It’s not a Dream, It’s Reality……

You know when you have that dream where you are falling and falling…. and you wake up in a sweat with your heart pounding? Sometimes being a team owner and driver…. makes me feel like that for real! HA! I say that tongue and cheek, but you get the gist.

You always hear (or read) me talking about our amazing Marketing Partners. Of course, the truth is, we owe what we do to them! And we are thankful for everything they do for us, and we are always sure to create the visibility for them, in our own DPR way.

For me, coming from a competitive background, I strive for more and more every day. I want to reach the top. It’s a hunger that keep me fighting, no matter what. As I said, we appreciate all our Marketing Partners but of course we hope to acquire more along the way.

It’s funny, I get many who ask me about PR and who is your PR person? Really? PR person? Do I look like Danica Patrick to you? Do you think we have a gazillion dollars? HA! No.For PR sometimes the best ‘person’ is not a ‘person’ at all! In our case, it may be our Pug, Bella! But really, I am not afraid at this point to say it’s me….all me. There is no extra money in the budget for a PR person, so what you see is what you get. We did at one time however try to use a ‘Marketing Person’. Frankly, all he did was waste our time and money. Never again. I am not naïve. I understand that nothing is guaranteed, but this person took advantage. People like that should be held accountable for their actions, but I have no time for retribution. I’m too busy to go backwards. Honestly, I know if the right person will just pay attention to my ideas…… it will be a home run. It’s a work in progress, and I am willing to DO the work myself. OH,ya… and I don’t have a choice anyway! LOL!

If you follow or at all, you will find many photos of Andrew and myself turning wrenches on our Pro Mod Corvettes. We are resourceful because we need to be, but the fact remains  that will never change. I grew up that way. I am the owner, Driver, PR girl and the cook. And I love every minute of  it! As of right now, I still hold a real job too. I am a hairdresser and have been for many years. My ultimate goal is racing full time. In my racing endeavors, my goals are; Empowering women to follow their dreams……. And a Championship…. I will achieve my goals.

DPR has certainly made mistakes in the past. But, if you don’t make them , you don’t learn from them. Pick up, move on. ‘Suck it up Buttercup’, is my favorite saying.  It’s what I said to myself when I crashed (racing Andrew) , and Andrew was in and going rounds. It’s  a two car team. We had things to do. So, I made lunch, and got on with the day!

My days I must admit tend to be quite long. They begin with doing things around the house. I try to squeeze in a workout , and then the real work begins. If I am not headed to my job, I am working form home taking care of whatever I need to for the team. It is a never-ending process. there are highs and lows. Some days I feel discouraged, but DPR has amazing fans and they really keep me fired up!

We will be firing up this DPR  ’63 Corvette again soon! Next stop will be Virginia MotorSports Park for the Super Chevy Show and Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod May 17th – 19th . If you are there, and I hope you are, remember the DPR pit area is always open! Come by! Say hello! Get a signed Hero card from me (or Andrew and Bella of course).

Remember the best part about Drag Racing? Every ticket is a pit pass!

See you at the races!





Welcome to my 1st DPR Blog!

Head shots 004Welcome to my first Blog for Dina Parise Racing-DPR ! I have so much to say ( if you know me, you know that’s normal!). Usually, my Blogs have a specific subject… but today, not so much! So, here goes!
Between taking the 2012 season off, Super Storm Sandy and whatever else has gone on here at Dina Parise Racing, all I can say is ‘Go ahead, bring it on… You ain’t  got nothin’ we can’t handle!”
As we creep into 2013, I am confident in the fact that this will be a banner year! I’m a Meatball flingin’ Italian from New York… are you gonna say no to me? HHHHMM…. I didn’t think so!
Our team is in a new phase as you can see! For those of you that are new to DPR WELCOME and enjoy the ride!
It’s time for me to get my ‘track legs ’back . AAAHHHH,  3,000HP never sounded soooo good to me!
Now, I’m not sure if you all realize; taking time off equals more time for trash talking in the Parise house! I have work to do, vendetta’s to settle and Parise butt to kick. My car is faster than his and he knows it…. I will do my talking on the track. It’s not a Chick VS. Guy thing either…. It’s Driver VS. Driver…. OK and I just HAPPEN to be the wife! Guess that just amps up the interest factor, huh?
Interest is good. We never want to be boring! We always like to be fun and interesting in our NY, Italian, Meatball flingin’ kinda way!
So, welcome! Sit back….and enjoy the ride!

Type ‘A’ Personality and the Pro Mod

Dina ‘the Chef’ Parise

It has definitely been entirely too long since my last blog. But, with having a two car Pro Mod team and running things ourselves, sometimes I do get overwhelmed! I do like to keep our fans in the loop, so here goes.

The winter was long….very long. We tried to re-group. That was hard considering every time we attempted to get in a vehicle to go somewhere, the snow held us back. The weather just added to our frustration.

We did get a bit of a late start this season. With funding being a bit low, we did not have the freedom to go out and test as we had done previously. We are not the type to give up, though and somehow we make it work.

