10 years post 9/11, Where are you now?

Ten years post 9-11. It is of course one of those dates that you remember where you were and what you were doing that day. It was as if time stood still, and you were watching a moving picture. Like those old black and white movies. It was haunting. Still is.

Please let me preface this with; I am not writing this as a political statement. It is merely our view of the events of September 11th, how they have affected us and those around us.

Having friends who lost husbands, and loved ones makes it even more real. Now you are no longer watching the movie, you have become a player. It’s not really where anyone wants to be, but the choice was made for us.

In the ten years since the attacks, many things have changed yet much has remained the same. The change was inevitable, and much had to happen .Of course some of the change is up for debate in the court of public opinion .I am not willing to step to the witness stand for this one.  The obvious needed to change; security in all facets, heightened security alerts, governmental changes as well as many other changes. Then ultimately we became a Nation at war.

For the first month or so, I remember seeing American flags being flown everywhere! It was such a feeling of a country coming together. Flags on homes, cars; you name it. People seem to be a bit more polite to one another, and watch out for their neighbors.  Slowly those flags became less and less apparent and people seem to become cold to one another. Why would that be? This issue of terrorism is still looming over all of our heads. Life as we know it has forever changed in an instant! But, have we forgotten so quickly?

I referred to a friend earlier who lost her husband during 9-11. He was NYFD. A hero. While everyone was running away from the Twin Towers, he and his ‘brothers’ were running into them. That was their job. They saved so many lives that day, along with the NYPD, the Port Authority and many others. So many risked their lives to save others. There were so many stories of heroism from that fateful day; we would need a whole website to dedicate just to that.

In the aftermath of the attacks, there are now so many lives affected it seems astounding. From those directly affected by loss or otherwise or to those whose loved ones have chosen to enlist in Military service in the wake of this tragedy. Of course as we all know, war inevitably creates loss. Casualty is the horrific reality of war that none of us want to face, but needs to be addressed and needs to be acknowledged. Our Military members are heroes and need to be addressed as such.

A tragedy as catastrophic as 9-11 should be enough to make everyone stand up and take notice , even 10 years later .Obviously we all need to be aware of our surroundings, but we need to respect them and each other as well. It seems that many of us have ‘short term memory’ and ‘instant gratification’ syndrome. Something happens, and we are quick to help for the moment, and then the moment fades and so do the memory and the support. As a country and as human beings, we need to keep it together and support each other, our country and those who are serving to protect our freedom.

I tend to be a bit of a research hound. Anyone who knows me knows I am always armed with a plethora of information in reference to the subject at hand, and I like to look at ‘things’ from a different perspective. Sometimes a fresh view is all you need.

In doing some research I came across the Symbolic meaning of the number 911. I found it quite profound, and hope that it may bring some to a renewed sense of patriotism and respect for humanity. It’s worth a shot, anyway.

Here is what I found. The number one’s deal with strong will, positivity, pure energy as well as new beginnings, and innocence. So to tell the symbol story of 911, we may conclude that this number meaning as a whole deals with starting out in a new direction the hope of obtaining accomplishment, release, satisfaction or even creative expression. All things considered, we can start fresh, be positive and begin to realize that we are all on the same team. If we do not continue to keep that united front we will succumb to the very enemies that created that initial united front to begin with.

Let me leave you with this. For some of us, 10 years has faded the memory of that horrific day .For some of us the news has desensitized us to the perils of war. On this 10th Anniversary of the worst attack on American soil, we at Parise Racing want to remind everyone to always fly your American Flag proudly. Be there for you neighbor if he or she needs you. And lastly please remember our men and women of the Armed Forces who risk their lives every day all to protect our Freedom.

