Back in the ‘Stroller’ Again !

Bella MIR

Woofin’ at ya my good people! It’s good to be back in my Stroller again! Yes, right where I belong! The Dina Parise Racing season has begun… and this PR Pug is in full gear… and Lovin’ it!

So far I have seen my peeps at Virginia Motorsports Park, Maryland International Raceway and even Central Islip Fire Department right here on Long Island! I may not drive on of those sweet lookin’ Pro Mod Corvettes but I think I have more fans than Mom and Dad combined! Hey, have you seen my new Hero Cards? Oh, yes! They Rock!

At the last race, Dad was doing pretty well…… well, I thought he was, anyway. Then I saw lots of stuff…… all out on the table and in buckets. HHHMMM, now I know I’m a dog…. but I’m a smart dog….. and I’m a Drag Racing dog…. I know bad stuff when I see it… This was bad…. Little pieces of metal… the race day was over. But, I was still hangin’ out greeting my fans! Dad and the crew also had one more thing to do; They had to repair my stroller. Look, he may bust up his Pro Mod and be finished for the day, but I am the PR Pug… I’m a busy dog! I was sure to oversee the whole operation…. I have to make sure they do it right! Woof!  Stroller

Sometimes they think because I’m down here…. I can’t figure stuff out. Actually, I can see it all! They should be glad I can’t talk. Woo! You think that Duke dog for Bush beans knows stuff? HA! He ain’t  got nothin’ on me…. He’s got Beans, but I have Brute force Horse Power…therefore … I win! Woof!

So, I see Mom getting cooking done! AAAHHH, I know what that means! Race week is coming up! I think I heard her say we are going to Virginia Motorsports Park for the Super Chevy show and Extreme Outlaw Pro Mods ( ! That is so cool! I love that place!

Do you like Drag Racing? Do you like Corvettes? How about dogs? Well, you should come out and meet me….Um, I mean come out and check out Dina Parise Racing, of course!

So, I’m off to get my toy bag and get ready to go! My bones are packed so I have plenty of stuff to chew on the ride down!

Woofin’ at ya!

Catch you at the races!

~Bella Booda

The PR Pug


Drag Racing on Long Island, can it be?


For Long Islanders it has been quite some time since Drag Racers and fans alike have had the pleasure of having the sights, sounds and smells of a Drag Strip in their own backyard. Drag Racers are a resourceful bunch as well as a giving community. Add those two things together and you have yourself a race , of sorts!

For the second time , the Central Islip Fire Department Training Facility ( ) hosted a Test and Tune as well as a Car show organized by Long Island Drag Racing ( ) all to benefit The  Cooley’s Anemia Foundation ( ).


Drag Racing, a beautiful day and a great cause. there are no better components to add together than that! It was a great day for Long Island racers to get out and Test their race cars for the up coming season! Long Island Drag Racing provided a ‘Port-a-Tree-‘ Christmas Tree, equipped with an actual Reaction and 60 foot time. The participants could stay into the throttle to 200 feet  until having to lift. The event was well organized , and everyone was impressed with the track conditions.

As part of this event Dina Parise Racing was there in association with Island Propane Corp. ( ). DPR was there appearing with the 1953 Corvette Pro Mod. Unfortunately, in the event prior to that the car suffered a catastrophic blow to the motor. With some quick thinking and ingenuity, Dina decided to display the culprits of said blown motor! So, on display, were some busted up pistons , rods and a pan with aluminum scrap. there was also a sign that read: ‘Do you know what 3,000 HP looks like when things go wrong? Well, here’s an example!’ What a conversation starter!

The turnout was enormous! Fans and Racers had a great day for a great cause. $13,000 was raised for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation. That is a win, win situation!

DPR would like to thank:  Julie Chan Coldwell Banker : for participating in this event!

Thank you to: NGK,LAT Racing Oils, CRC Industries, Throttle Threads, Neal Chance, Pro Chassis Design, Hoosier Racing Tire, JE Pistons and Browell Bell Housing.

Please visit :  for more information about DPR’s Marketing Partners!


Drag Racing vs. Street Racing Get it Right!


