favorite Car’ picked by none other than one of Long Island’s largest Cadillac dealer Sarant Cadillac! That for sure is a testament to the stunning beauty of Stella.Nassau cruise8

Andrew and I have so much going on at one time; it’s mind-numbing but no complaints of course! Not only do we have Stella making her debut, but we also have embarked on a new chapter in our lives. We are opening Andi-Con Performance in New Freedom, Pennsylvania very shortly! We recently participated in the New Freedom Heritage Fest with Stella and met so many great people including the Mayor of New Freedom Jeff Halopin. I say ‘we’ when it comes to Andi-Con Performance and DPR…. But here is the deal. I am the owner and President of both Andi-Con and DPR. Ah, yes my husband Andrew answers to me in many more ways than one! Poor guy, right?Andi_Con FB

Now for the ‘shameless plug’; From Street Rods to Pro Mods as well as Show cars Andi-Con Performance can assist you with all your performance needs. From Bolt-On performance to all important Safety equipment (DJ Safety and Bell Helmets) through to tuning at the Drag Strip; Andi-Con Performance respects you and your vehicle no matter the level of racing competition or even if for show! That’s it in a nutshell. We are currently working on our website, but please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information; https://www.facebook.com/AndiConPerformance and https://twitter.com/AndiConPerform . We look forward to being your go-to performance shop! Performance shop aside, we have much more in store for the community as well. Stay tuned for more information regarding what we will be doing!

So here’s to new beginnings on many fronts! Stella has made her stationary debut and is awaiting her moving one! Andi-Con Performance is due to open shortly and we look forward to much success in New Freedom, Pennsylvania not only business wise but through the community endeavors we have planned as well!

Dina in Smoke

Lastly, I think you get that I am quite competitive right? Well, I am entered in a ‘Calendar Competition’ (on FaceBook) with the organization Car Chix. If you are a member of FaceBook, please take a moment to vote for me! All you need to do is LIKE the photo on the Car Chix original post, no app required! Here is the direct link; https://www.facebook.com/CarChix/photos/a.10152711667167442.1073741835.286190607441/10152760960207442/?type=1&theater Rock that vote people!

I cannot wait to be back here with more updates! With so much going on there are bound to be stories to tell! Thank you all for reading, following and showing the DPR love! Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

People always ask how our DPR team can get out there to do what we do. Our Marketing Partners are the key to DPR’s success! This team works hard to keep our Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all! Thank you to NGK, LAT Racing Oils, Bell Helmets, DJ Safety, Stainless Works, Speedwire Systems, USA Auto Supply, Matheis Race Cars Inc., Hoosier Racing Tire, CRC Industries, Coast 2 Coast Cuisine TV and Axcel Sports for their support throughout the season and beyond! Visit here: http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let DPR work for you!

Get Social: Be sure to join me and my DPR team on all our Social Media! Our Website will show you the way! So please visit http://dinapariseracing.com/ to learn more about the DPR team! Then join the team on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget Bella the Wonder Pug too https://twitter.com/ProModBella !

Thank for reading!

See you at the races!

Dina Parise~DPR

Dina Parise Racing headed to the Nassau County Cruise to the Show!


What’s that song? Ah, yes ‘See you in September!’ Well, September is finally here and you know what that means? It’s time again for the Nassau County Cruise to the Show! The Dina Parise Racing team is looking forward to again appearing at this unbelievable event on September 28th! But, this year will be a bit different…..

Many of you are familiar with DPR and their Pro Mods. Well, this year you will no longer be seeing the ‘his and hers’ Corvettes you may be accustomed to. Reason being is that DPR has now taken ‘High Performance Luxury’ to the next level! I bet you are scratching you head right now saying, “What in the world does that mean?” Keep reading.

DPR is proud to present, ‘Stella’. The brand new 3,000HP Cadillac CTS-V built by Matheis Race Cars Inc. (Paint by Bruce Mullins). Did your eyes deceive you? A 3,000 HP Cadillac? Can it be? Yes, it can be and it is! Stella is stunning!

This, ladies and gentleman IS a bonafide race car. She has a Supercharged 526 HEMI motor and she means business ( a perfect match with her driver). But, as tough as she is screaming down the drag strip when she comes to a stop she is quite demure. That is partly because of the built in Lipstick holder on the shifter tower. “Not only does every New York girl need a beautiful 3,000 HP Cadillac, but she has to be sure she has her lipstick on when she steps out of it.” Said Dina Parise “ I actually posed putting a Lipstick holder ( in the car) to Rob (Matheis) as a joke, but I guess he really believes in giving the customer what they want!” She laughs.

The DPR team will be on hand to showing both the 53 Corvette Pro Mod that Andrew drives, as well as the New Cadillac CTS-V that Dina drives. Stop by, see the cars, take a pic and get an autograph! Don’t forget that Bella the PR Pug always makes an appearance as well in her Jr Dragster stroller! Also on hand that day will be crew member Charlie Saccoccio.

Head out to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY Sunday September 28th from 10am-5pm and join the fun! And do not forget your sunglasses because Stella is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Want to lean a bit more about Stella and the people that helped to make the DPR Cadillac CTS-V a reality? Visit : http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-takes-high-performance-luxury-to-the-next-level

People always ask how the DPR team can get out there to do what they do. Marketing Partners are the key to DPR’s success! This team works hard to keep their Advertisers happy! Check out the Advertisers and go ahead and try their products and services! DPR uses them all! No, really, they do! Thank you to NGK, LAT Racing Oils, Bell Helmets, DJ Safety, Stainless Works, Speedwire Systems, USA Auto Supply, Matheis Race Cars Inc., Hoosier Racing Tire, Browell Bell Housing, Axcel Sports, Trailer Valet and Coast 2 Coast Cuisine TV for their support throughout the season and beyond! Visit here: http://dinapariseracing.com/marketing-partners for all their websites and details! Contact DPR to become a Marketing Partner as well! Let the team work for you!



Get Social: Be sure to join the DPR team on all their Social Media! The Website will show you the way! So please visit http://dinapariseracing.com/ to learn more about the DPR team! Then join the fun with the team on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget Bella the Wonder Pug too https://twitter.com/ProModBella !

For more information about the Nassau County Cruise to the show: http://cruisetotheshow.com/ Information at your fingertips, so you have no excuses! Get there! You will be glad you did!

Story courtesy DPR

Photo Courtesy kellyjeandesign.com/