“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Story by Dina Parise

It’s all about Motivation

Andrew ‘Bam-Bam’ Parise

Having a two car Pro Mod team has its positive and negatives. For starters, one car is always the guinea pig (usually, my car) and the other is car is to be ‘just’ the race car.  For the most part we test new products this way, but if you have been following our team you have seen that it has not worked out well for Dina’s car in most situations.  We know that two cars are not the same, don’t like the same tune up, what we came to the conclusion is Dina’s car is just a ‘Beast’ , hence the nickname.

The ‘Beast’ has been one of the hardest cars to figure out, but with determination and hard work we are getting close to working it out.  Being a driver I can only say, thank god it isn’t me in her car! Everybody says you are a good driver; you (I) make it look easy. The reason for that, is I have a car that will go down a mud road in a flood, so my driving skills look amazing. As for Dina, she has her hands full. You hear people say things like, she can’t drive, and she is green.  When you are put to test because your race car doesn’t like to go straight you are along for the ride.  I wouldn’t be able to handle a car like this nor would I want to. Trust me by this time I would have driven it off a cliff. But the determination that Dina has makes a lot of people work harder at fixing that ‘Beast’. So, the next time you have a comment to make, come on over and give it your best shot to take a ride in the ‘Beast’, it surely will change your mind.

Maintenance on two cars just means one thing, double duty. Between rounds we have to be very organized and know who is doing what task. It is very easy to get lost or forget something that will cost you the race. We not only check things twice, we triple check things. But every so often you will make a mistake as we all are human. You have to love the sport to be as crazy as we are. We always get the question, how do you maintain two cars? It is not easy, but at the same time it’s not hard. The hard part is keeping the funding coming in to maintain them. Here is where the fun is, I am very OCD with the cleanliness of the cars, truck and trailer.  I wax every part on both cars after the cars come home from a race, clean the truck and trailer prior to a race and sometime before we get to the race.  It takes me a couple days to clean one car. Most people think it is too much work or I am just crazy. It’s a bit of both but they always look new. I take pride in that.

To run two cars it takes a lot of dedication, passion, time and of course, funding. In life, people have choices to make and for us we decided to have three ‘ kids’; two Pro Mods and our dog Bella. While most are spending money on clothes, parties, college and kids’ stuff we are trying to keep our program going. At times you ask why, but at the same time you have to say why not.  We are fortunate to able to race and provide excitement (to our fans) so let’s try our hardest to keep it going, right?

In our lives we make decisions that you live with for the rest of your life. Some bad decisions and some great ones ; in that time we create memories as well. For the most part we all want to keep the great memories and leave the bad decisions behind, yet learn from them.  This year was the 21st anniversary of my Mother being gone and it doesn’t ever get easier. But the one thing that I will never forget is how she always looked at me and made me feel. Each day that goes by I remember the great memories and how I drove her nuts. A mother of three boys, me being the last and the worst but I know my mother wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I learned how far I can push the envelope ‘til you had to pay the price. My mother taught me a lot of things and one thing she taught was never quit. To this day, I remember the day she passed .She fought and fought until everyone was there so she could say goodbye.  I have learned to live with good and bad and look at things differently.

We all want to race and win, but if you go out every race and try your hardest the word losing doesn’t exist in your mind. I call it Motivation.  So the next time some asks you why you didn’t win or says, “I can’t believe you Did Not Qualify”, say “Motivation got the best of us” and watch for the response. Remember, as long as you are HERE to say that; that is all that matters.

Andrew ‘Bam-Bam’

Type ‘A’ Personality and the Pro Mod

Dina ‘the Chef’ Parise

It has definitely been entirely too long since my last blog. But, with having a two car Pro Mod team and running things ourselves, sometimes I do get overwhelmed! I do like to keep our fans in the loop, so here goes.

The winter was long….very long. We tried to re-group. That was hard considering every time we attempted to get in a vehicle to go somewhere, the snow held us back. The weather just added to our frustration.

We did get a bit of a late start this season. With funding being a bit low, we did not have the freedom to go out and test as we had done previously. We are not the type to give up, though and somehow we make it work.