If you view the news, you will notice that the term ‘Drag Racing’ gets thrown around frequently and for the wrong reasons. The use of the media’s incorrect  terminology has a tendency to reflect negatively on the sport of Drag Racing as a whole. For those who have never experienced the amazing , family friendly sport of Drag Racing (where have you been?)… here is a quick lesson!

Drag Racing (in short) is a competition in which ‘prepared’ vehicles compete in a ‘controlled’ environment (a Drag Strip). There are governing rules for participants and that includes safety.

Street Racing is just that. Street Racing. It is in no way shape or form , Drag Racing and, yes it is illegal and it’s just plain stupid.

Now I ask you, if they were going around a curve, why do they not call it NASCAR racing? Just a thought.

For the many who participate in the sport of Drag Racing whether it be on a professional lever or as a hobby, it is the Drag Racing community that is fighting the battle to uphold a reputation being tarnished by those who seem to have no knowledge of what the sport actually consists of. The media in it’s haste seems to latch onto the term Drag Racing as if it is a common denominator. The common  denominator is education , or lack of it.

As a Drag Racer I feel the need to want to educate the media (as well as the general public)  on the difference between Drag Racing and Street Racing. I have made 100’s calls to local newspapers and TV stations requesting the correction. Their answer? We will make a note of it. Really a note? And the beat goes on.

I have had conversations with Top Fuel Driver Doug Herbert about this very subject. He and I have the same complaint when it comes to getting the media to understand the distinction between Drag Racing and Street Racing.  Doug’s amazing B.R.A.K.E.S. Program ( ) is one that should be in every community (in my opinion).

I reiterate, education on ALL sides is key! For many reasons. Of course to start; We need to differentiate between Street Racing and Drag Racing for the (what we as Racers know to be) obvious reasons. Let me entertain you!


Street Racing: ILLEGAL. Done on our public Roads. Very Dangerous. Very Stupid. *That sums it up*

Drag Racing: LEGAL. Performed in a controlled environment. With governing rules, regulations and safety features. A family sport! Entertaining and a great day out for all. Every ticket is a ‘pit pass’! No gender requirements. No age limits.

As a Team owner and Driver I admit, I do find it a responsibility to our fans and even to the public to make everyone understand the importance of safe driving. But the negative connotation of Drag Racing to Street Racing has created an ‘Oxymoron’ of sorts. Here’s why.

Due to the now created misconception, many think that Drag Racers are cowboys on the road. Quite the contrary. I know, we as Drag Racers are safer drivers because we are more aware, more cognizant of what can happen. It’s our job. So, let us put it to good use, rather than sensationalizing our sport because it’s there for the taking.

This DPR team works hard. We work hard at racing and we work hard when we are not. Just as many other teams do. So love it, or not…. I am standing up for all of us Drag Racers and saying…..

Street Racing is NOT Drag Racing…Get it Straight…

Thank you!

See you at the Drag Strip!




It’s not a Dream, It’s Reality……

You know when you have that dream where you are falling and falling…. and you wake up in a sweat with your heart pounding? Sometimes being a team owner and driver…. makes me feel like that for real! HA! I say that tongue and cheek, but you get the gist.

You always hear (or read) me talking about our amazing Marketing Partners. Of course, the truth is, we owe what we do to them! And we are thankful for everything they do for us, and we are always sure to create the visibility for them, in our own DPR way.

For me, coming from a competitive background, I strive for more and more every day. I want to reach the top. It’s a hunger that keep me fighting, no matter what. As I said, we appreciate all our Marketing Partners but of course we hope to acquire more along the way.

It’s funny, I get many who ask me about PR and who is your PR person? Really? PR person? Do I look like Danica Patrick to you? Do you think we have a gazillion dollars? HA! No.For PR sometimes the best ‘person’ is not a ‘person’ at all! In our case, it may be our Pug, Bella! But really, I am not afraid at this point to say it’s me….all me. There is no extra money in the budget for a PR person, so what you see is what you get. We did at one time however try to use a ‘Marketing Person’. Frankly, all he did was waste our time and money. Never again. I am not naïve. I understand that nothing is guaranteed, but this person took advantage. People like that should be held accountable for their actions, but I have no time for retribution. I’m too busy to go backwards. Honestly, I know if the right person will just pay attention to my ideas…… it will be a home run. It’s a work in progress, and I am willing to DO the work myself. OH,ya… and I don’t have a choice anyway! LOL!