After getting a bit of testing in, we went to Maryland International Raceway for the NEOPMA event in May.  It was my first time back at the track since my crash there in August of 2010. As fate would have it, I was not to make a full pass there on this day either. I happened to be racing my arch rival…..Andrew Parise! I treed him and had him to just about half track until I had massive engine failure. The failure locked the rear wheels, and made the car bounce, when it came down, it shot me hard left riding the zoomies (up on the two right wheels) the whole way! Quite a ride! Many thought I was on the brake, and I’m guessing due to the rear wheel s being locked up that was how it sounded. As I got her settled down, my next dilemma was the approaching wall.  I got her turned to the right and just clipped the left front tire. All in all, not that bad…..Whew!  The staff and safety crew at MIR were right there to help. So was my friend J.J. from Derrick Townes crew! J.J. got my power shut off and helped me with my gear…..Thanks J.J.!

After that we took a well needed break. A month off, time to regroup. It just seemed nothing was going our way. It happens, I guess. Can’t let it get to you, though. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe that. We got my car in order took some time to think and went back at it. Trust me one month was enough…..we needed to get back out there! We were making one another crazy! Time to go racing!

We did some testing at Numidia Dragway. A beautiful place to be, with some of the nicest people you want to meet. We spent a few days there and got quite a bit accomplished. Next stop; Super Chevy.

The Super chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway holds lots of memories for me and for us as a race team. It was the first place I saw my husband race and where I caught ‘the bug’ (much to Andrew’s dismay)! It also was where I took our Super Comp 67 Camaro down the track in a race for the first time. I had high hopes for this race. Last year, I was runner up to Jimmy Barker. This year, not so much. I did not even qualify. The car gave us problems. It’s ok. We will get it figured out. We have the best crew around. Last year I had wins, runner up and semi-final finishes. I know it’s in me and certainly in her (the car). I believe setbacks make you smarter. It makes you sit back and analyze your surroundings. That’s when you catch what you have been missing all along. I’m all about knowing the details. I’m very type ‘A’. I make my husband (and usually anyone in a 5 foot radius) nuts. Anyone who knows me, knows about my ‘quirks’ and usually just goes with it. It easier that way…… Remember, I’m an Italian woman from NY, I’m not easy to argue with. Anyway, Andrew had a good weekend at Super Chevy! He made it to the Semi-finals! That meant I had to crew for him. I don’t think I will be asked back for that job anytime soon. I was told I am annoying. Apparently I am not a good spectator and I am a worse crew member. I need to be behind the wheel, end of story. So noted!

Not sure what is next for Parise Racing, but we will keep you posted. As of now we are planning to continue running the NEOPMA races. If we can add anything else, we will certainly let you know! Be sure you check out (and like) our FaceBook page and check us out on Twitter as well! I update that on a regular basis and yes, it is me (or Andrew). So, feel free to ask a question or post a comment!

Remember if you see us at the races, come by and say hello!

~Dina ‘The Chef’

Allow me to introduce…….the Pro Mod?

With the introduction of a Driver Blog to our site, I thought I would bring you all back a bit to my introduction to Pro Mods (or Nitro Coupes as they were in the Super Chevy Show).

Andrew and I first met Dave Tomasino at the Super Chevy Show in 2004. Dave was driving a beautiful 1969 Chevy Camaro Nitro Coupe. Andrew was Bracket racing our 1967 Chevy Camaro. I just remember Dave’s Mom coming over to take photos of our car; funny thing was we were doing the same with his car.

Later that day, I got up the nerve to ask Dave if he could help us in any way with our ‘Racing for a Cure’ program to raise donations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Dave, being the kind of guy he is, went above and beyond to help us out. It was the beginning of a great friendship, and what I did not know the beginning of a great learning experience that would lead in a direction I had not anticipated at that moment.

We all became fast friends. Dave helped us, and we helped him. Over the season and into the next, we had a blast! The Super Chevy Show at Virginia Motorsports Park still leaves me with vivid memories. We were helping Dave. Along the way, we had met drivers such as Bruce Boland and Mike Swinarski to name a few. On this weekend, Mike and Bruce enlisted Andrew to help as well. He was helping start up both cars and as I remember bringing Bruce to the line. Now this does not sound like a difficult task, unless Mike and Bruce happen to run one another. Yes, you guessed it. So, there Andrew is, in between Mike’s ’53 Corvette Nitro coupe and Bruce’s ’33 Willy’s. First he went to Mike. He gave a bit of fuel into the Blower hat, Mike started it and BAM, and he stalls. Now, normally this would not be a big deal, but someone neglected to refill the fuel bottle, so there was barely enough to go around! So, now one more shot with Mike’s car….. and we are good to go! Now over to Bruce. Now, I have to tell you, Andrew is not the tallest guy around, and that did present just a bit of a problem when getting this Willy’s started. He had to lean way over to position himself (safely) to reach the Blower hat. Everyone was ready , and Bruce started her up! Now, we are back to the vertically challenged Andrew. Apparently, Bruce did not have the clutch pedal all the way down…..this caused the car to lurch a bit as it started, and proceeded to toss Andrew about five feet. Now, normally, one would gasp at the thought of that happening…Normally….I on the other hand found it very amusing (after I knew he was fine). The expression on his face was priceless! Maybe you had to be there, I don’t know, but we still give him a hard time about that to this day!

The friends made and the lessons learned, have helped to lead our team to being what it is today. We learned that you need to remember where you came from (as they all certainly did). Don’t be afraid to help someone out even if he (or she) is your competitor. That’s the name of the game. It’s all about sportsmanship. The sportsmanship and the camaraderie is one of the main things that drew me to this sport, and makes me love it to this day.

Dina Parise