After getting a bit of testing in, we went to Maryland International Raceway for the NEOPMA event in May.  It was my first time back at the track since my crash there in August of 2010. As fate would have it, I was not to make a full pass there on this day either. I happened to be racing my arch rival…..Andrew Parise! I treed him and had him to just about half track until I had massive engine failure. The failure locked the rear wheels, and made the car bounce, when it came down, it shot me hard left riding the zoomies (up on the two right wheels) the whole way! Quite a ride! Many thought I was on the brake, and I’m guessing due to the rear wheel s being locked up that was how it sounded. As I got her settled down, my next dilemma was the approaching wall.  I got her turned to the right and just clipped the left front tire. All in all, not that bad…..Whew!  The staff and safety crew at MIR were right there to help. So was my friend J.J. from Derrick Townes crew! J.J. got my power shut off and helped me with my gear…..Thanks J.J.!

After that we took a well needed break. A month off, time to regroup. It just seemed nothing was going our way. It happens, I guess. Can’t let it get to you, though. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe that. We got my car in order took some time to think and went back at it. Trust me one month was enough…..we needed to get back out there! We were making one another crazy! Time to go racing!

We did some testing at Numidia Dragway. A beautiful place to be, with some of the nicest people you want to meet. We spent a few days there and got quite a bit accomplished. Next stop; Super Chevy.

The Super chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway holds lots of memories for me and for us as a race team. It was the first place I saw my husband race and where I caught ‘the bug’ (much to Andrew’s dismay)! It also was where I took our Super Comp 67 Camaro down the track in a race for the first time. I had high hopes for this race. Last year, I was runner up to Jimmy Barker. This year, not so much. I did not even qualify. The car gave us problems. It’s ok. We will get it figured out. We have the best crew around. Last year I had wins, runner up and semi-final finishes. I know it’s in me and certainly in her (the car). I believe setbacks make you smarter. It makes you sit back and analyze your surroundings. That’s when you catch what you have been missing all along. I’m all about knowing the details. I’m very type ‘A’. I make my husband (and usually anyone in a 5 foot radius) nuts. Anyone who knows me, knows about my ‘quirks’ and usually just goes with it. It easier that way…… Remember, I’m an Italian woman from NY, I’m not easy to argue with. Anyway, Andrew had a good weekend at Super Chevy! He made it to the Semi-finals! That meant I had to crew for him. I don’t think I will be asked back for that job anytime soon. I was told I am annoying. Apparently I am not a good spectator and I am a worse crew member. I need to be behind the wheel, end of story. So noted!

Not sure what is next for Parise Racing, but we will keep you posted. As of now we are planning to continue running the NEOPMA races. If we can add anything else, we will certainly let you know! Be sure you check out (and like) our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/PariseRacing and check us out on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/pariseracing as well! I update that on a regular basis and yes, it is me (or Andrew). So, feel free to ask a question or post a comment!

Remember if you see us at the races, come by and say hello!

~Dina ‘The Chef’


Dina and Andrew Parise


The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. ~  Robert Kiyosaki

After a month off, Parise Racing headed to the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Race with high hopes and higher expectations. Being a two car team, there can be a run of emotions and a challenge for a limited crew.

“We knew the heat was going to be a factor for running good numbers. Regardless, we were determined to do what we do.” Stated Dina Parise “But, the Beast (as my car is known) was being the Beast!” Said Dina. “My 63 Vette was not being a cooperative girl this weekend. No matter what we did she just said NO!! It was disappointing to not qualify. So many people worked very hard in getting her back in time for this race and to DNQ was not a good feeling, to say the least.”

With one Parise not qualified, all eyes were on Andrew. “Oh the pressure!”, Stated Andrew Parise. “I don’t know what was harder; to deal with the actual race or Dina driving me nuts!  A crewmember she is not! If she DNQ’s again, I am stepping out of the car and letting her finish the race for me!I will just give her a phone book to sit on!” said Andrew. “Our first round win felt great. The car was running well and I was doing my job to a point, although I did get treed! My  .024 to his .008, but luckily was able to take the win.”