If you follow or at all, you will find many photos of Andrew and myself turning wrenches on our Pro Mod Corvettes. We are resourceful because we need to be, but the fact remains  that will never change. I grew up that way. I am the owner, Driver, PR girl and the cook. And I love every minute of  it! As of right now, I still hold a real job too. I am a hairdresser and have been for many years. My ultimate goal is racing full time. In my racing endeavors, my goals are; Empowering women to follow their dreams……. And a Championship…. I will achieve my goals.

DPR has certainly made mistakes in the past. But, if you don’t make them , you don’t learn from them. Pick up, move on. ‘Suck it up Buttercup’, is my favorite saying.  It’s what I said to myself when I crashed (racing Andrew) , and Andrew was in and going rounds. It’s  a two car team. We had things to do. So, I made lunch, and got on with the day!

My days I must admit tend to be quite long. They begin with doing things around the house. I try to squeeze in a workout , and then the real work begins. If I am not headed to my job, I am working form home taking care of whatever I need to for the team. It is a never-ending process. there are highs and lows. Some days I feel discouraged, but DPR has amazing fans and they really keep me fired up!

We will be firing up this DPR  ’63 Corvette again soon! Next stop will be Virginia MotorSports Park for the Super Chevy Show and Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod May 17th – 19th . If you are there, and I hope you are, remember the DPR pit area is always open! Come by! Say hello! Get a signed Hero card from me (or Andrew and Bella of course).

Remember the best part about Drag Racing? Every ticket is a pit pass!

See you at the races!





DPR Back,Burning Rubber and Makin’ Noise!

IMG_8258 (2)

After a season lacking the smell of burning rubber,the huff of Methanol oozing from the header pipes ,greasy fingers and exhausting travel days; Dina Parise Racing and the team’s two beautiful Pro Mod Corvettes have hit the track once again.
“For sure we are having to play catch-up” Stated Dina Parise. “It’s been a long year. We are shaking off the cob-webs and getting back into the groove. No pun intended of course!”
Being that this DPR team has hit two racing events, this seems long overdue, no? Well, here goes. In a nutshell:
April 6th DPR attended the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Race at Virginia MotorSports Park. This was really a dust off for the team. Both the ’53 and ’63 Pro Mod Corvettes were out and ready to go. As anyone in Drag Racing knows, you are never ready, ’til you are finished. The ’63 began to give the crew trouble. Big trouble. Two cars slowly dwindled to one. Why you may ask? Well, because Andrew’s ’53 Corvette had become the parts car. ” You name it, she took it.” Stated Andrew Parise. “It looked like I had a Pro Mod Fire Sale! I think she’s taking this President of DPR thing a bit too far.” He laughs. Undoubtedly, the team had it’s fair share of woes that weekend. But this team has seen adversity, and stared it in the face. More than once.
Next stop, Maryland International Raceway for Door Warz and the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Association. This weekend the team decided to concentrate on Andrew’s car only. Being quite shorthanded for that trip it seemed a smarter option. The weekend began with an electrical gremlin that was not egar to be identified. With the assistance of Jon Salemi, owner of Resolution Racing Services Andrew Qualified in the #5 spot in a 16 car field. Securing his #5 position he ran a respectable 6.14 and held it with 6.10 in the next round. He did take the first round win over Larry Plummer with a 6.05 @ 230 MPH, but hurt the motor and could not make it out for the next round.” Jon was a great addition to this DPR team. We look forward to working together in the future. I know we will.” Stated Andrew. MIR Jon and US