In the Semi’s Andrew had to face his rival Tim (‘Monkey’ as the Parise’s affectionately call him) O’Hare. “ I have a lot of fun racing ‘Monkey’. His crew are a great bunch of guys and sometimes even ‘ Monkey’ isn’t that bad either.” said Andrew with a laugh. With Tim out of the gate first, Andrew had to chase him down. “ I wanted to throw a rope out and pull him back. Then, I saw Tim lift and I passed him at top end but it was too late .I ran out of real estate.” Following Andrew’s semi-final run, he had a Chute malfunction, as well as a fluid leak. He had a hard time getting the car to stop and used most of the racetrack to do so.  The safety crew at Maple Grove Raceway was right there as Andrew came to a stop. A big thank you to them for their quick response!

Dina and Andrew also need to thank the crew. Without them, they would not be able to do what they do. “We have such a hard working crew.” Said Dina “With two cars, and my type ‘A’ personality, they REALLY have their work cut out for them! ”She laughs! A big thank you to; Crew chief Dave Jordan, Butch Branzelle, Corey Branzelle, Charlie Saccoccio and Billy Coburn for all their hard work this weekend!

As a team, we at Parise Racing would like to say how glad we are that Steve King is o.k. after his crash last weekend. We hope to see Steve, Jeff and the crew back at it soon!

Parise Racing met so many great people over the weekend!  Many of them being Twitter and Facebook followers! Thank you for following! The team would especially like to mention meeting ‘Uncle Pete’. Meeting him was an honor .The fact is ‘Uncle Pete’ is a WWII Veteran! We would like to thank him (as well as all veterans) for their service to our country!

Parise Racing would like to thank the following for their continued support:  NGK, LAT Racing Oils , USA Auto Supply Inc. ,Hoosier, Braille Battery, Pro Torque, JE Pistons, Browell  BellHousing, Motorsports Unlimited. For more information regarding these companies please visit : http://pariseracing.com/sponsors/

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*Story and Photo by Parise Racing

Parise Racing Heads to Super Chevy at Maple Grove

Amelia Earhart said it the best, “Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, but, they also get more notoriety when they crash.”

“ 2011 has not  been the best year for Parise Racing,” Stated Dina Parise. “We tried some new technology that just didn’t work out for us, and to top it off, I hit the wall. It has been a bit of a struggle but we are not willing to give up that easily. Our team has the perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles. Yesterday is in the past. We have learned from it and moved on.” stated Dina.

“We decided to sit back and look at everything .It was time to make changes to achieve our goals.”  Stated  Andrew Parise. “ To advance in this sport you do have to try new things, but sometimes they just don’t work in your favor. Rather than going into panic mode, we regrouped. Now, we are ready to rock!” Stated Andrew.

After the crash, Dina’s 1963 Corvette went to  ProChassis. Nick Montana and the crew got the chassis back in racing condition with little time to do so. Strange Engineering and American Racing Headers turned over parts very quickly, which also helped the process along. The car then went for paint and was ready for some testing! The team then spent a few days at Numidia Dragway to get some test runs in. Testing was successful, and the team is ready to go!

Parise Racing is back in business and headed to Maple Grove Raceway for the Super Chevy Show! They will be attending and racing with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association in the ‘Chevy VS. the World II ‘ Event !

As many of you may know, rivalry runs deep in the Parise camp! This weekend will be no different! Who are you rooting for? What’s that you say ? You can’t get to the track? No worries! Check out the Parise Racing ‘pit cam’ live on U-Stream all weekend! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/parise-racing  or on the Parise Racing website homepage! http://pariseracing.com/

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I’m Back at the Track and Feeling Good!