Let’s not forget about the rockin’ DPR crew! They worked hard on both outings, as they always do! Thank you Butch Branzelle, Jody Lupton, James Montana, Nick Montana and Nick Lacerenza for your hard work and dedication to DPR. Lastly, we can not forget, Bella the PR Pug. (Be sure to check her out on twitter @ProModBella).
Being back to racing is work! But, taking the 2012 season off from racing did in no way mean that Dina (or Andrew ) were sitting back eating Bon Bon’s(well, if you ask Andrew, Dina eats too much chocolate, but that’s another story) “This DPR team has some great Marketing Partners. Even when not racing, we attended Charity events and shows to stay visible and continuously promote our partners.”
DPR would like to thank NGK Spark Plugs, LAT Racing Oils, Pro Chassis Design and Hoosier Racing Tire for their continued support. DPR would also like to welcome Throttle Threads (The official outfitter of DPR), CRC Industries, Radical Corvettes and Kelly Jean Design. It is with the support of these amazing companies as well as utilizing their products and services that allow DPR to continue on the path to success! Please head to  to learn about all our great Partners. Then support our partners by purchasing some of their product or utilizing their services!
So, DPR has begun the 2013 season with a bang! Be sure to keep up with the team on their Social Media for latest happenings!

It’s Go Time….


Burning the candle at both ends is nothing new for me, it has been very busy. I could use more hours in the day, or better yet get my crew to New York. The little things on these cars take longer to do, then rebuilding the engines. But as they say the work must get done one way or another.

Being married is a full time job, then you add in racing, a second boss, and if you know Dina she is very persistent at times, so you add all this in with a 18 hour day the pressure gets very high. Dina takes medication for her migraines we call it Stupid Max, she will say “The thing made a noise…. you know… the thing”. It is like playing charades. Well, the Doctor just increased the dosage, which means we are going to be playing a new improved game! It is going to be a lot of fun.

It has been a long winter, lots of snow and a bit too cold for me. The boss made the decision to attend the testing at South Georgia Motorsports. Well, let me explain the fun prior to leaving for this event. Dina doesn’t get sick often, but a couple days prior of loading all the goods into the motorhome she comes down with the flu. How convenient. So, between working all day I have to run around and get the food, drinks, stickers, load the motorhome with clothes and all the goods. Oh ya, load both Pro Mods and everything needed for racing. All I can say is WOW. I got it all completed and off we went, stopped off on the side of the road in Virginia to pick up crew member Butch Brazelle.

For the most part the trip going down was nice and quiet. Dina was nice shade of Green for most of the trip, serves her right for making me do all the work. As most of people know, I have to wash the transporter before entering the track (It can not be seen with dirt on it), so we traveled an hour out of the way to get it washed when I heard a pop. Flat tire on the trailer.  Not happy, but hey we have the tools. We pull off in the grass only to realize we cannot jack up the trailer. Well, after driving 20 hours of driving,the last thing you want is a flat with no way to change it.The police show up. The officer was as helpful as he could be. I think he really was entertained by us! With having no leverage on the grass, I came up with an idea.Use the wood that closes the steps when traveling! Let’s just say the Boss was not overly excited with that idea. We change the tire like a nascar pit crew, say thank you to the Police Officer and off we go to get it washed and the chrome polished.

We were scheduled to test for four days. Besides being cold, I felt like I worked in Jiffy Lube. We had an issue with Dina’s 63 Corvette and we were covered in oil for four days. We only made one hit each, loaded up and went back to NY. It was a very depressing ride home, when all of a sudden we heard POP… Yes another flat on the side of 85 in VA, this time we couldn’t get the jack high enough to get the tire off. But Butch and myself pulled it off in the dark and off we went.

Living in NY, tolls are expensive and our Easy Pass stopped working. So to Cash lanes we go. The first bridge, George Washington Bridge the female cop looked at me with that face and said $50.00. The second bridge we pulled up to was the Throgs Neck bridge, the cop looks at the rig, shakes his head and says “$110 bucks, I can’t believe I just said that” Well that was the funniest thing we heard. He just couldn’t believe he said $110 bucks.

We attended the EOPM race at Virginia Motorsports April 5th. It was great to be back and see our extended family. We get all setup and ready to test on friday both cars,So we thought. Dina’s car, ‘the Beast’ had a fuel leak. Luckily we found it, bad news we didn’t have a spare part. Oh wait we may not have had a spare part, but we had a spare ‘Parts Car’! MY CAR.. my rockin 53 Corvette! So, we take that part off and go make a test pass. We didn’t light the world on fire but the car finally went straight thanks to Pro Chassis designs, Nick Montana and his staff. Sixty foot’s were 996 then down to a 966, with a 2.66 to the 3.30. As for me, I missed the tune up a bit but as I have been told that’s Drag Racing.

So, now its back to getting ready for the next adventure and put new tires on the trailer. Had enough of changing flats on the side of the roads. We worked hard in South Georgia and realized that the LAT Racing oil makes a great moisturizer for your skin, but I rather keep it in the car. All I can say is ” Thank you CRC”. With With the first adventure out of the way, it is time to go back to the drawing board and make some adjustments.

We want to thank our marketing partners for what they provide and how loyal they are to the DPR team. NGK, Lat Oil, We want to welcome, our newest partner CRC Industries. They have many products, from Brake Kleen to Black streak remover, yes one of my favorites.

It is going to be an exciting year for DPR, the team is making changes and coming on strong.

DPR’s PR Pug!Furry Friend’s Rock!


Woof at ya, my good peeps! It has been far too long since I have blogged! Mommy has been hogging the computer! Work, work, work…. Whew! Doesn’t she know I have better things to do, like play fetch? I mean really!

So here I am… waiting. While I wait for racing season to start, Mom and Dad took me to see Dr. Coren at West Hills Animal Hospital here on Long Island. Mom seems to think there is somethin’ not right with me. I don’t know what she’s talkin’ about! I’m as healthy as ever. I know I don’t do too much running around, but hey… I never did !

So me , Mom and Dad went to Dr.Coren’s office. I got to see Stacie! I like her, she is so nice to me! They put me on this cold table! Someone needs to tell them… Just because us dogs have fur, does not mean we do not feel that cold on our butts! BRRRRRRR, really!

Now, look any dog I love you to pet me! It’s my favorite thing besides getting to go to sleep and pushing Dad off the bed. But this was not petting.. This was kinda like a poking , pressing thing. I really didn’t like it so much. Maybe some of my furry pals think this is cool, but not me! Dr. Coren owes me a BIG steak dinner, just sayin’! Now, give me a bone and my bed any day!

Good thing is, I heard Mom and Dr.Coren talking on the phone and I am all good! But, really I could have told them that! I’m not sure what all the fuss was about, but no worries here! I will be at the track to welcome all our DPRfans like always!

Speaking of the track…. Have you all missed me? Well I have missed you! I mean Mom and Dad are great and all, but I miss my racing peeps! I can’t wait to get back out there in my Jr. Dragster Stroller and greet you all in the pits! I also love getting to be next to Mom and Dad’s Pro Mod Corvettes too! I’m not your average Pug, you know!

So be sure to stay tuned for lots of great info about the DPR season and of course what I am up to! Did you know I’m on twitter? Yep! @ProModBella  is where you can find me! I have lots to say and I post lots of pictures too!

I have a great life here with my Mom and Dad! Do you have a dog? Do you want one? If you do, you should rescue one! Go to one of those shelters, and pick a cute furry friend like me! It could be a cat too, but I think they are kinda funny lookin’ ! I feel bad for my furry friends like that because they are not as lucky as me!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I will woof at ya all soon!


Bella Booda


It’s a T-O-G Party at Dina Parise Racing!


Changes in 2013- Kenny is back in charge of the ADRL, X-Drl is created, Mello Yellow is the new Sponsor of NHRA, Dale Earnhardt produces Dale Jr Potato Chips and the biggest news of all, Dina Parise Racing  is opened with the one and only Dina Parise and ‘ TOG’  (The Other Guy) becomes official! We are still a two car (Pro Modified ) team, but here is a perfect story for all of you. Picture it: Englishtown 2012; I walk into the restroom and a fan spots me or at least  I THOUGHT he was happy to see me. He says, ” is Dina here”, I said  “yes, she is but were not racing today.”  He says,  “great I want to see her, I’m a big fan, love her ’63 Pro Mod!”.  I said,  ” Oh, I drive the other car, the ’53 Pro Mod”. He says,  “what other car?’ True story……

Its another New Year but this year is different from any other year.We began as Parise Racing with me as owner calling the shots. Some might say different but it was true to a certain point.