As many of you know, I had been a bit under the weather. Mom and Dad had to take me to the hospital for some tests, and they left me there! Can you imagine? Me?! I was very scared, but then I started to feel better, so I thought, ‘hey, maybe this isn’t so bad after all!’
All the people at West Hills Animal Hospital (on Long Island) were so nice to me, specially my doctor. Dr. Coren. He’s the best! He’s been taking care of me for a long time now. I like him! I want to say a big “WOOF and Thank you to Dr. Coren and his staff! They rock!”
Thankfully, they got me all fixed up in time to go racing! It’s where I love to be! Speaking of racing, I also need to send a big WOOF OUT to my friends and fans! Mom and Dad told me how you all cared so much to write posts on FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/PariseRacing ) wishing me well! It really helped me get better!
We have not been to the track in a while. But, as usual, I had a great time! I got to sit in my Jr. Dragster stroller, and met lots of new friends! Oh, ya then there was the racing part! It was awesome!
You may find it hard to believe, but the sound of those monster Pro Mods, does not bother me. I guess I’m used to it. And boy, do they sound good! After they ran some test runs, everyone was happy! That’s good!
So, we left Numidia Dragway feeling happy! The next stop……… Maple Grove Raceway for the Super Chevy Show! That is going to be fun! I have so many friends and fans there; I can’t wait to see them all!
I will WOOF at you all, real soon!
Thanks for checking out my blog!
Bella Booda

Parise Racing making Super Chevy all about Honoring our Military

(Oakdale,NY) – It’s coming upon the third Saturday of May. Most unfortunately are unaware of the significance of that day, or how significant the entire month of May really is.

Dina and Andrew Parise with Veterans at Virginia Motorsports ParkMay is Military appreciation month.  The Senate first passed a resolution in 1999 designating May National Military Appreciation Month. Saturday, May 21st (the third Saturday of the month) is Armed Forces Day. The culmination of Military Appreciation month will be on May 30th.

Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson proclaimed the American Armed Forces Day in August 31, 1949. In the United States, Armed Forces Day is always celebrated on the third Saturday in May to honor all American military personnel.

Would you like to let those serving overseas know you care? Parise Racing can help!  Visit http://pariseracing.com/ and click on the ‘Support for the Troops’ tab! Print it out, take it to work! Our Troops deserve our support!

Parise Racing is headed to Virginia Motorsports Park for the Super Chevy Show .Andrew will be ready to do battle in his blown ’53 Corvette. But behind the scenes, there will be some very special guests. Some are Veterans, some Wounded Warriors getting a needed break from a local VA hospital , some dedicated VA workers and Active Duty Military personnel as  well .“We run our Vettes for Vets program all season long” Stated Dina Parise  “But, it seems especially poignant when we run it on a holiday such as this. Especially with the guests we have joining us this week.”

Parise Racing could not run their Vettes for Vets program without the support, assistance and cooperation of  the following: VMP, Bryan Pierce, Trey Dotson and Ecko McDonald ; along with Outback Steakhouse in Colonial Heights , Va.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…….racing!

Andrew Parise is ready for VMP! “I’m going solo on this one!” States Andrew Parise .  “My wife is really putting the pressure on me. She’s got some nerve. I mean really, she wrecks the car, and I have to pick up the slack?” He laughs.

The team has regrouped after last week. “It’s a new week.” Stated Andrew. “”That’s how we see it. We will go out there and put on a great show for the fans and our Military guests. I’m looking forward to it.”

So, if you are keeping up with the Parise saga….We think ‘Bam Bam’ has begun to sing “Let the sun shine in……..”

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Special Thank You to:

Outback Steakhouse (Colonial Heights, Va. Roger Hedrick Proprietor)


Virginia Motorsports Park   http://vmpdrag.com/drag/

**NOTE** Super Chevy Weekend is also Armed Forces Weekend! All weekend, anyone with a valid Military or Department of Defense ID Card will receive a single day spectator admission ticket for half price Saturday and Sunday.