Now racing under Dina Parise Racing , 2013 is a new beginning for the team and a lot of new changes are happening already. Dina Parise is one of the few females to be a team owner and driver, she has a lot of pressure now, I like to share the pain. Now she can officially call the shots, I guess when she says 1/8th mile only I really can only go 1/8th mile. For some who don’t know this story, we raced at Lebanon Valley in NHRA Division 1 Comp Eliminator. I said lets only go to 1/8th and shut it down. Dina’s went down the track before me and went to the 1/8th and did her thing. I on the other hand ran it out the back door and went a 6.03 to get the AA/PM record. Well, you could hear the fireworks going off from Dina, she was telling (our crew ) James Montana, ” he said only 1/8th mile!” When I got back to the pit I said it felt good, so I ran it out. I guess those days are over.   With Dina taking over the ship I can focus more on other things, watching cartoons, going to the beach and just relaxing. These would be all great thing to do, but do you know my wife? I have to watch cartoons at 4am with the the dog, because we get kicked out of bed at 5am.  It is  a busy day in the DPR house no sleeping or relaxing with the new boss!

Now on to the fun part, once the team found out that Dina  was the team owner, it was all over for me. As some know, I have many names some not that I can write but one is TOG (The Other Guy). One of our crew members Butch Brazille… sent me a message,”Welcome to the crew TOG”.  It is going to be a fun year for the crew.

I don’t write a lot of blogs as Dina calls us Penn& Teller, guess who is who. But I made a promise to write more often just so I can stop listening to the boss yapping. I had black velvet hair before I met Dina, now I hear from people that they  like the Salt and pepper look I’m sporting. Notice the Salt first. Being a wife and husband race team brings a lot of fun, excitement and everything else. Just ask our crew chief Dave Jordan.  We are a reality TV show every minute of the day, we don’t need a script or a monitor. What you see is what you get. So, where was I,  oh ya the writing thing.  So, I promised myself to write now that I have free time between  4am-5am.

Hurricane Sandy  has changed a lot of peoples lives,  and our life changed as well. My in-laws are living with us, that is all I have to say about that, LOL. But seriously, many people have lost everything. We attended a Holiday Party for the Students of Island Park at a school, for the kids and families. When we talked to some of the families and heard the stories of how they lost everything, homes washed away, some living in  different states and towns, it makes you realize just how important life is. Not the material things, but life.

As a New Yorker, and you have to say it correctly Nu Yawka,  we are taught that you have to push forward regardless of the weight on your shoulders or the ball and chain on your ankle. We don’t look in the rear view mirror and wonder why, we flip it up and look at the future. This is what our team is all about, for every closed door there is another opportunity to waiting to be discovered.

Hold on to your shorts as this ride is going to get wild. We look forward to the future and getting back to what we do best. Time to start Flingin’ Meatballs ………

See you at the Track


AKA Bam Bam







Welcome to my 1st DPR Blog!

Head shots 004Welcome to my first Blog for Dina Parise Racing-DPR ! I have so much to say ( if you know me, you know that’s normal!). Usually, my Blogs have a specific subject… but today, not so much! So, here goes!
Between taking the 2012 season off, Super Storm Sandy and whatever else has gone on here at Dina Parise Racing, all I can say is ‘Go ahead, bring it on… You ain’t  got nothin’ we can’t handle!”
As we creep into 2013, I am confident in the fact that this will be a banner year! I’m a Meatball flingin’ Italian from New York… are you gonna say no to me? HHHHMM…. I didn’t think so!
Our team is in a new phase as you can see! For those of you that are new to DPR WELCOME and enjoy the ride!
It’s time for me to get my ‘track legs ’back . AAAHHHH,  3,000HP never sounded soooo good to me!
Now, I’m not sure if you all realize; taking time off equals more time for trash talking in the Parise house! I have work to do, vendetta’s to settle and Parise butt to kick. My car is faster than his and he knows it…. I will do my talking on the track. It’s not a Chick VS. Guy thing either…. It’s Driver VS. Driver…. OK and I just HAPPEN to be the wife! Guess that just amps up the interest factor, huh?
Interest is good. We never want to be boring! We always like to be fun and interesting in our NY, Italian, Meatball flingin’ kinda way!
So, welcome! Sit back….and enjoy the ride!