Dina Parise Takes another Hit at MIR…

(Oakdale,NY) – Ever hear the saying, ‘When it rains it pours?’ Well it’s comin’ down in buckets in the Parise Racing camp! Just when you think things can’t get any worse…

It began just TRYING to get out of New York. Somewhere along the line, Andrew and Dina became the poster people for Murphy’s Law. If it could break, spill, crack or fall off…..it did. Then there was the traffic. It was like a mass exodus to leave Long Island! Where were these people going? Didn’t they know the team was already late and needed to get to Maryland International Raceway for the Mountain Motor Nationals and Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association race? Guess not.

Parise Racing Team 2011

Once the team finally arrived at the track they got to work to prep for Friday’s test and tune and qualifying rounds.

Andrew and Dina both made a few hits in their ’53 and ’63 Corvettes (respectively). This was Dina’s first time back to MIR since her crash last August. “I felt OK. I was happy that the test session was in the left lane.” Stated Dina Parise  “I needed to just get out there and do it.”

In the first qualifying round it was Parise VS. Parise . “It’s the way we love to race.” Stated Andrew Parise “We love to meet at the tree. She left on me, I saw her and then she was gone. I got to top end and saw flashing lights. Not the way to end a race with anyone, let alone ; your wife .I damn near fired my car back up to get to her, but  Jeff Miller made me get on his scooter. In my head for one thing, I knew that Jason Miller and MIR safety were taking good care of her.”

“Really?Again?” Stated Dina. “That’s all I could say to myself. Even the damage looks the same. At this point the level of frustration is insurmountable. We barely had enough funds to race, and now this. It’s heartbreaking. I can say this; I treed him, and I had him, until it went south, and at that point, I had qualified (although we still had three more sessions to go). So I have that going for me!” She laughs.

Even given the circumstances, the team still had a job to do, and a Vettes for Vets program to run. Saturday came and did not present the best racing weather, but the rain was holding off, for now.

On hand for Parise Racing’s Vettes for Vets program were USMC Quantico personnel. Thanks to MIR, Royce Miller, Jason Miller, Bryan Starner and the staff. The guests had a great time and were treated to a round of applause by the crowd as well! Thank you also to Rustic River Bar and Grill for their support and great food!

As always the team would like to thank their crew. Crew Chief Dave Jordan, and Crew members James Montana, Jody Lupton, Butch Branzelle and Corey Branzelle.

As far as racing, we were able to get in three more rounds of qualifying.  Andrew was to run Tim O’Hare in first round eliminations and wouldn’t you know it…….it poured down rain. That ended the event. How appropriate…. ‘When it rains it pours’…..

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Special thank you to:

Maryland International Raceway    http://www.mirdrag.com/

Rustic River Bar and Grill                 http://www.rusticriver.net/


Parise Racing Heads to Mountain Motor Nationals at MIR

(Oakdale,N.Y.) – April showers bring May flowers. That is the saying, right?  Well, as we all know, in this industry of racing, the only thing that smells better than a fresh cut flower is burning rubber!

Parise Racing cars at VMP 2011

The Parise team has gotten a late start this season. None the less the team is ready to compete. Having finally tested, and prepared both Dina and Andrew Parise are feeling confident. The most unfortunate drawback for the team this season is the lack of sponsorship backing. “We appreciate and are proud to represent our current sponsors, but we are in need of additional assistance to keep our team afloat.” Stated Dina Parise. “We hope that we can keep running the team as we currently do, but we may be facing the possibility of some changes. Through it all, we will continue to support our Vettes for Vets program as well as working with MS. We are fortunate to even do what we are doing, and never forget that. Ultimately, it’s what keeps you grounded.”

For now, we are ready to go! First stop is Maryland International Raceway for the Mountain Motor Nationals and Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Race on May 13th and 14th ! This Annual Event is always full of tons of Horsepower and heart stopping action! Dina will be running her ’63 Pro Mod Corvette and Andrew will be running his ’53 Pro Mod Corvette.  This will be the first event showcasing Andrew’s NEW paint scheme!

Don’t forget you can catch Parise Racing the LIVE FEED from the Pits at the Mountain Motor Nationals! See the team Live on UStream ; http://www.ustream.tv/channel/parise-racing beginning Saturday morning.

Along with racing, the Parise team will have some special guests cheering them on. As part of the Vettes for Vets program, the team has personnel from the USMC Quantico, and Veterans that are Wounded Warrior Project alumni. With the assistance of MIR, Royce Miller, Bryan Starner and Rustic River Bar and Grill the guests will be provided with a fun, free day of racing in the comfort of a tower suite as well as some  great food! It is the Parise Racing team’s way of saying ‘Thank You’ for your service and sacrifice.

We hope that by now you have had the chance to view Parise Racing new and improved website!  http://pariseracing.com/ We have added many new features, and lots of great information!

Parise Racing is proud to represent the companies that support them .Please be sure to visit our sponsor tab, to learn a bit about the sponsors of the team ; http://pariseracing.com/sponsors/ . The team would like to thank the following their sponsors for the support; NGK, USA Auto Supply, LAT Racing Oils, JE Pistons and Custom Wire Sets.

Parise Racing encourages anyone interested in sponsoring the team to contact them by visiting here; http://pariseracing.com/contact/ . Let  Parise Racing work for you!

See you at the races!

Special Thank You to:

Maryland International Raceway   http://www.mirdrag.com/

Rustic River Bar and Grill                 http://www.rusticriver.net/


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

That’s right folks! Bella Booda here! It’s finally that time of the year! Racing season! Have you missed me? Mommy has been hogging up the computer with this whole Website Re-Launch, thingy, so I have been getting lots of naps in! Have you checked out the *NEW and Improved* Website? I’m hearing it’s looking very cool! But, what do I know, since I’m a dog and all!

So….SSSHHHHHH, I have been snooping around out in the shop and WOW! Things are looking good! Daddy painted his car! It looks a lot like the things that fly in the air, you know…planes! Very cool! Uncle Dave has been working very hard putting lots of parts together. I don’t know how he does it. I can’t watch for too long. When I do, I need a snack and a nap!

I finally got to be a co-pilot again in the Motor Home! First we went to a place where the cars were inside. That confused me, but I had fun in my Junior Dragster Stroller anyway! We were at the Northeast Custom Car Show! I had to use my cuteness to help raise donations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! I’m cute, so it works! Did you know you can donate to the teams causes right here on the website? Here, Mommy gave me the link; http://pariseracing.com/our-causes/ . Just go to the link and click on the cause!

The show was so much fun! Lots of people said hello to me! But, I am not used to being inside, or to it being so quiet! So, I waited. I waited to see Mommy start cooking and putting food in those big trays…..Finally! I see it! Lots of food, packing the Motor Home! We are going racing! Yahoo!

We went to one of my favorite places! Virginia MotorSports Park! I have lots of friends there!  I got to sit outside in my stroller, and listen to the roar of the motors! I know what you are thinking; “a dog, at a racetrack, and loud motors?” YES! Guess what? I can hang with the big boys (and girls). I am a Professional Pro Mod Puppy! So, you can usually find me hanging around in the pits.

Start them up….shut them down….start them up…shut them down……Go out for a run….come back….go out for a run….come back…. I was getting dizzy! I forgot what testing was like! Lots of starting and stopping. Then the Burst Panel thingy popped on Mommy’s car! Not sure what that is, but they took pictures! Wanna see? Look in here; http://pariseracing.com/photos/testing/ Then we had some soldiers visit too! I liked them! They are in the photos too!

So, another season begins, and I will be seeing from my point of view again! I hope you enjoy my ‘Puppy pit reports’ again this season! I hope to see you all at the track! I will be back soon , but now I’m gonna take a nap! This Blog stuff is exhausting!


Bella Booda